From Nick Tue Oct 24 13:30:18 1995
Article: 11261 of comp.text.sgml
From: Nick Carr 
Date: 21 Oct 1995 21:27:41 +1000
Subject: Re: OMNIMARK XOM for Ventura -> HTML DTD


We wrote an OmniMark XOM for Ventura to the Rainbow DTD, which handles most
of the nasty Ventura stuff (tables, the old character encoding and
extracting the formatting from the style sheet).  It would certainly be
easy to go from there to HTML.  The code is public domain but is also
pretty rough and has some bugs, it is designed for 4.1 but will handle most
of 4.2.  Despite this, Ventura is tough to translate from and it will
probably save you some time.

If anyone wants a copy let me know.  However I am walking out the door for
a week so don't panic if you don't get an instant reply.

Nick Carr
Allette Systems