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image of timbl original web proposal

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Semantic Web in Context

SW and RDF: Where did it come from?

RDF/SW - architectural aims

RDF Target applications

What can these diverse applications have in common?

What is RDF, really?

"Resource Description Framework"

self describing: RDF is a framework for describing resources...

The RDF specification builds upon the URI specification (for identifiers) and XML (as an interchange format).

RDF model: one simple idea...

(the same idea that underpins the Web)

"The most fundamental specification of Web architecture, while on of the simpler, is that of the Universal Resource Identifier, or URI. The principle that anything, absolutely anything 'on the Web' should be identified distinctly is core." (Tim BL)

RDF aims to build a Semantic Web of overlapping metadata vocabularies:

Graphs and Webs: before RDF

How machines saw the Web before RDF - millions of linked resources...

unknown types of resources, unknown types of relationship

before rdf

Graphs and Webs: after RDF

The Web after RDF, millions of linked resources...

known types of resource, types of relationship

before rdf

The common model: why use 'nodes and arcs'?

RDF example: document status

example (1)

RDF example: data mixing...

example (2)

(Semantic) Web: it's all about (hyper)linking

image of timbl original web proposal

Information Management: A Proposal, Tim Berners-Lee, CERN, March 1989, May 1990, http://www.w3.org/History/1989/proposal.html

The Web was proposed as a tool for representing relationships amongst named objects, drawing together knowledge from scattered systems into a common framework. The Semantic Web initiative seeks to evolve the current Web into a system that fulfills this original promise. Schemas and ontologies simply define types of resource and types of inter-relationship (wrotes, describes, refersTo...)

W3C Semantic Web Activity

Semantic Web: building on proven ideas

Semantic Web futures: walk before we run

...and mixing all these together

SW futures: Web data tools

...and mixing all these together

SW futures: Blue skies?