Interleaf to HTML via Frame

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Subject: Re: [Q] Interleaf --> HTML
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 18:14:18 GMT-1:00

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    > In article <2mmo4k$50v@cnn.MOTOWN.GE.COM>, (Chris Eggleston) says:
    > >  Does anyone know of an Interleaf --> HTML converter ?

   We have been able to convert Interleaf documents to HTML using the
   following steps:

	[Interleaf -> RTF -> HTML steps deleted ]

I've had some success converting Interleaf 5 documents first to Frame 4
documents, then to HTML using fm2html. Briefly, the steps I took are

    1. In Interleaf, write out an Interleaf 4 ASCII (I4A) file

    2. At the shell rename the I4A file to have an extension of .iaf

    3. Read the .iaf file into Frame

    4. Save it

    5. Run fm2html on it.

The problems I have run into mostly stem from inabilities of Frame's I4A
reader to grok various things you can toss in an Interleaf file. One obvious
problem is multicolumn page layout. Turn off two-column mode in Interleaf
before writing your I4A file.

Skip Montanaro