AU Teleconference (Monday, May 6, 2002)

Telephone: +1.617.761.6200
Conference number: 2894


  1. Updated tools page, review:
  2. Prompting section revisions:
  3. Compliance Evaluation edits:
  4. Other


JT: Jutta Treviranus (Chair)
JR: Jan Richards
HS: Heather Swayne


CMN: Charles McCathieNevile
LD: Liddy Nevile
PJ: Phill Jenkins
JB: Judy Brewer
CV: Carlos Velasco

Action Items:


Updated tools page

Prompting section revisions:

HS: Has begun a new review of the prompting. First review points were added by JR.

JT: In IMS meeting last week JT met someone from Microsoft LRN group. Will get HS the name of the person.

HS/JT: Change the order of answer AAA,AA,A, not met

HS: Add note that the relevant WCAG checkpoints are determined by the ATAG techniques and these may change

HS: ACTION ITEM: Will submit comments on which WCAG checkpoints are applicable to which ATAG.

HS,JT,JR: Agree on listing the relevant checkpoints for each rel. priority checkpoint rather than asking the author to add them.

Compliance Evaluation edits


Adjourn Early.