ISSUE-42: A.2.3.1 Setting Name, Role and Value in UI

A.2.3.1 Setting Name, Role and Value in UI

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Reed Shaffner
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• A.2.3.1 Name, Role, Value (user interface "chrome"): For all user interface components in the user interface "chrome", all of the following are true: [WCAG 2.0]
o (a) the name and role are available via the platform,
o (b) states, properties, and values that can be set by authors are available via the platform, and

RS: What type of UI chrome allows authors to set the states, properites and values?

JR: e.g. a slider in the Options dialog

o (c) notification of changes to these items is available via the platform.

RS: What is a "change to the UI chrome"?
JR: e.g. the user is looking at an Options panel in a collaborative project and another user moves the slider position.
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