ISSUE-51: A.3.1.1 Wording change to clarify UI and Content

A.3.1.1 Wording change to clarify UI and Content

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Reed Shaffner
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A.3.1.1 Keyboard (user interface "chrome", content display): Authors can, through keyboard input alone, navigate to and operate all of the functions included in the authoring tool user interface (e.g., navigating, selecting, and editing content within editing views, operating the user interface "chrome", installing and configuring the tool, and accessing documentation), except where the underlying function requires input that depends on the path of the user's movement and not just the endpoints (e.g., freeform drawing). This applies to at least one mechanism per authoring outcome. This means non-keyboard accessible mechanisms can remain available (e.g., providing resizing with mouse-"handles" and with a properties dialog).
RS: Should change to “operating UI within the content display which affects content”
JR: OK…I’m actually involved in a UAWG conversation on this topic right now that might yield some better text
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