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From Tue Aug 16 14:16:54 1994
Article: 3064 of comp.infosystems.www.providers
From: (Rick Giles)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: HTML Editor for Macintosh, version 1.0
Organization: Acadia University
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 94 15:31:03 GMT-1:00

HTML Editor for the Macintosh

HTML Editor is a semi-WYSIWYG editor for an HTML document. HTML Editor requires:

- a Macintosh SE/30, Mac II, or other Macintosh with a 68020-compatible CPU.
- System 7 or higher.
- at least 2 Megabytes RAM. A larger partition may be needed if you are 
running in greater than 16 bit color (millions of colors in the Monitors 
Control Panel).


- simple text editing. Handles > 32K text.
- insertion of common HTML tags through button clicks, menu selections, 
  and key strokes.
- styled text to indicate styles a browser may use when viewing a document. 
  These styles can be edited.
- undo and redo of basic tag insertion.
- editable palette of user tags.
- single key strokes for insertion of HTML escape codes for composed characters.
- find and replace commands for text editing.
- edit list of URLs from the current document.
- setting of a root directory for the URL of a local file.
- standard file dialog for constructing the URL of a local file.
- switch to a browser such as Mosaic or MacWeb with the click of a button. 
  Switching to Mosaic 2.0 or MacWeb will open a browse window for the current 
- hide tags for a quick document preview.
- restyle complete document.
- automatic styling of documents from other applications.
- conversion of UNIX and DOS text files to Macintosh text.
- conversion of non-ASCII characters from a text file or the clipboard
  to HTML escape codes for composed characters.  

Available at

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