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From Wed Mar 30 09:46:03 1994
Article: 11659 of comp.infosystems.www
From:  (Hal Miller)
Subject: Re: [Q] Interleaf --> HTML
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 07:47:05

In article (Gilbert Hu) writes:

 > In article <2mmo4k$50v@cnn.MOTOWN.GE.COM>, (Chris Eggleston) says:
 > >
 > >  Does anyone know of an Interleaf --> HTML converter ?
 > >
We have been able to convert Interleaf documents to HTML using the
following steps:
- save the ileaf document as Interleaf ASCII
- filter to RTF (an optional Interleaf product)
- run the results through sed (since the RTF output filter writes a
  non-kosher colortbl group
- run the results through rtftohtml.
This process creates "okay" HTML; graphics (of course) get lost, but it's
better than stripping out the text and hand-tooling the HTML. If you want
the sed script, I'll mail it to you.

 > >  How about a WYSIWYG  HTML editor?
 > >
I'm not sure what this means. HTML allows the browser to handle the
rendering. If you had a WYSIWYG HTML editor, it would itself be taking
the role of a _particular_ browser. This is especially dangerous if
someone is coming into your HTML using Lynx.

 > In addition, does anyone know of an Interleaf Worldview -> HTML converter?

WorldView files are more problematic. They are an "intermediate" page
description format (Printerleaf) that Interleaf uses to convert to the
page description format know to the RIP target device (e.g., PostScript).
I suppose you could hack something up that would be application specific,
but if you've got the original ileaf file, the method above should work
and you can avoid the middle man.

If you are looking for the graphics display capabilities that WorldView
provides, the only solution we have found to date is to have the HTML
doc send the .pl file down to the local workstation and have the local
workstation configured to launch WorldView when it gets a .pl. This only
works, however, for single WorldView files and throws away all the lovely
hyperlinks, indexed searching, notes, bookmarks, etc. that comes with
WorldView when you can access an entire "collection" (which is really
a hierarchy of files). If anyone can crack that nut and find a way to
deliver a whole file structure, I'd love to know the answer.


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