From Sun Apr 10 15:33:25 1994
Article: 14358 of comp.archives
From: (John D. Ramsdell)
Subject: [comp.programming.literate] HTML from nuweb version 0.87a
Date: 8 Apr 1994 13:28:20 +0200

Archive-Name: auto/comp.programming.literate/HTML-from-nuweb-version-0-87a

I have modified nuweb so that it generates HTML, the HyperText Markup
Language used in the World Wide Web.  The new version is called
nuweb0.87a, and its behavior is identical to nuweb0.87's, except when
it is presented with a file whose name ends in ".hw".  In that case,
it produces scraps with HTML formatting commands instead of LaTeX
commands.  Authors of ".hw" files must use HTML commands for
documentation, not LaTeX commands.

The file should be available in at least the following location:
or at one of the other CTAN sites

In the short amount of time I have used the program, I have found I
write HTML webs differently than LaTeX webs.  For example, one
immediately notices that one should document scraps after they are
presented due to the way viewers treat hyperlinks.  I am very
interested in collecting other similar words of advice from users.
Please send the tricks you learn to

By the way, I have noticed it is nice to produce HTML from LaTeX webs,
because the hypertext links are so useful.  Give it a try on nuweb.w.
The descriptions will be jumbled, but the scraps will be readable when
viewed with Mosaic.