HTTP/1.0, 1.1 and Beyond, An Evolutionary Perspective on HTTP

Purpose of this Talk

Once Upon a Time...

Then came the <IMG Ö> hack

Then came Proxies and Gateways

In the Mean Time...

The More the Merrier

The Web was Commercialized

Öand Fueled by Advertisement

Result: The Internet was on its Knees

HTTP/1.1 - The Big Fire Fighter

Hmm, Looks Promising!

But How can We Extend it?

HTTP - the Next Generation

So What is HTTP anyway?

Methods, Headers, and Status Codes

Common Questions about HTTP

Why is HTTP/1.1 so big?

HTTP is for HTTP URLs, right?

I canít use HTTP - I need state!

HTTP is for TCP Only!

HTTP canít handle Streamed Data

HTTP is too Slow!

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