From holland@godiva Thu Jun 23 15:02:18 1994
Article: 19893 of comp.infosystems.www
From: holland@godiva (Rich Holland)
Subject: QuarkXpress toolkit for MS-Windows
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 94 09:21:16 GMT-1:00
Organization: Kansas State University

I've put the XTLite toolkit up for anonymous FTP on
file  This is a filter kit for Quark 3.12 and later,
running under Microsoft Windows.  A Mac version is available at (info-mac/bin/xt-lite-10.hqx).  I hope to have
a copy on in the next couple days as well.

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723 Allison Ave, #8        | Bitnet  : holland@ksuvm
Manhattan, KS  66502-3273  | WWW     :

From Thu Jun  2 11:54:33 1994
Article: 18124 of comp.infosystems.www
From: (Mark Niemann-Ross)
Subject: Quark Filter
Summary: Quark filter kit of interest to HTML advocates
Organization: Colorado SuperNet, Inc.
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 94 05:30:57 GMT-1:00

At one point, many folks were asking where they could get an HTML filter
for QuarkXPress. Although such a filter doesn't exist at this time, there
is a publically available filter kit that would allow the creation of such
a filter. This filter kit is called "XTLite".

XTLite Macintosh is available for FTP download on the Info-Mac
archive at (info-mac/bin/xt-lite-10.hqx)

A windows version will be available soon.

Mark Niemann-Ross

From Thu May 12 10:39:58 1994
Article: 15879 of comp.infosystems.www
From: (Mark Niemann-Ross)
Subject: Re: Quark Xpress->HTML filters, and "what's new since last access"
Date: Thu, 12 May 94 06:57:18 GMT-1:00

There is an RTF filter for QuarkXPress, but only for the Windows version.

If anyone is interested in playing around with an HTML export filter,
there is now a freely available XTension developer kit that allows the
export of text into ANY format the developer chooses to create. It's
written in C, and versions exist for QXP for Mac, Windows & the Quark
Publishing System.

I'm unsure if it is on the net. If there is a likely place it should be, I
would be glad to put it there. Elsewise, you can send mail directly to me
at this address, and I'll smail you a copy on disk.

Mark Niemann-Ross
Quark 3rd Party Product Manager