1. If the editing view is web-based, then select SKIP.
  2. Check all of the editing-views for status indicators (often used to indicate errors (e.g., spelling errors), tracked changes, hidden elements, or other information.), possibly from a product feature list or trial and error.
  3. If the authoring tool does not provide status indicators in any of its editing-views, select SKIP.
  4. For each type of status indicator:
    1. Open or author content that will trigger the status indicator (e.g. with spelling errors, add a hidden element, etc.), then examine the indicator with the Platform Accessibility Service Test Procedure to determine if the indicator (e.g. the validation error) has been communicated to the accessibility API. If an indicator does not pass, then select FAIL.
    2. Go to the next type of status indicator (if any).
  5. Select PASS (all indicators must have passed)