ISSUE-100: A.3.1 - keyboard functionality is incomplete

A.3.1 - keyboard functionality is incomplete

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Andrew Ronksley
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Sally Cain, RNIB: It clearly mentions getting access to floating toolbars for example which is great. However floating toolbars can be a bit of a nightmare for access technology, so fixed ones or options via drop down menus are better. There is no reference to the fact that this functionality could be provided through a menu instead and make things much easier.
I think my point is as long as there is an accessible way to undertake a task in a reasonable amount of time, not every single icon on a toolbar needs to be accessible. If there is a way of achieving this through a menu instead then this is fine. I want developers to focus on this from a task perspective rather than - 'oh we have to make every tiny thing available more than one way as it is for mouse users'.
- Can I refer to the aspect of ISO 9241-171 for keyboard accessibility (Enable full use via keyboard. [9.3.2]) as there is good stuff in there about tab orders, being logical, circular and based on usage etc which I think is really important.
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Further comments from Sally - "Would suggest wording change to "Provide (or enable) keyboard access" rather than "Enhance keyboard access" - It is either accessible using the keyboard or it isn't. Enhanced doesn't really make sense to me in this context."

Andrew Ronksley, 8 Sep 2008, 14:40:18

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