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The ETA datamodel

ETA datamodel

An issue is the document, bug, request, annotation, discussion item etc.
An issues can have events associated with it to signify issue state transitions, poriority changes, owner assignment, etc. that either have occured or are planned to occur some time in the future.
Links are used to relate issues with each other and with any other document on the Web
Contacts can create issues and they can also resolve or track issues. The issue creator and owner are two default relationships between contacts and issues - other relationships can be registered as any other relationship as the identifier of a contact is a URI (often an email address so that we can handle email based notifications).
Skills (or interests)
Skills are used as the filter for figuring out when contacts should be notified about changes in the database. Contacts can "listen" to all issues in a forum of any particular category, priority, etc. but can also listen to a single issue (for example the one they have created).

Henrik Frystyk Nielsen

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