rtftohtml 3.0

From spimis@mirage.skypoint.com  Mon Jul 15 16:50:31 1996
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 08:20:47 -0500
From: Chris Hector 
Subject: Re: When is 3.0 going to be released?
Status: R


Many thanks to all of the dedicated alpha testers. The 3.0 version of
RTFtoHTML is now available for general distribution. The 3.0
version can be downloaded from this site as a binary complete with
the documentation

The 3.0 version of the filter is now in released for Macintosh,
DOS/Windows and selected UNIX platforms. (Unix binaries are
not all available yet, they are being generated as requested.)

This release
encorporates the features of Christian Bolik's RTFtoWEB, provides
support for additional platforms and adds support for the many
extensions to HTML that have been made since this filter was first
developed. This filter is now being delivered as a shareware product.
Please try it out, and if you like it - send in the modest Shareware
Fee. Features in this release include:

       Support for HTML 3.0 tables
       Support for Netscape extensions to HTML
       Support for Internet Explorer extensions to HTML
       Long documents can be split into smaller files
       Support for RTF from Microsoft Word (including version 7),
       Word Perfect, Next, Claris Works, FrameMaker - any word
       processor that is capable of producing RTF.

How to get RTFtoHTML?

You can always download the latest version of RTFtoHTML from
http://www.sunpack.com/RTF/latest. This is a fully functional
program (not just a demo) and contains the program, documentation
and all of the supporting files that you need to start converting.

Chris Hector
http://www.sunpack.com/RTF/     - rtftohtml 3.0 coming soon!
http://www.sunpack.com/         - Custom Packaging for