Thank you for your interest in EDCO products.

PM2html - PageMaker to HTML conversion is provided in a compressed format.
To expand, type pm2html.
The expanded package consists of the following files:
   README.1ST   - This file
   PM2HTML.ADD  - PageMaker addition
   HTMLMAN.PS   - html coding manual, copy to any Postscript printer,
                  no conversion is required
   HTMLDOC1.PM5 - Documentation for the PM2html addition. Open as a
                  PageMaker document and print
   PM2HTML.LOG  - This is the LOG FILE that MUST be edited before starting
                  the conversion, see HTMLDOC1.PM% documentation
   INSTALL.EXE  - This is the Windows automatic installer.
                  Start Windows and select RUN from FILE menu,
                  enter a:\install, then follow the prompts
   PFMSETUP.INF - Support for install program

If you like this freeware version of the program, you will really like the
production version. It has many more options and handles more types of 
conversions. The cost is $49 and can be ordered from:
   EDCO Services, Inc.
   4107 Gunn Highway
   Tampa, Florida 33624
   (813) 962-7800, fax (813) 960-2356