Some comments on converting Powerpoint files can also be found in the documentation of the wwwfoil conversion package.

From Andrew Wed May  1 16:51:50 1996
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From: Andrew Long 
Subject: RE: power point to HTML..
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 96 04:02:29 GMT-1:00
Organization: Longview Publishing


There is also a new product called the ActiveX PowerPoint publisher and
viewer or something like that.  The publisher lets you publish PowerPoint
presentations (complete with animation and sound) on the web, provided of
course the client has the ActiveX viewer installed.  the viewer supports
inline viewing of the presentations on Netscape 2.0 and MSIE 2.0 and
later.  It's available on Microsoft's PowerPoint page.

From Mon Oct 16 15:20:16 1995
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From: (Dave Morris)
Subject: Re: MS powerpoint-to-HTML
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 06:27:51 -0500


I use a Macintosh but I can convert Windows PPT files just as well.  I use
the Mac to read the PPT file and save it as a Macintosh Scrapbook file.  I
then use the batch mode of Graphic Converter to convert the Scrapbook
(PICT) format file into GIF files (one for each slide).  Works great for

From Mon Oct 16 13:41:36 1995
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Subject: Re: MS powerpoint-to-HTML
Date: 12 Oct 95 07:50:06 -0500
Organization: University of Northern Iowa


I haven't found anything to convert native .PPT files directly to HTML. 
PowerPoint can save to .RTF format, so I can suggest two approaches from there.

1.  Use a utility like RTF2HTML, which generates an HTML file.  This works, but
when I tried it I didn't like the appearance and found myself tinkering with
the result.

2.  So I wrote (in QuickBASIC 4.5 compiler, so should work on all PC-type
machines) a converter I'm calling PPT2HTML. I just finished the initial version
of this, and am aware of no bugs (but that doesn't mean there aren't some
lurking).  I've tried it with versions of PowerPoint from 3 through the new
Windows 95 version.  You run it with the name of a PowerPoint-generated .RTF
file, and it creates an HTML file including an initial list of all main topics
and a link to the section of the outline.

  The disadvantage of my program is that you just get the outline--not any
embedded figures (you could add links to these manually).  This might not 
be useful to your colleagues.

  At the moment, my program (which I'm going to provide free--not shareware) is
available in two ways: (a) a uuencoded copy of the executable file, or (b) a
sourcecode listing.  In either case, if you're interested, send me an email
Andy Gilpin, Dept. of Psychology,     |Internet:
Univ. of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls,  |Phone: (319) 273-6104
Iowa 50614-0505                       |

From  Sat Jul  8 18:43:35 1995
Subject: info on converters Powerpoint to HTML 
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 95 18:44:40 +0200


I used webify for PPT to HTML. It's good. The result is not VERY useful though.
Author: Steve Ward (

From Thu Jun 30 11:30:37 1994
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From: (Smith & Chapman)
Subject: Re: PowerPoint to html?
Date: 25 Jun 1994 07:25:59 -0300
Organization: Nova Scotia Technology Network
I have used the following methods with some success on PPT 3.0 for
Windows - I haven't yet tried it out on my Mac yet:

1.  for just getting the occasional graphic out of PPT, I open the
presentation in PPT, select and COPY the graphic.  (Sometimes an
necessary to separate the elements that I want).  Then, I open up a
bit-map painter - like Paintbrush, that comes with windows.  PASTE the
picture in.  Save as a .bmp.  Open the .bmp in Lview and save as a
.gif.  Whew!  What a pain!  Not very elegant - but for small stuff on a
rainy day...

2.  for actually LINKING to a PPT presentation in its entirety, I use a
different approach.  I define the PowerPoint Viewer, that comes with
PPT 3.0, as a MOSAIC VIEWER for files with extensions .PPT.  (In the
Windoze version of Mosaic - this requires that you humble yourself once
again by trying to set up one of those stupid damn .INI files).  Hence
when your URL points to a .PPT file, Mosaic will launch the viewer and
put the presentation in full screen mode.  An ESC key returns to Mosaic
proper.  Of course this approach requires that all you clients have the
PPT viewer - a sad limitation - so it may not work in your instance.

I have not found anything yet that will just CONVERT an entire
presentation to, say, a bunch of HTML pages.  Oh well.

Hope this helps in some small way.