Edit ACTION-2041: AXAPI: New subrole for role="application" since 'AXLandmarkApplication' no longer applies (application role no longer a landmark)




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Joseph Scheuhammer, 14 Mar 2016, 13:33:29

As of 04-Apr-2016: waiting on disposition of webkit bugzilla 155403:

Joseph Scheuhammer, 4 Apr 2016, 18:47:10

The fix of WebKit bug 155403 has landed:

* The new subrole is AXWebApplication
* The new AXAPI localized role description is "web application"

Reassigning from James Craig to Joseph. As indicated in the bug discussion, Chris Fleizach agreed with these changes and was the one to review the code. So I do not believe we need anything more from Apple at this time.

Joanmarie Diggs, 9 Apr 2016, 14:07:28

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