Web design choices

For MIT 6.001 only...a historical overview of the technology with an emphasis on design choices and lessons for how we as a race can achieve things. Myths which existed and endure; Reality, perceptions and their affect on the growth of the system.

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WWW Design Choices

We look at some of the historical design choices in W3, the technical and political effect they had, and wonder what would have happened otherwise.


A global shared information space

Web architecure

Hypertext model



The Name myth

Myths: The properties of a name are social as well as technical

HTTP: RFC822 pros and cons

HTTP: RPC pros and cons

TCP pros and cons

SGML pros and cons


The winding road to adoption

The slow bang

"The web aboutt he Web" info.cern.ch http server hits:

Logarithmic plot of HTTP server hits


The present

The future