From  Tue Feb 27 03:47:00 1996
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 18:46:46 -0800
From: (Roger L. Nelson)
Subject: HTML word processors page update

Here is an addition to your word processors to HTML 
conversion page. The Web page listed below is currently just a text file,
but it will soon become a html document where the program can be downloaded.

I have provided here, information that describes how LaTeX2hyp is
different from other converters you have listed.

- LaTeX2hyp  converts LaTeX to Text, TurboVision help, HTML, RTF and
  WinHelp RTF (RTF is under testing). 
  While not as comprehensive as LaTeX2HTML (mathmode, tables, or figures
  are not currently supported directly), 
  it is a single standalone program that does not require any other utilities
  such as Perl, image utilities or even LaTeX.

  Extensions for providing target output codes for hypertext links 
  (external to the document), mathmode, tables and figures
  are entered as TeX comments (I.e. %<A HREF="HTTP://xxx/xxx" Xxxx </A>) .
  Unlike other converters, LaTeX2hyp does not require TeX or LaTeX or
  any style files unless you want bibliography and/or index generation
  where you will need LaTeX generated bbl and idx files.

  LaTeX2hyp supports output to multiple foreign languages and almost all
  character sets.  
  MS-DOS and Amiga executables and C sources for Unix/Linux/VMS/Any 
  C (K&R or ANSI) compiler provided.

  The current version of LaTeX2hyp can be obtained from the author at

  For more information see:
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