W3C Technology and Society

Technology & Society Interest Groups

The Technoloyg and (T&S) Interest Groups (IGs) allow the W3C staff to listen to Members and to form a network of contacts in Member organizations who can be consulted when the W3C Team begins looking into future work areas. All three IGs are expected to exist for two years with three meetings per year. The meetings will be rotated between different geographic areas (North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific) and there is no participation-continuity requirement: we expect that some companies will choose to attend only when the meeting is in their area; others will attend all meetings but will have a different representative in different areas; others will have a single representative attend all meetings.

The meetings are clustered so that a single representative can attend one, two, or three meetings. In addition, most of the dates are from Tuesday through Thursday. We are also inviting member companies to consider hosting a full week of meetings, with the Tuesday through Thursday being the Interest Group meetings and with additional meetings on Monday and Friday to be jointly decided by the host company and the W3C staff. (Each year, one set of meetings is in conjunction with the International World Wide Web Conference series, so those dates don't fall on the Tuesday-Thursday pattern.)

The meeting schedule is specific to each Interest Group.

Past meetings

2-4 September 1997
Brussels, Belgium ; Tuesday-Thursday


5 Feb 1998