The World Wide Web Consortium

The World Wide Web is the universe of network-accessible information. The World Wide Web Consortium exists to realize the full potential of the Web.

W3C works with the global community to produce specifications and reference code. W3C is funded by its members but its information and products are freely available to all.

Who are the W3C members?

Who are the W3C team members?

Why should I join?

Membership in the W3C is open to any organization which signs a membership agreement. The prospectus explains the consortium to potential members.

Activities of the W3C

Members of the W3C team often give talks and presentations. In most cases, you can find information and presentations on this web site contained within the appropriate subject or activity area. This is a collection of slides and presentations from the past several years.

Ways to get involved

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    W3C is hosted by the Laboratory for Computer Science at MIT, and in Europe by INRIA.