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ACTION-2 (edit) closed Will draft a proposal for reasonable augment by 7/28 Jan Richards 2008-08-04
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Draft a proposal for B.2.5.1 that addresses concern about templates Reed Shaffner 2008-07-29 ISSUE-86
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Will write a proposal for text for A.3.4.5 Reed Shaffner 2008-08-05
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Produce an editor's draft with the new Part A and B. Jan Richards 2008-08-05 ATAG Part A
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Will rewrite Part B to include changes. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-08-06
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Will close the Issues under his name Reed Shaffner 2008-08-06
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Will close any other issues that have been settled from other users. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-08-05
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Will go back to Sally to insure that she is satisfied with the disposition of her issues Andrew Ronksley 2008-08-06
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Examine definition of an authoring tool Greg Pisocky 2008-08-06
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Help Jeanne with making changes to Part B Andrew Ronksley 2008-08-06
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Draft some text that explains that WCAG is what is required but that more stringent standards are of course fine Greg Pisocky 2008-08-18
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Send email to gruop on other issues regarding rewrite of Part B requiring feedback from group Jeanne F Spellman 2008-08-17
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Come up with definition of 'editorial control' and descriptive names for ntoes 1 and 2 Jeanne F Spellman 2008-08-18
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Send a list of alternate hotels in Mandelieu area to the mailing list. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-09-15
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Reserve conference bridge for F2F. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-09-15
ACTION-17 (edit) closed And GP to pull together Authoring Tool definition Jan Richards 2008-09-15
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Follow up with Reed on his actions from the F2F meeting in Seattle. Jan Richards 2008-09-15
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Follow up with Reed on open actions. Jan Richards 2008-09-15
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Follow up with Mike S on open actions. Sueann Nichols 2008-09-15
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Put together a new editors draft for review and potential publishing as a public draft in a couple of weeks. Jan Richards 2008-09-15
ACTION-22 (edit) closed And Jeanne to come up with rationale text for Part A Jan Richards 2008-10-06
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Use prompt instead of cue Jeanne F Spellman 2008-10-06
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Create an issue with the text of the editors note on definition of Authoring Tool and delete that editor's note from the guidelines. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-10-06
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Use new text in relationship with WCAG section Jan Richards 2008-10-13
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Define "presentation view" Reed Shaffner 2008-10-30
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Define editing view Reed Shaffner 2008-10-30
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Change "recognized" to tool-recognized, move Part A note into Definitions Jan Richards 2008-10-30
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Propose text for "Manage preference settings" to make it more authoring tool specific (Issue-168) Jan Richards 2008-10-30
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Figure out the note on keyboarding Jan Richards 2008-10-30
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Draft Technique use cases for video associated with B.1.2.1 & 2 Issue-169 Jeanne F Spellman 2008-10-31
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Look at B.1.2.3 Notification Prior to Deletion Jan Richards 2008-10-31
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Look at B.1.2 Applicability Notes Jan Richards 2008-10-31
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Level A->Minimum, Level AA->??, Level AAA->??? Jan Richards 2008-10-31
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Follow up with Andrew Arch on cross-over of with WAI Age document Jeanne F Spellman 2008-10-31
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Look into MacOS equiv of MSAA Jan Richards 2008-10-31
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Check with W3C internal to confirm the wording of the Conformance Disclaimer section. #conf-disclaimer Jeanne F Spellman 2008-10-31
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Proposal to add a AA recordkeeping item to B.2.2 Jan Richards 2008-10-31
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Draft proposal for new success criteria for B.2.3 Repair Jeanne F Spellman 2008-10-31 ISSUE-172
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Send (untransposed) draft with grammar edits Jan Richards 2008-10-31
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Write proposal for rework of B.2.4 Issue-173 Jan Richards 2008-11-10
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Update the B.2.5.3 and B.2.5.7 to remove "if known" Jeanne F Spellman 2008-11-09
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Draft a new proposal for B.2.5.7 to make it more clear what level it should be. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-11-10
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Follow up with Jeanne on starting a weekly survey Jan Richards 2008-11-17
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Remove the note for Principle B.3. Discuss whether to keep the concepts in another location. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-11-24
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Put the proposed wording for B.3.1 rationale in next week's survey Jeanne F Spellman 2008-11-24
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Include new wording for 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 for this week's survey Jeanne F Spellman 2008-11-24
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Write example for B. Greg Pisocky 2008-11-24
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Draft an additional bullet for definition of Prominence to include ease of navigation Jeanne F Spellman 2008-11-24
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Add new wording of B.3.1.2 to next week's survey Jeanne F Spellman 2008-11-24
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Draft a proposal to reword B.3.2.1 and 3.2.2 Jutta Treviranus 2008-11-24
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Try to find a home for the B.3 note within the document Jan Richards 2008-12-01
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Add new wording for B.3.1 Rationale to next week's survey. (and changed to or) Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-01
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Propose a rewording for the survey that takes into account WCAG Levels Jan Richards 2008-12-01
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Propose a rewording for the survey that takes into account WCAG Levels for B.3.1.1 Jan Richards 2008-12-01
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Propose some example workflows for B.3.2.1 Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-01
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Draft some examples for B.3.2.1 (insert image: dreamweaver example vs. Fortune 500 CMS system Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-01
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Update editors draft with new language for B.3.1.1 et al Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-08
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Move text from 3.1 note to the Introduction Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-08
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Move levels of conformance to conformance section Jan Richards 2008-12-08
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Write text that clearly states the class of products that need to conform Jan Richards 2008-12-08
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Examine the language regarding use of conformance statements Greg Pisocky 2008-12-08
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Follow up with Tim regarding the remaining issues in his email Jan Richards 2008-12-08
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Add examples of the accessibility platform architecture to #7 of the Conformance claim Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-15
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Reword proposal on Conformance to bring the Conformance Level note up to before the Partial Conformance section. It turns the note into an Introduction. Jan Richards 2008-12-15
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Update draft to fix the authoring tools link in the Conformance levels section so that the link text is descriptive. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-15
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Update draft with Jutta's edits from action 40. See email from Jan for details. Jeanne F Spellman 2008-12-15
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Update the document with new text for Platform Accessibility Architecture Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-12
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Update the document with new text for "accessibility problem" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-12
ACTION-70 (edit) closed - take another try at: "accessibility information" ... make it more direct Jan Richards 2009-01-12
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Update the document with new text for accessible content support features Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-12
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Update the document with new text for assistive technologies Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-12
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Update the document to add to the introduction of the Glossary section to add the text "definitions are normative, examples are informative." Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-12
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Update the document with new text for audio Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-12
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Update the document with new text for authoring action Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-12
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Rework \"accessile authoring pracitces\" more positively, mention \"supports\" Jan Richards 2009-01-19
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Update the glossary to include the new definition of authoring session. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-19
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Update document glossary with revised definition of authoring tool user interface (Web-based) Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-19
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Update the document glossary with the revised definition of Authoring Tool User Interface. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-19
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Update the survey removing the glossary items covered today, add a new item about keeping the non-Web based definition and extend the survey to next week. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-01-19
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Insert JR's text for Proposal for Glossary Appendix Introduction (#1 in Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Insert JR's text for abbreviation (#2) Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Insert \"authoring tool user interface (non-Web-based) Any parts of an authoring tool user interface that are not implemented as Web content and instead run directly on a platform that is not a user agent, such as Windows, MacOS, Java Virtual Machine, etc. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Put defintion of Authoring Tool back in Glossary, make a Scope and Applicability section out of list of tools and the 2 notes Jan Richards 2009-02-02
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Use new wording of \"authoring permission\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Put \"by other people\" on agenda for next meeting Jan Richards 2009-02-02
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Insert: [harmonized with EARL 1.0] Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Remove definition of term \"Content being edited\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Change \"broad categories\" to \"types\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Use new defn of \"content (Web)\", not adding 2.0 to end of WCAG. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Make change to \"content rendering\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Make change to \"conversion\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Make change to \"authoring practice\" incl bolding Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-02
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Contact EO about developer vs author terminology Jan Richards 2009-02-09
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Put in new \"developer\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-09
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Put in new \"direct accessibility features\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-09
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Use new documentation Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-09
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Use new document object Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-09
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Use new equivalent alternative Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-09
ACTION-100 (edit) closed New human language (with from WCAG label) Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-09
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Use version of \"Platform Accessibility Archiecture\" without \"Mainstream\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Remove \"Mainstream Applications\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Look around for W3C defn of markup and markup language. Jan Richards 2009-02-16
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Use new defn of Option Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Use the new version of Platform Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Use the new version of \"recognized (by the tool)\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Use new version of \"tutorial\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Use new version of \"user interface component \" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Look through ATAG 2.0 for situations where term \"user interface component\" should appear Jan Richards 2009-02-16
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Use new version of View Jeanne F Spellman 2009-02-16
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Update the glossary with new definition of \"accessibility information\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Update the glossary with the revised definition of \"developer\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-113 (edit) closed JR and GP to rework Assistive Technology and Direct Accessibility to remove the big negative in Direct Access Jan Richards 2009-03-02
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Use the new version of \"element\" and \"markup language\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Use the new version of \"user agent\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Remove \"flash\",\"general flash and red flash thresholds\", \"relative luminance\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Use new \"label\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Use new \"non-text content\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Draft an additional item to prominence and put it on the survey for next week. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Use new \"Role\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-02
ACTION-121 (edit) closed action:js to update glossary with new <dt> for technology :technology (Web content) [harmonized with WCAG 2.0] Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-09
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Update glossary with new definition of Workflow. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-09
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Put definition of assistive technology in next weeks survey. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-09
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Try to increase the testability of Prominence Jan Richards 2009-03-09
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Put question on attending TPAC on next week's survey Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-16
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Update glossary with the new wording of the first paragraph of Assistive Technology Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-16
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Update glossary with new definition of direct accessibility features Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-16
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Update glossary with the term \"alternative content\" deleting \"equivalent\". Inside the definition as well. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-03-16
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Modify proposal for Rewording B.2.1.1, B.2.1.2, B.2.1.3 to not use \"At least as prominent\" but to use some workflow typoe language instead Jan Richards 2009-03-16
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Update \"Technology\" with \"*accessible technology*\" phrase Jan Richards 2009-04-06
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Update glossary with finalized definition of Prominence from the updated glossary document Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-06
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Incorporate proposal into document Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-06
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Update B.2.1.1 - 3 as from the minutes of 20090330 Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-06
ACTION-134 (edit) closed - Change \"will not be accessible\" to \"may not\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-13
ACTION-135 (edit) closed - in Auth tool defn \"(e.g., a collaborative tool that archives the conversation as Web content).\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-13
ACTION-136 (edit) closed \"wide range\" to \"varying range\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-13
ACTION-137 (edit) closed \"Authoring tools should facilitate awareness and proper use of features that support accessible authoring practices, with a goal of incorporating accessibility into common practice.\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-13
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Remove \"They are similar to the \"checkpoints\" in ATAG 1.0.\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-13
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Globally change \"developer\" to \"authoring tool developer\" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-04-13
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Announce the F2F data and time Jan Richards 2009-04-27
ACTION-141 (edit) closed And Jeanne details for face to face Greg Pisocky 2009-05-04
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Research any necessary preparation for Last Call draft to be completed before the F2F. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-05-04
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Update the definition of authoring tool from the introduction with the edits above. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-05-04
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Track down our text re: passing through content authored on other tools Jan Richards 2009-05-04
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Remove •ATAG 2.0 Conformance Claims are to be supported by examples of Web content produced by the authoring tool (e.g., samples of automatically-generated content) that conform to WCAG 2.0. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-05-25
ACTION-146 (edit) closed B.3.1.1 add Level Jeanne F Spellman 2009-05-25
ACTION-147 (edit) closed B.2.4.4 to B.2.4.5 Jeanne F Spellman 2009-05-25
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Label B.1.1 for F2F discussion Jeanne F Spellman 2009-05-25
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Move the section on setting Conformance Levels to the a new last sub-scetion in the Introduction Jeanne F Spellman 2009-05-25
ACTION-150 (edit) closed Work on terminology to replace "Accessibile Technologies" Jan Richards 2009-06-08
ACTION-151 (edit) closed And JR to look at generating different views of the techniques Jeanne F Spellman 2009-06-08
ACTION-152 (edit) closed Talk to Michale C about handling of many defn links Jeanne F Spellman 2009-06-08
ACTION-153 (edit) closed Intermediate and evaluating accessibility of formats w/o pitting them against each other Greg Pisocky 2009-06-15
ACTION-154 (edit) closed Writeup applicability ideas around "intermediate formats" Greg Pisocky 2009-06-15
ACTION-155 (edit) closed Take another look at simplifying B.1 and the formats issue Jan Richards 2009-06-15
ACTION-156 (edit) closed Update Glossary to move the definition of Authoring Tool User Interface before the def of the Web based and non-Web based definitions Jeanne F Spellman 2009-06-22
ACTION-157 (edit) closed Reword the rationale for A.1.2 for clarity and grammar Jutta Treviranus 2009-06-22
ACTION-158 (edit) closed Change "authors" to "author(s)" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-06-22
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Write a proposed defintion of "available" Jan Richards 2009-06-22
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Propose a definition of programmatically determined. Jan Richards 2009-06-22
ACTION-161 (edit) closed Write a definition for Display Preferences. Jan Richards 2009-06-22
ACTION-162 (edit) closed Provide new text for A3.2.2 and moving targets Jeanne F Spellman 2009-06-22
ACTION-163 (edit) closed Write proporsal for A.3.2 rationale and Guildline text Jeanne F Spellman 2009-06-22
ACTION-164 (edit) closed Do a global update of "photosensitive epilepsy" to "photosensitive seizure disorder" Jeanne F Spellman 2009-06-22
ACTION-165 (edit) closed A3.4.1 come up with a recommendation on how to address adding WAI-ARIA like taxonomy Sueann Nichols 2009-06-22
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Clarify repair assistance language Jan Richards 2009-06-23
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Clarify repair assistance in B.2.3 Jan Richards 2009-06-23
ACTION-168 (edit) closed B1.1 rational Jutta Treviranus 2009-06-23
ACTION-169 (edit) closed Update the document to remove the sentence from A.3.1.2 Remove"a documented keyboard command is provided that will always move keyboard focus to the subsequent element that can receive focus." Jeanne F Spellman 2009-07-13
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Update document A.3.5.1 Text Search with new text " Note: If the current editing view is not able to display the results of a search then the authoring tool may automatically switch to a different editing view in order to display the results (e.g. to a source content editing view to display search results within markup tags)." Jeanne F Spellman 2009-07-13
ACTION-171 (edit) closed Folleup with TB regarding normative things in Intro section. Jan Richards 2009-07-13
ACTION-172 (edit) closed Work on rationale for B.1.1 Jutta Treviranus 2009-07-13
ACTION-173 (edit) closed Find term for "original content" in B.1.2.2 Jan Richards 2009-07-13
ACTION-174 (edit) closed Screenshot of iphone dev enviro showing inobtrusive info Jutta Treviranus 2009-07-27
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Work with JT on the B.2.1.X proposal Jan Richards 2009-08-03
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Review A1 for Techniques Jeanne F Spellman 2009-08-24
ACTION-177 (edit) closed Will review section A2 for Techniques. Ann McMeekin 2009-08-24
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Section review A.3.1-3 for Techniques Sueann Nichols 2009-08-24
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Review section A.3.4-7 for Techniques (tentative assignment) Greg Pisocky 2009-08-24
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Review section A.4 for Techniques (tentative assignment) Frederick Boland 2009-08-24
ACTION-181 (edit) closed To review section B.1 for Techniques (tentative assignment) Andrew Ronksley 2009-08-24
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Incorporate these B.2.4 ideas into new tech wording proposal Jan Richards 2009-08-24
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Fix is->are in B.2.4.3 Jan Richards 2009-08-24
ACTION-184 (edit) closed Segment B2.4.3 proposal with clarifications on the each paragraph Jan Richards 2009-08-31
ACTION-185 (edit) closed Re-formulate guideline and scuccess criteria for decision support (B.2.1.X) Jutta Treviranus 2009-08-31
ACTION-186 (edit) closed Writeup modified example for Guideline B.1.3 Andrew Ronksley 2009-09-21
ACTION-187 (edit) closed New explanatory text about what Examples are suppoised to acheive Jan Richards 2009-09-21
ACTION-188 (edit) closed Propose what to so with Rationale - keep in Guideline but maybe word as intent Jan Richards 2009-09-21
ACTION-189 (edit) closed Review section A.3.4-7 for Techniques Greg Pisocky 2009-10-05
ACTION-190 (edit) closed Review techniques for B.2.1 Jutta Treviranus 2009-10-05
ACTION-191 (edit) closed Check on "Implementing ATAG 2.0" with Jutta, Greg, Tim, etc. Jan Richards 2009-10-26
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Check on "Implementing ATAG 2.0" with Judy Jeanne F Spellman 2009-10-26
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Followup on keyboard access wording with JT and GP. Jan Richards 2009-11-09
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Comment on Drawing Keyboard Access proposal by Nov 16 Greg Pisocky 2009-11-16
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Propose to add a note the we do not expect that keyboard controls are not always possible to have equivalent usability, and it is expected that someone would use an alternative control or assistive technology to access the functions. We need to have a keyboard "hook" to access all function. Jutta Treviranus 2009-11-23
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Add Keyboard access to drafts makerd as New text requiring WG decision Jan Richards 2009-11-30
ACTION-197 (edit) closed Check W3C procedures to confirm procedures for linking directly into the WCAG2 document. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-11-30
ACTION-198 (edit) closed Ok to add Related Resources for Success Criterion A.1.1.1...JS to check on procdure for specific linking Jan Richards 2009-11-30
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Ok to add Related Resources for Success Criterion A.2.1.1 Jan Richards 2009-11-30
ACTION-200 (edit) closed Ok to change example wording under B.1.2.1 Jan Richards 2009-11-30
ACTION-201 (edit) closed Make sure JR's Related Resources WCAG section references are OK. Frederick Boland 2009-11-30
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Ok to add new example wording under B.1.2.2 Jan Richards 2009-11-30
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Ok to add new example wording under B.1.3.1 Jan Richards 2009-11-30
ACTION-204 (edit) closed Ok to add Related Resources for Success Criterion B.2.4.1 Jan Richards 2009-11-30
ACTION-205 (edit) closed Update AU home page to announce we are in a review period with a link to the version being updated. Jeanne F Spellman 2009-12-14
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Review the new proposal Greg Pisocky 2009-12-14
ACTION-207 (edit) closed Add new example "software for creating mobile web applications" Jan Richards 2009-12-14
ACTION-208 (edit) closed Change to "Provide keyboard access to authoring features Jan Richards 2009-12-14
ACTION-209 (edit) closed Add 3 changes for A.4.2 in Jan Richards 2009-12-14
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Change to: "Rationale: Accessibility information is critical to maintaining comparable levels of accessibility..." Jan Richards 2009-12-14
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Add "Features for Part B must be accessible:..." Jan Richards 2009-12-14
ACTION-212 (edit) closed Change: "image label" to "text alternative" Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-213 (edit) closed Change A.3.1.3 "No Keyboard Traps" Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-214 (edit) closed Re: A.3.1.5 Keyboard Shortcuts - current wording is OK - but needs justification (perhaps more intent) Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-215 (edit) closed Propose a way to bring a req like UAAG2 4.1.12 Present Direct Commands in User Interface into ATAG2 at Level AAA Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Propose rewording of A.3.1.6 to include both direct and indirect authoring. Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Propose wording for a "Data Saved (Extended) Level AAA" Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Reword A.3.5.1 to "Any information that is text and that the authoring tool can modify is searchable." Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-219 (edit) closed In A.3.5.1 Note to insert "then the authoring tool may provide a mechanism to switch to a different editing view..." NAD to add example of a switch mechanism such as listing the editing view that will open in the search results list Jan Richards 2009-12-21
ACTION-220 (edit) closed Take A.3.6 back to drawing board - add points about when to pass OS and when perhaps not Jan Richards 2010-01-11
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Reword proposal with applicability instead of responsibility Jan Richards 2010-01-11
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Write some intent text for B.1.1.1 to explain that instead of accessibility supported uses we took the decision support approach in B.2.1 Jan Richards 2010-01-11
ACTION-223 (edit) closed Add "Remember" sections in context as proposed text - also reword the "manual" check/repair clarifications to more positively portray automated and semi-autoameted without removing the possibility of the manual option Jan Richards 2010-01-11
ACTION-224 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal for bringing in Cynthis'a ideas into B.2.5 without increasing bloat - already 9 SCs Jan Richards 2010-01-18
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Suggest B.2.5 Rationale reword to be positive Jan Richards 2010-01-18
ACTION-226 (edit) closed Create a survey question to determine best dates for 2 day face to face Jeanne F Spellman 2010-01-25
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Add the proposal on "A.3.1.1 Keyboard Access (Minimum): All functionality of the *authoring tool* is operable through a *keyboard interface*, except for *freehand drawing*" - highlighting "freehand drawing" as a tentative term Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-228 (edit) closed Add in the new ratioanle for B.2.5: "Providing accessible templates and other pre-authored content (e.g., clip art, synchronized media, widgets, etc.) can have several benefits, including: immediately improving the accessibility of content being edited, reducing the effort required of authors, and demonstrating the importance of accessibility" Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-229 (edit) closed Link "Check" to a definition in SCB.2.2.1 Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-230 (edit) closed Add in this note text: "Note: While automated checking or more advanced implementations of semi-automated checking are possible for many types of web content accessibility problems, manual checking is the minimum requirement to meet success criteria B.2.2.1, B.2.2.4 and B.2.2.10. In manual checking, the authoring tool provides authors with instructions for detecting problems,... Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Use proposed text for A.3.6.1 "Save Settings: Authoring tool *display settings* and *control settings* are saved between sessions. (Level AA) + Define "control settings" as: Settings that relate to how the author controls the authoring tool, for example using the keyboard or mouse. Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Use proposed text for "A.3.6.2 Multiple Sets: The author(s) can save and reload multiple sets of any authoring tool *display settings* and *control settings*.(Level AAA)" Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-233 (edit) closed Add "A.3.6.X Respect Platform Settings: The authoring tool respects platform *display settings* and *control settings*. (Level AA) Note: As per Guideline A.2.3, the author's display settings must still be independent of the web content being edited." Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Add in text : ""Applicability after the *End of an Authoring Sessions*: For *author-generated content*, the requirements of *Part B* apply only during *authoring sessions*. For example, if the *author* includes a third-party feed in their *web content*, the *authoring tool* is not required to provide *checking* for *web content accessibility problems* in that feed after the... Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Clarify in the "accessibility supported" piece that the onus is on the installer/author Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-236 (edit) closed Clarify B.2.2.4 comment response Jan Richards 2010-01-25
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Draft alternative language for this Jutta Treviranus 2010-02-01
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Add the new proposed revised language to the survey Jeanne F Spellman 2010-02-01
ACTION-239 (edit) closed Research ARIA to see if it incorporates the level of granularity one of the respondents has asked for Greg Pisocky 2010-02-01
ACTION-240 (edit) closed Add the question concerning reverting back to 1 hour meetings. If people answer before Friday then the meeting can be scheduled accordingly Jeanne F Spellman 2010-02-01
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Add "If a conformance claim is made, then the conformance claim must include the following information (authoring tools can conform to ATAG 2.0 without making a claim):" Jan Richards 2010-02-08
ACTION-242 (edit) closed Add "The intent of this success criterion is to ensure that preview features..." Jan Richards 2010-02-08
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Add proposal at Jan Richards 2010-02-08
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Take another look at an overall "Navigate by structure" wording in A.3.4 Jan Richards 2010-02-08
ACTION-245 (edit) closed Make the changes proposed in Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Make the changes proposed in Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-247 (edit) closed Make the changes proposed in Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Put in "Some success criteria in Part A that are based on WCAG 2.0 may in some cases be more stringent than WCAG 2.0. In most cases, this is because authors need to be able to edit all web content, while certain types of web content (e.g., decoration, invisible content) are not as important to an end user's experience. " Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-249 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "A.1.2.1 Non-Web-Based Accessible" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-250 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "Intent of Success Criterion A.3.1.4" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "A.3.1.5 Customize Keyboard Access" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "A.3.1.6 Present Keyboard Commands" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-253 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "A.3.2.1 Data Saved (Minimum)" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-254 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "A.3.2.3 Moving Targets" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "A.3.2.4 Content Edits Saved (Extended)" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "A.3.3.1 Static View Option" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-257 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "Examples of Success Criterion A.3.5.1" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Make change from referred to as "Intent of Success Criterion A.3.6.2" Jan Richards 2010-02-15
ACTION-259 (edit) closed For B.2.1.3 write a sentence explaining associate. Jan Richards 2010-03-01
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Report back to the group on checking automation thoughts (SC B.2.2.1 Check Accessibility) Frederick Boland 2010-03-01
ACTION-261 (edit) closed Add some text to intent of B.2.29 explaining that extrenal tools are tools outside the conformance claim Jan Richards 2010-03-01
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Change text to: Templates Accessible (WCAG Level A): If the authoring tool automatically selects templates or pre-authored content, then the selections conform to WCAG 2.0 Level A when used. (Level A) Note: Templates may not pass accessibility checks due to their inherent incompleteness. The accessibility status of template should instead be measured by the accessibility of... Jan Richards 2010-03-01
ACTION-263 (edit) closed Flesh ou the watercolor example with more details e.g. frequency and why it is practically hard to do with keyboard Jan Richards 2010-03-08
ACTION-264 (edit) closed Rework the metadata requirement proposal Jan Richards 2010-03-08
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Wrtie email to list addressing Tim's concern Jan Richards 2010-03-15
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Follow up with TB re: issue of testability of new B.2.2.6 Jan Richards 2010-03-22
ACTION-267 (edit) closed Add these changes to Intent and Examples to the doc - call for objections by others not on call Jan Richards 2010-04-05
ACTION-268 (edit) closed Add these changes (B.2.1.1) Intent and Examples to the doc - call for objections by others not on call Jan Richards 2010-04-05
ACTION-269 (edit) closed Add a couiple sentences saying it is ok to pare down list for (b) in B.2.1.1 Decision Support Jan Richards 2010-04-05
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Reword the proposal using "Use Provides support for the production of accessible content VS. Does not provide support for the production of accessible content" Jan Richards 2010-04-05
ACTION-271 (edit) closed Check with other WG members on this text ( Jan Richards 2010-04-12
ACTION-272 (edit) closed Followup with other WG members re: dropping "conforming alternate version" defn Jan Richards 2010-04-12
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Start gathering implementations from Adobe tools Greg Pisocky 2010-04-19
ACTION-274 (edit) closed Start with refreshing implementation infor from TinyMCE Jan Richards 2010-04-19
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Look-up implementation criteria Jeanne F Spellman 2010-04-26
ACTION-276 (edit) closed Discuss the CR evaluation criteria with Judy. Jeanne F Spellman 2010-11-16
ACTION-277 (edit) closed Investigate iphone evaluation tool - programming ui -- for ATAG compliance. It uses an ATAG image. Jeanne F Spellman 2010-04-26
ACTION-278 (edit) closed Setup special mtg time survey Jeanne F Spellman 2010-05-03
ACTION-279 (edit) open Investigate some of the Rationale tools for implementations Sueann Nichols 2010-05-03
ACTION-280 (edit) open Look at examples in Making Your iPhone Application Accessible Jan Richards 2010-05-03
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Talk to M Cooper to get access to WCAG's implementation database Jeanne F Spellman 2010-05-03
ACTION-282 (edit) closed Reopen survey to public to survey interest of other potential Europeans Jeanne F Spellman 2010-05-24
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Find out when the UK zakim line will be fixed Jeanne F Spellman 2010-06-28
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Make a survey of available dates for the face to face using a date range of 8-24 of Sseptember Jeanne F Spellman 2010-06-28
ACTION-285 (edit) closed Ask Becky Gibson if there are any tools that select the most accessible widget. Jeanne F Spellman 2010-07-05
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Make sure that Sept 16-17Sept is ok for others Jan Richards 2010-07-19
ACTION-287 (edit) open Come up with plan for confirming answers to implementation report Jan Richards 2010-07-26
ACTION-288 (edit) closed Gather up consumer-group and policymaker contacts from AUWG members Jeanne F Spellman 2010-08-16
ACTION-289 (edit) closed Revise implementation report to add specific contributor names Jan Richards 2010-08-16
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Respond to Oracle (Peter Wallach) to ask what the points of conflict with 508 with ATAG, and that 508 cannot be referenced in an international standard. Jeanne F Spellman 2010-09-23
ACTION-291 (edit) closed Add Flex and Silverlight to the definition examples of Web Content Technologies. Jeanne F Spellman 2010-09-23
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Write a proposal for a definition of "additional information" Greg Pisocky 2010-09-23
ACTION-293 (edit) closed Remove 3.7.1. (MS comment #17) and add a comment from to 3.1.2 mentioning previews Jeanne F Spellman 2010-09-23
ACTION-294 (edit) closed Add "save" to the example to the definition of Authoring Action Jeanne F Spellman 2010-09-23
ACTION-295 (edit) closed Write proposal for conformance with Tim Boland Jan Richards 2010-09-24
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Write a proposal on who can be a claimant with Jeanne Spellman Greg Pisocky 2010-09-24
ACTION-297 (edit) closed Write proposal on Programmatically determined Jan Richards 2010-09-24
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Write a proposal on path, speed and pressure Jan Richards 2010-09-24
ACTION-299 (edit) closed Write proposal on A.1.2.1 non-web based accessible (comment IBM15). Sueann Nichols 2010-09-24
ACTION-300 (edit) closed Write a proposal on how to test whether a template is accessible. Jeanne F Spellman 2010-09-24
ACTION-301 (edit) closed Write proposal Preserve Accessibility Information for B.1.2.4(a) in responseto WCAGWG25 Jan Richards 2010-09-24
ACTION-302 (edit) closed Update the ATAG 2.0 document with the proposal of Jeanne F Spellman 2010-10-25
ACTION-303 (edit) closed Update document with the text from Jeanne F Spellman 2010-10-25
ACTION-304 (edit) closed Reword GL33 proposal Jan Richards 2010-11-05
ACTION-305 (edit) closed Reword the proposal for MS6 on spellchecking in the editing view. Alastair Campbell 2010-11-05
ACTION-306 (edit) closed Reword MS21 issue on B.1.2.2 with Alastair and GregP Jan Richards 2010-11-05
ACTION-307 (edit) closed With JS to reword WCAGWG (awkward for-for, don't want to imply an extra dialog) Jan Richards 2010-11-05
ACTION-308 (edit) open Write a response to comment JM1 Alastair Campbell 2010-11-08
ACTION-309 (edit) closed Take the examples discussed and add them to the implementing document for B.1.2.1 Jan Richards 2010-11-19
ACTION-310 (edit) closed Review the proposal for auto-generation from email: Alex Li 2010-11-19
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Consider how might be made more consistent with new auto-generate wording Jan Richards 2010-11-19
ACTION-312 (edit) closed Do a normative note for A.1.1.1 that explains what SC's a web based tool does not have to do Jan Richards 2010-12-13
ACTION-313 (edit) closed Outline A.2.1.1 Alternative Content in an email Jan Richards 2010-12-13
ACTION-314 (edit) closed Clarify that series means more than one and in the same session Jan Richards 2010-12-13
ACTION-315 (edit) open Start the cross walk document Jan Richards 2010-12-27
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Break it up like wcag into text-based vs time based Jan Richards 2010-12-27
ACTION-317 (edit) closed Create nerw proposal from A222 A223 and sueanns' comment " that can be communicated by the supported platform accessibility service(s)", Jan Richards 2011-01-17
ACTION-318 (edit) closed Clarify where we are on tools that are just checkers Jan Richards 2011-01-31
ACTION-319 (edit) closed Create a new survey to look for a new time for meeting. Jeanne F Spellman 2011-02-14
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Organize chat with Greg, Alastair, Alex about this B.2.1.1 Jan Richards 2011-02-14
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Review Andrew Kirkpatrick comments for AUWG. Jeanne F Spellman 2011-02-14
ACTION-322 (edit) closed Write a note about what "not applicable" means and how to use it Jan Richards 2011-02-21
ACTION-323 (edit) closed Provide more explanation around why unaware people to be excluded as authors Jan Richards 2011-02-21
ACTION-324 (edit) open Look into other national standards links Alastair Campbell 2011-03-07
ACTION-325 (edit) closed Replace value judgement term with negative connotation term and flesh out a, b,s,d a bit morew Jan Richards 2011-03-14
ACTION-326 (edit) open Update proposal at Jan Richards 2011-03-21
ACTION-327 (edit) closed Work more on "at least as prominent" Jan Richards 2011-04-11
ACTION-328 (edit) closed Consider how to set a minimum criteria for A.3.1 Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-329 (edit) closed Update answer to IBM24 to better address mobile Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-330 (edit) closed In A.3.5.1, use "web content being edited" to be more clear that this refers to editing views Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Work in "Focus is moved and the match is made visible to the author" to A.3.5.1 Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-332 (edit) open Update the response for OC7 to take into acount Alex's comment Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Update A.3.6 to add the condition "If the authoring tool has its own display and control settings, then the authoring tools... Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Update A.3.6.3 to read " The authoring tool respects changes in platform display and control settings chosen by the user." Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-335 (edit) closed Fix typo in A.4.1 - GL17 udo -> undo Jan Richards 2011-05-16
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Propose "The authoring tool can be set to automatically save all content edits made by authors WITHIN THIS TOOL. " Jan Richards 2011-05-23
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Propose "Multiple Sets: If the authoring tool includes display and control settings, authors can save and reload multiple sets of these settings." Jan Richards 2011-05-23
ACTION-338 (edit) closed Propose "A422 The authoring tool includes documentation for its author-level user interface features." Jan Richards 2011-05-23
ACTION-339 (edit) closed Contact Sueann to get clarification on IBM37 - did they mean WCAG instead of UAAG? Jeanne F Spellman 2011-05-23
ACTION-340 (edit) closed Reword using programmatically associated or similar term (AL may suggest term) Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-341 (edit) open Acknowledge that dynamic content does provide a challenge to determining a "status" Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-342 (edit) open Look into implementations of alt-text association saving (B.2.3.4 Save for Reuse) Alex Li 2011-06-13
ACTION-343 (edit) open Look up what was decided about prominence and apply it to UAWG6 Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Reword with conditional on potential for accessibility problems. Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-345 (edit) closed Clarify for accessible templates that there may be no instructions for blank document type templates. Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-346 (edit) open Propose conditional on inaccessible potential Jan Richards 2011-06-13
ACTION-347 (edit) closed Change wording to resolved for B.3.2.4 Jan Richards 2011-06-20
ACTION-348 (edit) open Attempt to propose text taking into account context of inaccessible examples and testing practicality. Jan Richards 2011-06-20
ACTION-349 (edit) closed Talk to SN about the Eclipse and Lotus Notes examples. Jan Richards 2011-07-25
ACTION-350 (edit) open Propose rewordings of "author can" that instead use variants of "authoring tool includes a mechanism to" Jan Richards 2011-07-25
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Talk to Jeanne about status of response mailings. Jan Richards 2011-08-01
ACTION-352 (edit) closed Update the structure of the implementation report Jan Richards 2011-08-15
ACTION-353 (edit) closed Write up a proposal on WCAGcapable for Part A and B Jan Richards 2011-08-22
ACTION-354 (edit) closed Followup with other expected commenters Jeanne F Spellman 2011-09-26
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Follow up with Last Call 2010 commenters Jeanne F Spellman 2011-09-26
ACTION-356 (edit) closed Follow up with John Lee of RIM for joining AUWG Jeanne F Spellman 2011-09-26
ACTION-357 (edit) closed Cleanup the use of reversible actions Jan Richards 2011-10-24
ACTION-358 (edit) closed Work in the term "authoring action" in to the preview defn note Jan Richards 2011-10-24
ACTION-359 (edit) closed Try to work Alex's terminology into the text for the note in Jan Richards 2011-10-24
ACTION-360 (edit) open Review the conformance section and propose and issues for a survey. Jan Richards 2011-10-31
ACTION-361 (edit) open Work with ALL to send in conformance use cases related to the multi-tool issue Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-362 (edit) open Model what it looks like to move 3rd-party dpendency out of conformance claim and into the SCs (checking and repair) - so that compliance statemtn is simpler Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-363 (edit) closed Work with Jutta to coordinate with the WCAG WG on the definition of web content and set boundaries of what is included as web content. Jeanne F Spellman 2011-11-07
ACTION-364 (edit) open Draft a Note 3 to clarify A.3.1.1 Keyboard Access (Minimum) for keyboard-less devices Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-365 (edit) open Build table of Accessible Information (WCAG) Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-366 (edit) open Produce a proposal around "A363 The authoring tool respects changes in platform display and control settings unless they conflict with the display and control settings of the authoring tool chosen by the author." Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-367 (edit) open Propose "A.4.2.2 Document All Features: The authoring tool includes documentation for user interface features that are available to authors." Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-368 (edit) open Remove ":" in B.2.2.2 Jan Richards 2011-11-07
ACTION-369 (edit) open Betterformulate Jan Richards 2011-11-14
ACTION-370 (edit) open Propose something for A.4.2.1 that includes user interactive features and a note on platform conventions being documented elesewhere Jan Richards 2012-01-16
ACTION-371 (edit) open Find a place to slot in making user settings usable in intent, examples Jan Richards 2012-01-23
ACTION-372 (edit) open Create proposal for B.1.2.1 Restructuring and Recoding Transformations around handling copy-paste Jan Richards 2012-01-30
ACTION-373 (edit) open Add note to clarify " I assume this would not cover keyboard commands based on the parent software? e.g. browser based keyboard controls would not need to be customized, only tool-specific controls." Jan Richards 2012-03-12
ACTION-374 (edit) closed Send email to commentes on last LC draft Jeanne F Spellman 2012-03-19
ACTION-375 (edit) closed Create a survey on a F2F at TPAC Jeanne F Spellman 2012-04-02
ACTION-376 (edit) closed Do a survey for F2F dates for TH & Fr, vs. MO & TU dates & location alternatives\ Jeanne F Spellman 2012-05-07
ACTION-377 (edit) closed Create survey with a list of SCs for people to choose which one to write. Jeanne F Spellman 2012-05-14
ACTION-378 (edit) open Write a note re: to A.1.1.1 that is explicit that browser accessibility will play a role in the accessibility of web-based user agents, and therefore UAAG will be relevant when choosing the browser on which to deploy. Jan Richards 2012-06-18
ACTION-379 (edit) open Take response to IBM3 back to reviewer.\ Sueann Nichols 2012-06-18
ACTION-380 (edit) open Add some examples to In-Market User Agent proposal Jan Richards 2012-06-25
ACTION-381 (edit) open Write note re: If the tool does auto-correct during the session, the alt needs to be flagged as auto-generated. Jan Richards 2012-07-02
ACTION-382 (edit) open Suggest combination of B.4.1.3 Feature Availability Information and B.1.2.1 Restructuring and Recoding Transformations (WCAG) Jan Richards 2012-07-30
ACTION-383 (edit) open Write an email to the list with changes to tests agreed today Jan Richards 2013-01-14
ACTION-384 (edit) closed Create a survey to ask the group the milestones for CR? Jeanne F Spellman 2013-03-04
ACTION-385 (edit) open Update the implementation report Jan Richards 2013-03-25
ACTION-386 (edit) closed Develop information for tester outreach Jeanne F Spellman 2013-03-25
ACTION-387 (edit) open Will look at Moodle to see if it meets B.1.1.1 Jeanne F Spellman 2013-04-15
ACTION-388 (edit) open Check on the possible new flag in HTML for content that is automatically generated. Jeanne F Spellman 2013-04-15
ACTION-389 (edit) closed Remove "an authoring tool may support any combination of checking types." from the bullets Jeanne F Spellman 2013-08-19
ACTION-390 (edit) open Prepare platform accessibility service test procedure for windows 7. Tom Babinszki 2014-02-17
ACTION-391 (edit) open Send jan the implementation examples that were discovered at csun (e.g. wordpress labelling accessibility of templates) Jeanne F Spellman 2014-04-07
ACTION-392 (edit) open Write a short para introducing how to meet wcag2 Jan Richards 2014-06-09
ACTION-393 (edit) open Research the difference between the two tests in a.3.6.1 Jan Richards 2014-11-06
ACTION-394 (edit) open Fix typo in in A.3.2.3 -- "accespt" Jeanne F Spellman 2015-03-11
ACTION-395 (edit) closed Send a reminder about the cfc on the revised charter. Jeanne F Spellman 2015-04-27
ACTION-396 (edit) closed Fix references section as above Jeanne F Spellman 2015-07-22

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