From Thu Dec  8 10:12:52 1994
Article: 10737 of comp.infosystems.www.providers
From: (Jeremy Hylton)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Quark-to-HTML converter. New version, Macintosh version.
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 94 03:50:51 MET
Organization: Library 2000, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

I'd like to announce a new version of my Quark-to-HTML converter, The new version is 0.10.0. It is available for anonymous
ftp from in the /pub/WWW directory.

I have also created a Macintosh-executable version of the script using
MacPerl. The Mac version is a revision level behind -- version 0.9.6.

Most of the changes in version 0.10.0 are internal, but it does have
a few major improvements. 
- A few lingering bugs in the handling of bold and italic have been
cleared up. All our test cases are converted correctly with this
- The output is fully compliant with the current HTML 2.0 spec.
- A low-level programmers interface has been created so that it should
be easier for developers to use the converter as a component of a
larger workflow.

For more information, please refer to the Web page for the converter

Jeremy Hylton
The Tech, MIT