From Tue Nov  7 17:05:09 1995
Article: 31555 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Ben Thompson)
Subject: HTML Convertor for MS Word version 2
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 95 15:48:10 MET

Hype Media is pleased to announce that version 2 of the HTML convertor
can now be downloaded from their www site at:-

This software is the easiest and most advanced way to convert legacy
documents (ie todays press release, last week's sales brochure, the
resumes of all your staff) into HTML that exists.

Using our unique Keyword system the software automatically creates
hypertext links between your documents. Keywords and links can be
imported from any existing HTML document including Netscape Bookmark
files. Furthermore the software automatically indexes the pages you
create and can create your own content and index pages at any time.

On top of this the software supports unlimited nested lists, subscript
and superscript text, tables, footnotes and paragraph alignment.
Perhaps this is why over 3,000 people have come to us after trying
Microsoft's free version.

For a limited period you can try the software for free with our test
drive version. Then for 45 days you too can create HTML pages whilst
drinking coffee and watching TV in another room. 

If you like it and purchase a copy before November 25th we'll knock
10% off the price. Just quote order code USER with your payment. 

Ben Thompson
Hype Media

From Mon Jun 12 15:19:32 1995
Article: 4978 of comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
From: (Ben Thompson)
Subject: Announce: HTML Convertor: Most Text Formats to HTML
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 95 16:15:37 GMT-1:00

Hype Media are pleased to announce that the shareware version of their
HTML convertor is available.

HTML convertor is a Word for Windows 6 program that by pressing two
buttons converts any text file which it can read into a complete and
accurate HTML file.

Rather then help you create new documents this program is designed to
convert documents that you already have.

Features include:-

Shareware version

Automatic format for plain text, creating headings....
Automatic setting of document title
Creation of Links and Anchors
Converts lists from Word to HTML
Automatic conversion of formatted text into HTML documents
Automatic addition of Copyright notice at bottom of document

Full version

Conversion of tables from Word to HTML
Abilty to include Netscape backgrounds
Ability to Align text and Netscape format horizontal lines
Ability to customise the copyright notice at bottom of every page

Optional extras

Ability to automatically convert whole directories of files in one
Ability to split document into a number of interlinked HTML files
Ability to automatically create an Index or Contents page from a
directory of HTML files.
A selection of forms with Perl Gateway scripts
A selection of Gifs for use in documents

Prices start at $40 for personnal use, $300 for commercial use.

The shareware version can be tested for 31 days for personnal use ie
provided you do not receive payment in any form for the pages created
using it. All prices include support (that you won't need) and
upgrades (as the HTML specs change again and again....). After that if
you like it pay if not remove it from your machine.

The shareware version is available from the following sites:-

An American site will be added later this week.


The current shareware version works in Windows only but a Macintosh
version is forthcoming. Note that the program requires DOS filenames
so if using Windows 95 or NT be careful.


To install the software unzip the file and move the files
into the directory that MS word uses to store templates. Then to
configure the software select Load MS Word, select New Document from
the File Menu, and either enter HTML or highlight it. The software
will then configure itself for your machine.


As an introduction offer anyone who purchases the software in the next
month will receive a discount of $10 off a licence for personnal use
(now $50) or $50 off a commercial licence ($250 or $400 depending on
use). This price is valid until 15th July 95.

Also if you like the software tell your friends, if they do buy it
we'll refund another $5 off your purchase.

Thanks for your interest,

Ben Thompson
Hype Media