From Wed May 21 09:57:57 1997
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From: (ObjectSoftware)
Subject: Ann: ObjectManual New Release Available
Keywords: C++, JAVA, HTML, Documentation, MIF, "man"
Organization: Netcom On-Line Services
Date: Fri, 16 May 97 06:49:26 GMT-1:00

ObjectManual - Auto C++ to HTML, MIF & JAVA Documentation Generator

ObjectManual is a 'javadoc' like utility that extracts comments and
relevant information from your C++/C programs and generates HTML
pages from it. For a complete list of its features, download the
technical paper on ObjectManual from our home page.

Software for the following architectures is available via FTP/HTTP.

a. SunOS 4.1.X (SPARC) 
b. Solaris 2.X (SPARC) 
c. HP9000 HPUX 9.X & 10.X
d. Windows NT/Windows 95 (NOTE: requires 32 bit unzip utility)
e. Solaris 2.X (x86)
f. Linux (ELF x86)
g. SGI IRIX 5.X & 6.X
h. RS6000 AIX 4.X

New Features Added:

a. An exception type that can be thrown from different methods is
   generated in an index file called "Exception_Class.html"

b. Speed bars for each generated class html file.

Download Instructions:

a. URL :

b. FTP :
 1. ftp  -- login as anonymous
 2. bin - for binary transfer.
 3. cd pub/ObjectManual
 4. get ObjectManual..tar.Z or -- for Windows

After download (for UNIX):

a. uncompress ObjectManual..tar
b. tar xvf - < ObjectManual..tar 

After download (for NT):

a. ntunzip (*32 bit unzip utility is required*)
b. install.exe


a. ObjectManual native binary for the platform of choice.
b. User's guide in PostScript format. Coming soon the User's guide
   in HTML format.
c. Necessary files for the executable.
d. Necessary JAVA "clases" for graphically displaying class info.

Important Request:

Please provide us with your valuable feedback at 
regarding ObjectManual. It will help us improve the quality, layout and 
future design of the software. All suggestions, comments are welcome.


Washi Baig.
ObjectSoftware, Inc.
C++ Development & Testing Tools.
3519 Misty Meadow, Dallas, TX 75287
Ph : (214)-373-201 Fax : (972)-662-0827