Directions for using the template

  1. If the authoring tool does not include editing views that are capable of rendering non-text content (e.g. images), then select SKIP.
  2. If the authoring tool's editing views that render non-text content are only web-based, then select SKIP.
  3. For each non-web-based editing view that renders non-text content:
    1. Load the accessible test content file (any level), which contains non-text content with text alternatives, in the editing view.
    2. For each rendered instance of non-text content:
      1. Check with Platform Accessibility Service Test Procedure to determine if an accessible name/label is present in the accessibility API. If not, select FAIL.
      2. Go to the next rendered instance of non-text content (if any).
    3. Go to the next non-web-based editing view that renders non-text content (if any).
  4. Select PASS (all editing views must have passed)