From Tue May 31 11:34:23 1994
Article: 17844 of comp.infosystems.www
From: (John M. Troyer)
Subject: Re: TROFF to HTML Converters
Organization: UCSF Computer Graphics Lab
Date: Tue, 31 May 94 07:38:11 GMT-1:00


ms2html is available from CUI (my machine is down or I'd give you the
exact reference -- it is very findable from the 'tools' section of the
central CERN entry point)

I've taken this code and made a greatly expanded me2html for the troff
me macros. It's not _quite_ ready for release yet, but feel free to take a look.
This machine is DOWN right now, and may be flaky over the next few days.

In a week or so when I get around to bashing off the rough edges, I will
make a more formal announcement; I will probably add the ms macros and
call it 'troff2html'. It does strings, keeps, and intuits lists. It does
not do macros, and doesn't do the fancy latex2html inline bitmaps of
equations, tables, etc.