From Mon Apr 10 14:49:45 1995
Article: 16951 of comp.archives
From: (Peter Wilson - MSD)
Subject: [comp.text.tex] Announce: LaTeX-related utility programs --- l2x, FLaTTeN
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 95 20:19:05 GMT-1:00

Archive-name: auto/comp.text.tex/Announce_LaTeX_related_utility_programs_l2x_FLaTTeN

    There are two programs that might be of interest to LaTeXers, namely
L2X and FLaTTeN. Both these programs are alpha versions.

    L2X is a C program that replaces LaTeX commands within a document by
user-defined text strings. Example uses include: removing all (La)TeX comments;
removing LaTeX commands and "pretty-printing" the ASCII source; replacing
LaTeX commands by SGML tags.

   FLaTTeN is a C program that reads in a LaTeX root file and outputs a single
file consisting of the root text and all the text from \included (and \input)
files, recursively.

    Source and manuals are available from the NIST SOLIS repository
Email and other access methods are available. To get instructions send Email to with "help" (without the quotes) as the body of 
the message.

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From Tue May 31 11:17:58 1994
Article: 14760 of comp.archives
From: (Henning Schulzrinne)
Newsgroups: comp.archives
Subject: [comp.text] l2x: LaTeX-to-whatever converter
Date: 30 May 1994 18:25:37 +0200
Organization: GMD-FOKUS, Hardenbergplatz 2, 10319 Berlin 12, Germany

Archive-Name: auto/comp.text/l2x-LaTeX-to-whatever-converter

A beta version (1.0) of l2x, a LaTeX parser frontend, is
available from
(gzip'ed tar file). The conversion engine calls Tcl functions
for each LaTeX construction. Simple conversions to nroff ms
macros and HTML are provided as examples. Comments, enhancements,
etc. are appreciated.

Henning Schulzrinne               email:
GMD-Fokus                         phone: +49 30 25499 219
Hardenbergplatz 2                 fax:   +49 30 25499 202
D-10623 Berlin