All MathML Character Entities ordered by Unicode

Based on ISO 9573-13 extended with aliases

Code Character Name       Group    Description                                
==== ==================== ======== ========================================== 
0021 excl                 ISONUM   exclamation mark
0022 quot                 ISONUM   quotation mark
0023 num                  ISONUM   number sign
0024 dollar               ISONUM   dollar sign
0025 percnt               ISONUM   percent sign
0026 amp                  ISONUM   ampersand
0027 apos                 ISONUM   apostrophe
0028 lpar                 ISONUM   left parenthesis
0029 rpar                 ISONUM   right parenthesis
002A ast                  ISONUM   ]

002B plus                 ISONUM   plus sign
002C comma                ISONUM   comma
002E period               ISONUM   full stop, period
002F sol                  ISONUM   solidus
003A colon                ISONUM   colon
003B semi                 ISONUM   semicolon
003C lt                   ISONUM   less-than sign
003D equals               ISONUM   equals sign
003E gt                   ISONUM   greater-than sign
003F quest                ISONUM   question mark

0040 commat               ISONUM   commercial at
005B lsqb                 ISONUM   left square bracket
005C bsol                 ISONUM   /backslash reverse solidus
005D rsqb                 ISONUM   right square bracket
005F lowbar               ISONUM   low line
007B lcub                 ISONUM   left curly bracket
007C verbar               ISONUM   vertical bar
007D rcub                 ISONUM   right curly bracket
00A0 nbsp                 ISONUM   no break (required) space
00A1 iexcl                ISONUM   inverted exclamation mark

00A2 cent                 ISONUM   cent sign
00A3 pound                ISONUM   pound sign
00A4 curren               ISONUM   general currency sign
00A5 yen                  ISONUM   yen sign
00A6 brvbar               ISONUM   broken (vertical) bar
00A7 sect                 ISONUM   section sign
00A9 copy                 ISONUM   copyright sign
00AA ordf                 ISONUM   ordinal indicator, feminine
00AB laquo                ISONUM   angle quotation mark, left
00AC not                  ISONUM   /neg /lnot not sign

00AD shy                  ISONUM   soft hyphen
00AF reg                  ISONUM   registered sign
00B0 deg                  ISONUM   degree sign
00B1 plusmn               ISONUM   plus-or-minus sign
00B2 sup2                 ISONUM   superscript two
00B3 sup3                 ISONUM   superscript three
00B5 micro                ISONUM   micro sign
00B6 para                 ISONUM   pilcrow (paragraph sign)
00B7 middot               ISONUM   middle dot
00B9 sup1                 ISONUM   superscript one

00BA ordm                 ISONUM   ordinal indicator, masculine
00BB raquo                ISONUM   angle quotation mark, right
00BC frac14               ISONUM   fraction one-quarter
00BD half                 ISONUM   fraction one-half
00BE frac34               ISONUM   fraction three-quarters
00BF iquest               ISONUM   inverted question mark
00D7 times                ISONUM   multiply sign
00F7 divide               ISONUM   divide sign
0131 imath                ISOAMSO  small i, no dot
0300 grave                ISODIA   grave accent

0301 acute                ISODIA   acute accent
0302 circ                 ISODIA   circumflex accent
0303 tilde                ISODIA   tilde
0304 macr                 ISODIA   macron
0305 breve                ISODIA   breve
0306 dot                  ISODIA   dot above
0308 Dot                  ISOTECH  dieresis or umlaut mark
030A ring                 ISODIA   ring
030B dblac                ISODIA   double acute accent
030C caron                ISODIA   caron

0327 cedil                ISODIA   cedilla
0328 ogon                 ISODIA   ogonek
0393 Gamma                ISOGRK3  capital Gamma, Greek
0394 Delta                ISOGRK3  capital Delta, Greek
0398 Theta                ISOGRK3  capital Theta, Greek
039B Lambda               ISOGRK3  capital Lambda, Greek
039E Xi                   ISOGRK3  capital Xi, Greek
03A0 Pi                   ISOGRK3  capital Pi, Greek
03A3 Sigma                ISOGRK3  capital Sigma, Greek
03A6 Phi                  ISOGRK3  capital Phi, Greek

03A8 Psi                  ISOGRK3  capital Psi, Greek
03A9 Omega                ISOGRK3  capital Omega, Greek
03B1 alpha                ISOGRK3  small alpha, Greek
03B2 beta                 ISOGRK3  small beta, Greek
03B3 gamma                ISOGRK3  small gamma, Greek
03B4 delta                ISOGRK3  small delta, Greek
03B5 epsiv                ISOGRK3  rounded small epsilon, Greek
03B6 zeta                 ISOGRK3  small zeta, Greek
03B7 eta                  ISOGRK3  small eta, Greek
03B8 theta                ISOGRK3  straight theta, small theta, Greek

03B9 iota                 ISOGRK3  small iota, Greek
03BA kappa                ISOGRK3  small kappa, Greek
03BB lambda               ISOGRK3  small lambda, Greek
03BC mu                   ISOGRK3  small mu, Greek
03BD nu                   ISOGRK3  small nu, Greek
03BE xi                   ISOGRK3  small xi, Greek
03C0 pi                   ISOGRK3  small pi, Greek
03C1 rho                  ISOGRK3  small rho, Greek
03C2 sigmav               ISOGRK3  terminal sigma, Greek
03C3 sigma                ISOGRK3  small sigma, Greek

03C4 tau                  ISOGRK3  small tau, Greek
03C5 upsi                 ISOGRK3  small upsilon, Greek
03C6 phi                  ISOGRK3  small phi, Greek
03C7 chi                  ISOGRK3  small chi, Greek
03C8 psi                  ISOGRK3  small psi, Greek
03C9 omega                ISOGRK3  small omega, Greek
03D1 thetav               ISOGRK3  curly or open theta
03D2 Upsi                 ISOGRK3  capital Upsilon, Greek
03D5 phiv                 ISOGRK3  curly or open small phi, Greek
03D6 piv                  ISOGRK3  rounded small pi (pomega), Greek

03DC Gammad               ISOGRK3  capital digamma
03DD gammad               ISOGRK3  digamma, old Greek
03F0 kappav               ISOGRK3  rounded small kappa, Greek
03F1 rhov                 ISOGRK3  rounded small rho, Greek
2002 ensp                 ISOPUB   en space (half an em)
2003 emsp                 ISOPUB   em space
2004 emsp13               ISOPUB   third of an em space
2005 emsp14               ISOPUB   quarter of an em space
2007 numsp                ISOPUB   digit space (width of a number)
2008 puncsp               ISOPUB   punctuation space (width of comma)

2009 thinsp               ISOPUB   thin space (sixth of an em)
200A hairsp               ISOPUB   hair space
2010 dash                 ISOPUB   hyphen (true graphic)
2013 ndash                ISOPUB   en dash
2014 mdash                ISOPUB   em dash
2015 horbar               ISONUM   horizontal bar
2016 Verbar               ISOTECH  double vertical bar
2018 lsquo                ISONUM   single quotation mark, left
2019 rsquo                ISONUM   single quotation mark, right
201A lsquor               ISOPUB   rising single quote, left (low)

201B rdquor               ISOPUB   rising double quote, right (high)
201C ldquo                ISONUM   double quotation mark, left
201D rdquo                ISONUM   double quotation mark, right
201E ldquor               ISOPUB   rising double quote, left (low)
201F rsquor               ISOPUB   rising single quote, right (high)
2020 dagger               ISOPUB   dagger
2021 Dagger               ISOPUB   double dagger
2022 bull                 ISOPUB   round bullet, filled
2025 nldr                 ISOPUB   double baseline dot (en leader)
2026 hellip               ISOPUB   ellipsis (horizontal)

2030 permil               ISOTECH  per thousand
2031 pertenk              ISOTECH  per 10 thousand
2032 prime                ISOTECH  /prime prime or minute
2033 Prime                ISOTECH  double prime or second
2034 tprime               ISOTECH  triple prime
2035 bprime               ISOAMSO  reverse prime
2038 caret                ISOPUB   caret (insertion mark)
2043 hybull               ISOPUB   rectangle, filled (hyphen bullet)
20DB tdot                 ISOTECH  three dots above
20DC DotDot               ISOTECH  four dots above

2102 Copf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter C
2105 incare               ISOPUB   in-care-of symbol
210B hamilt               ISOTECH  Hamiltonian (script capital H)
210F plankv               ISOAMSO  variant Planck's over 2pi
2111 image                ISOAMSO  imaginary
2112 lagran               ISOTECH  Lagrangian (script capital L)
2113 ell                  ISOAMSO  cursive small l
2117 copysr               ISOPUB   sound recording copyright sign
2118 weierp               ISOAMSO  Weierstrass p
2119 Popf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter P

211A Qopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter Q
211B rscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter r
211C real                 ISOAMSO  real
211D Ropf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter R
211E rx                   ISOPUB   pharmaceutical prescription (Rx)
2122 trade                ISONUM   trade mark sign
2124 Zfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter Z
2126 ohm                  ISONUM   ohm sign
2127 mho                  ISOAMSO  conductance
2129 iiota                ISOAMSO  inverted iota

212B angst                ISOTECH  Angstrom capital A, ring
212C bernou               ISOTECH  Bernoulli function (script capital B)
2133 phmmat               ISOTECH  physics M-matrix (script capital M)
2134 order                ISOTECH  order of (script small o)
2135 aleph                ISOTECH  /aleph aleph, Hebrew
2136 beth                 ISOAMSO  beth, Hebrew
2137 gimel                ISOAMSO  gimel, Hebrew
2138 daleth               ISOAMSO  daleth, Hebrew
2153 frac13               ISOPUB   fraction one-third
2155 frac15               ISOPUB   fraction one-fifth

2156 frac25               ISOPUB   fraction two-fifths
2157 frac35               ISOPUB   fraction three-fifths
2158 frac45               ISOPUB   fraction four-fifths
2159 frac16               ISOPUB   fraction one-sixth
215A frac56               ISOPUB   fraction five-sixths
215B frac18               ISONUM   fraction one-eighth
215C frac38               ISONUM   fraction three-eighths
215D frac58               ISONUM   fraction five-eighths
215E frac78               ISONUM   fraction seven-eighths
2190 larr                 ISONUM   leftward arrow

2191 uarr                 ISONUM   upward arrow
2192 rarr                 ISONUM   rightward arrow
2193 darr                 ISONUM   downward arrow
2194 harr                 ISOAMSA  left and right arrow
2195 varr                 ISOAMSA  up&down arrow
2196 nwarr                ISOAMSA  NW pointing arrow
2197 nearr                ISOAMSA  NE pointing arrow
2198 searr                ISOAMSA  SE pointing arrow
2199 swarr                ISOAMSA  SW pointing arrow
219A nlarr                ISOAMSA  not left arrow

219B nrarr                ISOAMSA  not right arrow
219D rarrw                ISOAMSA  right arrow-wavy
219E Larr                 ISOAMSA  twoheadleftarrow
219F Uarr                 ISOAMSA  up two-headed arrow
21A0 Rarr                 ISOAMSA  twoheadrightarrow
21A1 Darr                 ISOAMSA  down two-headed arrow
21A2 larrtl               ISOAMSA  left arrow-tailed
21A3 rarrtl               ISOAMSA  right arrow-tailed
21A6 map                  ISOAMSA  mapsto
21A9 larrhk               ISOAMSA  left arrow-hooked

21AA rarrhk               ISOAMSA  right arrow-hooked
21AB larrlp               ISOAMSA  left arrow-looped
21AC rarrlp               ISOAMSA  right arrow-looped
21AD harrw                ISOAMSA  left and right arr-wavy
21AE nharr                ISOAMSA  not left and right arrow
21B0 lsh                  ISOAMSA  left shift symbol
21B1 rsh                  ISOAMSA  Rsh
21B2 ldsh                 ISOAMSA  left down angled arrow
21B3 rdsh                 ISOAMSA  right down angled arrow
21B6 cularr               ISOAMSA  left curved arrow

21B7 curarr               ISOAMSA  right curved arrow
21BA olarr                ISOAMSA  left arr in circle
21BB orarr                ISOAMSA  right arr in circle
21BC lharu                ISOAMSA  left harpoon-up
21BD lhard                ISOAMSA  left harpoon-down
21BE uharr                ISOAMSA  up harp-r
21BF uharl                ISOAMSA  up harpoon-left
21C0 rharu                ISOAMSA  right harpoon-up
21C1 rhard                ISOAMSA  right harpoon-down
21C2 dharr                ISOAMSA  down harpoon-rt

21C3 dharl                ISOAMSA  down harpoon-left
21C4 rlarr                ISOAMSA  right arr over left arr
21C5 udarr                ISOAMSA  up arrow, down arrow
21C6 lrarr                ISOAMSA  left arr over right arr
21C7 llarr                ISOAMSA  two left arrows
21C8 uuarr                ISOAMSA  two up arrows
21C9 rrarr                ISOAMSA  two right arrows
21CA ddarr                ISOAMSA  two down arrows
21CB lrhar                ISOAMSA  left harp over r
21CC rlhar                ISOAMSA  right harp over l

21CD nvlArr               ISOAMSA  not, vert, left double arrow
21CE nvhArr*              ISOAMSA  not, vert, left and right double arrow
21CF nvrArr               ISOAMSA  not, vert, right double arrow
21D0 lArr                 ISOTECH  is implied by
21D1 uArr                 ISOAMSA  up double arrow
21D2 rArr                 ISOTECH  implies
21D3 dArr                 ISOAMSA  down double arrow
21D4 hArr                 ISOAMSA  left and right double arrow
21D5 vArr                 ISOAMSA  up&down double arrow
21D6 nwArr                ISOAMSA  NW pointing double arrow

21D7 neArr                ISOAMSA  NE pointing double arrow
21D8 seArr                ISOAMSA  SE pointing double arrow
21D9 swArr                ISOAMSA  SW pointing double arrow
21DA lAarr                ISOAMSA  left triple arrow
21DB rAarr                ISOAMSA  right triple arrow
21DD dzigrarr             ISOAMSA  right long zig-zag arrow
2200 forall               ISOTECH  /forall for all
2201 comp                 ISOAMSO  complement sign
2202 part                 ISOTECH  /partial partial differential
2203 exist                ISOTECH  /exists at least one exists

2204 nexist               ISOAMSO  negated exists
2205 emptyv               ISOAMSO  circle, slash
2207 nabla                ISOTECH  del, Hamilton operator
2208 isinv                ISOTECH  set membership, variant
2209 notin                ISOTECH  negated set membership
220A isin                 ISOTECH  set membership
220B niv                  ISOTECH  contains, variant
220C notni                ISOTECH  negated contains
220D ni                   ISOTECH  contains
220F prod                 ISOAMSB  product operator

2210 coprod               ISOAMSB  coproduct operator
2211 sum                  ISOAMSB  summation operator
2212 minus                ISOTECH  minus sign
2213 mnplus               ISOTECH  minus-or-plus sign
2214 plusdo               ISOAMSB  plus sign, dot above
2216 setmn                ISOAMSB  reverse solidus
2217 midast               ISOAMSB  centered asterisk
2218 compfn               ISOTECH  composite function (small circle)
221A radic                ISOTECH  /surd radical
221D prop                 ISOTECH  is proportional to

221E infin                ISOTECH  /infty infinity
221F angrt                ISOTECH  right (90 degree) angle
2220 ang                  ISOAMSO  angle
2221 angmsd               ISOAMSO  angle-measured
2222 angsph               ISOTECH  /sphericalangle angle-spherical
2223 mid                  ISOAMSR  mid
2224 nmid                 ISOAMSN  negated mid
2225 par                  ISOTECH  parallel
2226 npar                 ISOAMSN  not parallel
2227 and                  ISOTECH  logical and

2228 or                   ISOTECH  logical or
2229 cap                  ISOTECH  intersection
222A cup                  ISOTECH  union or logical sum
222B int                  ISOTECH  integral operator
222C Int                  ISOTECH  double integral operator
222D tint                 ISOTECH  triple integral operator
222E conint               ISOTECH  contour integral operator
222F Conint               ISOTECH  double contour integral operator
2230 Cconint              ISOTECH  triple contour integral operator
2231 cwint                ISOTECH  clockwise integral

2232 cwconint             ISOTECH  contour integral, clockwise
2233 awconint             ISOTECH  contour integral, anti-clockwise
2234 there4               ISOTECH  therefore
2235 becaus               ISOTECH  because
2236 ratio                ISOAMSR  ratio
2237 Colon                ISOAMSR  /Colon, two colons
2238 minusd               ISOAMSB  minus sign, dot above
223A mDDot                ISOAMSR  minus with four dots, geometric properties
223B homtht               ISOAMSR  homothetic
223C sim                  ISOTECH  similar

223D bsim                 ISOAMSR  reverse similar
223E mstpos               ISOAMSR  most positive
2240 wreath               ISOAMSB  wreath product
2241 nsim                 ISOAMSN  not similar
2242 esim                 ISOAMSR  equals, similar
2243 sime                 ISOTECH  similar, equals
2244 nsime                ISOAMSN  not similar, equals
2245 cong                 ISOTECH  congruent with
2246 simne                ISOAMSN  similar, not equals
2247 ncong                ISOAMSN  not congruent with

2248 ap                   ISOTECH  approximate
2249 nap                  ISOAMSN  not approximate
224A ape                  ISOAMSR  approximate, equals
224B apid                 ISOAMSR  approximately identical to
224C bcong                ISOAMSR  reverse congruent
224D asymp                ISOAMSR  asymptotically equal to
224E bump                 ISOAMSR  bumpy equals
224F bumpe                ISOAMSR  bumpy equals, equals
2250 esdot                ISOAMSR  equals, single dot above
2251 eDot                 ISOAMSR  equals, even dots

2252 efDot                ISOAMSR  equals, falling dots
2253 erDot                ISOAMSR  equals, rising dots
2254 frac23               ISOPUB   fraction two-thirds
2255 ecolon               ISOAMSR  equals, colon
2256 ecir                 ISOAMSR  circle on equals sign
2257 cire                 ISOAMSR  circle, equals
2259 wedgeq               ISOTECH  corresponds to (wedge, equals)
225A veeeq                ISOTECH  logical or, equals
225B easter               ISOAMSR  equal, asterisk above
225C trie                 ISOAMSR  triangle, equals

225F equest               ISOAMSR  equal with questionmark
2260 ne                   ISOTECH  not equal
2261 equiv                ISOTECH  identical with
2262 nequiv               ISOAMSN  not identical with
2264 le                   ISOTECH  less-than-or-equal
2265 ge                   ISOTECH  greater-than-or-equal
2266 lE                   ISOAMSR  less, double equals
2267 gE                   ISOAMSR  greater, double equals
2268 lne                  ISOAMSN  less, not equals
2269 gne                  ISOAMSN  greater, not equals

226A Lt                   ISOAMSR  double less-than sign
226B Gt                   ISOAMSR  double greater-than sign
226C twixt                ISOAMSR  between
226E nvlt                 ISOAMSN  not, vert, less-than
226F nvgt                 ISOAMSN  not, vert, greater-than
2270 nvle                 ISOAMSN  not, vert, less-than-or-equal
2271 nvge                 ISOAMSN  not, vert, greater-than-or-equal
2272 lsim                 ISOAMSR  less, similar
2273 gsim                 ISOAMSR  greater, similar
2274 nlsim                ISOAMSN  not less, similar

2275 ngsim                ISOAMSN  not greater, similar
2276 lg                   ISOAMSR  less, greater
2277 gl                   ISOAMSR  greater, less
2278 ntvlg                ISOAMSN  not, vert, less, greater
2279 ntvgl                ISOAMSN  not, vert, greater, less
227A pr                   ISOAMSR  precedes
227B sc                   ISOAMSR  succeeds
227C pre                  ISOAMSR  precedes, equals
227D sce                  ISOAMSR  succeeds, equals
227E scE                  ISOAMSR  succeeds, double equals

227F scsim                ISOAMSR  succeeds, similar
2280 npr                  ISOAMSN  not precedes
2281 nsc                  ISOAMSN  not succeeds
2282 sub                  ISOTECH  subset or is implied by
2283 sup                  ISOTECH  superset or implies
2284 vnsub                ISOAMSN  not subset, variant
2285 vnsup                ISOAMSN  not superset, variant
2286 sube                 ISOTECH  subset, equals
2287 supe                 ISOTECH  superset, equals
2288 nsube                ISOAMSN  not subset, equals

2289 nsupe                ISOAMSN  not superset, equals
228A subne                ISOAMSN  subset, not equals
228B supne                ISOAMSN  superset, not equals
228D cupdot               ISOAMSB  union, with dot
228E xuplus               ISOAMSB  biguplus
228F sqsub                ISOAMSR  square subset
2290 sqsup                ISOAMSR  square superset
2291 sqsube               ISOAMSR  square subset, equals
2292 sqsupe               ISOAMSR  square superset, equals
2293 sqcap                ISOAMSB  square intersection

2294 xsqcup               ISOAMSB  square union operator
2295 xoplus               ISOAMSB  circle plus operator
2296 ominus               ISOAMSB  minus sign in circle
2297 xotime               ISOAMSB  circle times operator
2298 osol                 ISOAMSB  solidus in circle
2299 xodot                ISOAMSB  circle dot operator
229A ocir                 ISOAMSB  small circle in circle
229B oast                 ISOAMSB  asterisk in circle
229D odash                ISOAMSB  hyphen in circle
229E plusb                ISOAMSB  plus sign in box

229F minusb               ISOAMSB  minus sign in box
22A0 timesb               ISOAMSB  multiply sign in box
22A1 sdotb                ISOAMSB  small dot in box
22A2 vdash                ISOAMSR  vertical, dash
22A3 dashv                ISOAMSR  dash, vertical
22A4 top                  ISOTECH  top
22A5 perp                 ISOTECH  perpendicular
22A7 models               ISOAMSR  models
22A8 vDash                ISOAMSR  vertical, double dash
22A9 Vdash                ISOAMSR  double vertical, dash

22AA Vvdash               ISOAMSR  triple vertical, dash
22AB VDash                ISOAMSR  double vert, double dash
22AC nvdash               ISOAMSN  not vertical, dash
22AD nvDash               ISOAMSN  not vertical, double dash
22AE nVdash               ISOAMSN  not double vertical, dash
22AF nVDash               ISOAMSN  not double vert, double dash
22B0 prurel               ISOAMSR  element precedes under relation
22B2 vltri                ISOAMSR  left triangle, open, variant
22B3 vrtri                ISOAMSR  right triangle, open, variant
22B4 ltrie                ISOAMSR  left triangle, equals

22B5 rtrie                ISOAMSR  right triangle, equals
22B6 origof               ISOAMSA  original of
22B7 imof                 ISOAMSA  image of
22B8 mumap                ISOAMSA  multimap
22B9 hercon               ISOAMSB  hermitian conjugate matrix
22BA intcal               ISOAMSB  intercal
22BB veebar               ISOAMSB  logical or, bar below
22BC barwed               ISOAMSB  logical and, bar above
22BD barvee               ISOAMSB  bar, vee
22BE vangrt               ISOTECH  right angle, variant (with arc)

22C0 xwedge               ISOAMSB  logical or operator
22C1 xvee                 ISOAMSB  logical and operator
22C2 xcap                 ISOAMSB  intersection operator
22C3 xcup                 ISOAMSB  union operator
22C4 diam                 ISOAMSB  open diamond
22C5 sdot                 ISOAMSB  small middle dot
22C6 sstarf               ISOAMSB  small star, filled, low
22C7 divonx               ISOAMSB  division on times
22C8 bowtie               ISOAMSR  bowtie
22C9 ltimes               ISOAMSB  times sign, left closed

22CA rtimes               ISOAMSB  times sign, right closed
22CB lthree               ISOAMSB  leftthreetimes
22CC rthree               ISOAMSB  rightthreetimes
22CD bsime                ISOAMSR  reverse similar, equals
22CE cuvee                ISOAMSB  curly logical or
22CF cuwed                ISOAMSB  curly logical and
22D0 Sub                  ISOAMSR  double subset
22D1 Sup                  ISOAMSR  double superset
22D2 Cap                  ISOAMSB  double intersection
22D3 Cup                  ISOAMSB  double union

22D4 fork                 ISOAMSR  pitchfork
22D5 epar                 ISOTECH  parallel, equal; equal or parallel
22D6 ltdot                ISOAMSR  less than, with dot
22D7 gtdot                ISOAMSR  greater than, with dot
22D8 Ll                   ISOAMSR  triple less-than
22D9 Gg                   ISOAMSR  triple gtr-than
22DA leg                  ISOAMSR  less, equals, greater
22DB gel                  ISOAMSR  greater, equals, less
22DC els                  ISOAMSR  eq-or-less, slanted
22DD egs                  ISOAMSR  equal-or-gtr, slanted

22DE cuepr                ISOAMSR  curly equals, precedes
22DF cuesc                ISOAMSR  curly equals, succeeds
22E0 nprcue               ISOAMSN  not precedes, curly equals
22E1 nsccue               ISOAMSN  not succeeds, curly equals
22E2 nsqsube              ISOAMSN  not, square subset, equals
22E3 nsqsupe              ISOAMSN  not, square superset, equals
22E6 lnsim                ISOAMSN  less, not similar
22E7 gnsim                ISOAMSN  greater, not similar
22E8 prnsim               ISOAMSN  precedes, not similar
22E9 scnsim               ISOAMSN  succeeds, not similar

22EA nltri                ISOAMSN  not left triangle
22EB nrtri                ISOAMSN  not right triangle
22EC nltrie               ISOAMSN  not left triangle, equals
22ED nrtrie               ISOAMSN  not right triangle, equals
22EE vellip               ISOPUB   vertical ellipsis
22EF ctdot                ISOTECH  /cdots, three dots, centered
22F0 utdot                ISOTECH  three dots, ascending
22F1 dtdot                ISOTECH  /ddots, three dots, descending
2306 Barwed               ISOAMSB  logical and, double bar above
2308 lceil                ISOAMSC  left ceiling

2309 rceil                ISOAMSC  right ceiling
230A lfloor               ISOAMSC  left floor
230B rfloor               ISOAMSC  right floor
230C drcrop               ISOPUB   downward right crop mark
230D dlcrop               ISOPUB   downward left crop mark
230E urcrop               ISOPUB   upward right crop mark
230F ulcrop               ISOPUB   upward left crop mark
2310 bnot                 ISOTECH  reverse not
2312 profline             ISOTECH  profile of a line
2313 profsurf             ISOTECH  profile of a surface

2315 telrec               ISOPUB   telephone recorder symbol
2316 target               ISOPUB   register mark or target
231C ulcorn               ISOAMSC  upper left corner
231D urcorn               ISOAMSC  upper right corner
231E dlcorn               ISOAMSC  lower left corner
231F drcorn               ISOAMSC  lower right corner
2322 frown                ISOAMSR  down curve
2323 smile                ISOAMSR  up curve
232D cylcty               ISOTECH  cylindricity
232E profalar             ISOTECH  all-around profile

2336 topbot               ISOTECH  top and bottom
2580 uhblk                ISOPUB   upper half block
2584 lhblk                ISOPUB   lower half block
2588 block                ISOPUB   full block
2591 blk14                ISOPUB   25% shaded block
2592 blk12                ISOPUB   50% shaded block
2593 blk34                ISOPUB   75% shaded block
25A0 squarf               ISOTECH  square, filled
25A1 square               ISOTECH  square
25AA squf                 ISOPUB*  square bullet, filled

25B3 xutri                ISOAMSB  big up triangle, open
25B4 utrif                ISOPUB   up triangle, filled
25B5 utri                 ISOPUB   up triangle, open
25B8 rtrif                ISOPUB   right triangle, filled
25B9 rtri                 ISOPUB   right triangle, open
25BD xdtri                ISOAMSB  big down triangle, open
25BE dtrif                ISOPUB   down triangle, filled
25BF dtri                 ISOPUB   down triangle, open
25C2 ltrif                ISOPUB   left triangle, filled
25C3 ltri                 ISOPUB   left triangle, open

25CA loz                  ISOPUB   lozenge or total mark
25CB xcirc                ISOAMSB  large circle
25CF circlef              ISOPUB   circle, filled
25D0 circlefl             ISOPUB   circle, filled left half [Harvey ball]
25D1 circlefr             ISOPUB   circle, filled right half
25D2 circlefb             ISOPUB   circle, filled bottom half
25D3 circleft             ISOPUB   circle, filled top half
25E7 squarfl              ISOPUB   square, filled left half
25E8 squarfr              ISOPUB   square, filled right half
25E9 squarftl             ISOPUB   square, filled top left corner

25EA squarfbr             ISOPUB   square, filled bottom right corner
2605 starf                ISOPUB   star, filled
2606 star                 ISOPUB   star, open
260E phone                ISOPUB   telephone symbol
2612 cross                ISOPUB   ballot cross
2640 female               ISOPUB   Venus, female
2642 male                 ISOPUB   Mars, male
2660 spades               ISOPUB   spades suit symbol
2661 hearts               ISOPUB   heart suit symbol
2662 diams                ISOPUB   diamond suit symbol

2663 clubs                ISOPUB   club suit symbol
2669 sung                 ISONUM   music note (sung text sign)
266D flat                 ISOPUB   musical flat
266E natur                ISOPUB   music natural
266F sharp                ISOPUB   musical sharp
2713 check                ISOPUB   tick, check mark
2720 malt                 ISOPUB   maltese cross
3008 lang                 ISOTECH  left angle bracket
3009 rang                 ISOTECH  right angle bracket
300A Lang                 ISOTECH  left angle bracket, double

300B Rang                 ISOTECH  right angle bracket, double
3014 lbbrk                ISOTECH  left broken bracket
3015 rbbrk                ISOTECH  right broken bracket
3018 loang                ISOTECH  left open angular bracket
3019 roang                ISOTECH  right open angular bracket
301A lobrk                ISOTECH  left open bracket
301B robrk                ISOTECH  right open bracket
E200 xlArr                ISOAMSA  long left double arrow
E201 xlarr                ISOAMSA  long left arrow
E202 xhArr                ISOAMSA  long left and right double arr

E203 xharr                ISOAMSA  long left and right arr
E204 xrArr                ISOAMSA  long right double arr
E205 xrarr                ISOAMSA  long right arrow
E206 lBarr                ISOAMSA  left doubly broken arrow
E207 rBarr                ISOAMSA  right doubly broken arrow
E208 xmap                 ISOAMSA  longmapsto
E209 RBarr                ISOAMSA  twoheaded right broken arrow
E20A swarhk               ISOAMSA  SW arrow-hooked
E20B searhk               ISOAMSA  SE arrow-hooked
E20C nwarhk               ISOAMSA  NW arrow-hooked

E20D nearhk               ISOAMSA  NE arrow-hooked
E20E nesear               ISOAMSA  NE & SE arrows
E210 swnwar               ISOAMSA  SW & NW arrows
E211 nwnear               ISOAMSA  NW & NE arrows
E212 Map                  ISOAMSA  twoheaded mapsto
E214 lfisht               ISOAMSA  left fish tail
E215 rfisht               ISOAMSA  right fish tail
E216 duarr                ISOAMSA  down arrow, up arrow
E217 duhar                ISOAMSA  down harp, up harp
E218 udhar                ISOAMSA  up harp, down harp

E219 rdca                 ISOAMSA  right down curved arrow
E21A ldca                 ISOAMSA  left down curved arrow
E21B nrarrw               ISOAMSA  not right arrow-wavy
E21C rarrc                ISOAMSA  right arrow-curved
E21D nrarrc               ISOAMSA  not right arrow-curved
E21E rarrpl               ISOAMSA  right arrow, plus
E220 larrbfs              ISOAMSA  left arrow-bar, filled square
E221 rarrbfs              ISOAMSA  right arrow-bar, filled square
E222 larrfs               ISOAMSA  left arrow, filled square
E223 rarrfs               ISOAMSA  right arrow, filled square

E224 rHar                 ISOAMSA  right harpoon-up over right harpoon-down
E225 lHar                 ISOAMSA  left harpoon-up over left harpoon-down
E226 uHar                 ISOAMSA  up harpoon-left, up harpoon-right
E227 dHar                 ISOAMSA  down harpoon-left, down harpoon-right
E228 ldrushar             ISOAMSA  left-down-right-up harpoon
E229 lurdshar             ISOAMSA  left-up-right-down harpoon
E22A ruluhar              ISOAMSA  right harpoon-up over left harpoon-up
E22B luruhar              ISOAMSA  left harpoon-up over right harpoon-up
E22C ldrdhar              ISOAMSA  left harpoon-down over right harpoon-down
E22D rdldhar              ISOAMSA  right harpoon-down over left harpoon-down

E22E lharul               ISOAMSA  left harpoon-up over long dash
E230 rharul               ISOAMSA  right harpoon-up over long dash
E231 llhard               ISOAMSA  left harpoon-down below long dash
E232 srarr                ISOAMSA  short right arrow
E233 slarr                ISOAMSA  short left arrow
E234 simrarr              ISOAMSA  similar, right arrow below
E235 rarrap               ISOAMSA  approximate, right arrow above
E236 erarr                ISOAMSA  equal, right arrow below
E237 Uarrocir             ISOAMSA  up two-headed arrow above circle
E238 DDotrahd             ISOAMSA  right arrow with dotted stem

E239 Rarrtl               ISOAMSA  right two-headed arrow with tail
E23A ratail               ISOAMSA  right arrow-tail
E23B rAtail               ISOAMSA  right double arrow-tail
E23C latail               ISOAMSA  left arrow-tail
E23D lAtail               ISOAMSA  left double arrow-tail
E23E cudarrl              ISOAMSA  left, curved, down arrow
E240 harrcir              ISOAMSA  left and right arrow with a circle
E241 roarr                ISOAMSA  right open arrow
E242 loarr                ISOAMSA  left open arrow
E243 hoarr                ISOAMSA  horizontal open arrow

E244 zigrarr              ISOAMSA  right zig-zag arrow
E248 angzarr              ISOAMSA  angle with down zig-zag arrow
E249 curarrm              ISOAMSA  curved right arrow with minus
E24A cularrp              ISOAMSA  curved left arrow with plus
E24B ufisht               ISOAMSA  up fish tail
E24C dfisht               ISOAMSA  down fish tail
E24D rarrsim              ISOAMSA  right arrow, similar
E24E larrsim              ISOAMSA  left arrow, similar
E250 cirmid               ISOAMSA  circle, mid below
E251 amalg                ISOAMSB  amalgamation or coproduct

E259 iprod                ISOAMSB  interior product
E25A plusdu               ISOAMSB  plus sign, dot below
E25B minusdu              ISOAMSB  minus sign, dot below
E25C loplus               ISOAMSB  plus sign in left half circle
E25D roplus               ISOAMSB  plus sign in right half circle
E25E lotimes              ISOAMSB  multiply sign in left half circle
E260 ohbar                ISOAMSB  circle with horizontal bar
E261 capdot               ISOAMSB  intersection, with dot
E262 subdot               ISOAMSB  subset, with dot
E263 supdot               ISOAMSB  superset, with dot

E264 smashp               ISOAMSB  smash product
E265 wedbar               ISOAMSB  wedge, bar below
E266 pluscir              ISOAMSB  plus, small circle above
E267 pluse                ISOAMSB  plus, equals
E268 eplus                ISOAMSB  equal, plus
E269 plustwo              ISOAMSB  plus, two; Nim-addition
E26A plusacir             ISOAMSB  plus, circumflex accent above
E26B simplus              ISOAMSB  plus, similar above
E26C plussim              ISOAMSB  plus, similar below
E26D timesd               ISOAMSB  times, dot

E26E cupcap               ISOAMSB  union above intersection
E270 cupbrcap             ISOAMSB  union, bar, intersection
E271 capbrcup             ISOAMSB  intersection, bar, union
E272 cupcup               ISOAMSB  union, union, joined
E273 capcap               ISOAMSB  intersection, intersection, joined
E274 cups                 ISOAMSB  union, serifs
E275 caps                 ISOAMSB  intersection, serifs
E276 sqcups               ISOAMSB  square union, serifs
E277 sqcaps               ISOAMSB  square intersection, serifs
E278 ccups                ISOAMSB  closed union, serifs

E279 ccaps                ISOAMSB  closed intersection, serifs
E27A ccupssm              ISOAMSB  closed union, serifs, smash product
E27B triplus              ISOAMSB  plus in triangle
E27C triminus             ISOAMSB  minus in triangle
E27D tritime              ISOAMSB  multiply in triangle
E27E trisb                ISOAMSB  triangle, serifs at bottom
E280 bsolb                ISOAMSB  reverse solidus in square
E281 capand               ISOAMSB  intersection, and
E282 cupor                ISOAMSB  union, or
E283 ncup                 ISOAMSB  bar, union

E284 ncap                 ISOAMSB  bar, intersection
E285 odiv                 ISOAMSB  divide in circle
E286 odsold               ISOAMSB  dot, solidus, dot in circle
E287 ofcir                ISOAMSB  filled circle in circle
E288 olt                  ISOAMSB  less-than in circle
E289 ogt                  ISOAMSB  greater-than in circle
E28A opar                 ISOAMSB  parallel in circle
E28B operp                ISOAMSB  perpendicular in circle
E28C Otimes               ISOAMSB  multiply sign in double circle
E28D otimesas             ISOAMSB  multiply sign in circle, circumflex accent

E28E timesbar             ISOAMSB  multiply sign, bar below
E290 acE                  ISOAMSB  most positive, two lines below
E291 rpargt               ISOAMSC  right paren, gt
E292 lparlt               ISOAMSC  left parenthesis, lt
E293 rmoust               ISOAMSC  right moustache
E294 lmoust               ISOAMSC  left moustache
E295 ltrPar               ISOAMSC  double right parenthesis, less
E296 gtlPar               ISOAMSC  double left parenthesis, greater
E297 langd                ISOAMSC  left angle, dot
E298 rangd                ISOAMSC  right angle, dot

E299 lbrke                ISOAMSC  left bracket, equal
E29A rbrke                ISOAMSC  right bracket, equal
E29B lbrkslu              ISOAMSC  left bracket, solidus top corner
E29C rbrksld              ISOAMSC  right bracket, solidus bottom corner
E29D lbrksld              ISOAMSC  left bracket, solidus bottom corner
E29E rbrkslu              ISOAMSC  right bracket, solidus top corner
E2A1 gvnE                 ISOAMSN  gt, vert, not double equals
E2A2 lnap                 ISOAMSN  less, not approximate
E2A4 lvnE                 ISOAMSN  less, vert, not double equals
E2A6 nge                  ISOAMSN  not greater-than-or-equal

E2A7 nle                  ISOAMSN  not less-than-or-equal
E2AA nsmid                ISOAMSN  negated short mid
E2AB nspar                ISOAMSN  not short par
E2B3 prnE                 ISOAMSN  precedes, not double equals
E2B5 scnE                 ISOAMSN  succeeds, not double equals
E2B8 vsubnE               ISOAMSN  subset not double equals, variant
E2B9 vsubne               ISOAMSN  subset, not equals, variant
E2BA vsupne               ISOAMSN  superset, not equals, variant
E2BB vsupnE               ISOAMSN  super not double equals, variant
E2BC napid                ISOAMSN  not approximately identical to

E2C5 ncongdot             ISOAMSN  not congruent, dot
E2C6 nvap                 ISOAMSN  not, vert, approximate
E2C7 napE                 ISOAMSN  not approximately equal or equal to
E2C8 parsim               ISOAMSN  parallel, similar
E2C9 nLt                  ISOAMSN  not, vert, much less than
E2CA nGt                  ISOAMSN  not, vert, much greater than
E2CB nLtv                 ISOAMSN  not much less than, variant
E2CC nGtv                 ISOAMSN  not much greater than, variant
E2CD nLl                  ISOAMSN  not triple less than
E2CE nGg                  ISOAMSN  not triple greater than

E2D0 nvltrie              ISOAMSN  not, vert, left triangle, equals
E2D1 rnmid                ISOAMSN  reverse nmid
E2D3 empty                ISOAMSO  letter O slashed
E2D4 jmath                ISOAMSO  small j, no dot
E2D5 plank                ISOAMSO  Planck's over 2pi
E2D6 ange                 ISOAMSO  angle, equal
E2D7 range                ISOAMSO  reverse angle, equal
E2D8 nang                 ISOAMSO  not, vert, angle
E2D9 angmsdaa             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, up, right
E2DA angmsdab             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, up, left

E2DB angmsdac             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, down, right
E2DC angmsdad             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, down, left
E2DD angmsdae             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, right, up
E2DE angmsdaf             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, left, up
E2E0 angmsdah             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, left, down
E2E1 angrtvbd             ISOAMSO  right angle-measured, dot
E2E2 urtri                ISOAMSO  upper right triangle
E2E3 lrtri                ISOAMSO  lower right triangle
E2E4 ultri                ISOAMSO  upper left triangle
E2E5 lltri                ISOAMSO  lower left triangle

E2E6 boxbox               ISOAMSO  two joined squares
E2E7 demptyv              ISOAMSO  circle, slash, bar above
E2E8 cemptyv              ISOAMSO  circle, slash, small circle above
E2E9 raemptyv             ISOAMSO  circle, slash, right arrow above
E2EA laemptyv             ISOAMSO  circle, slash, left arrow above
E2EB vzigzag              ISOAMSO  vertical zig-zag line
E2EC trpezium             ISOAMSO  trapezium
E2ED bsemi                ISOAMSO  reverse semi-colon
E2EE bbrk                 ISOAMSO  bottom square bracket
E301 smid                 ISOAMSR  shortmid

E302 spar                 ISOAMSR  short parallel
E303 ssmile               ISOAMSR  small up curve
E306 thkap                ISOAMSR  thick approximate
E309 eDDot                ISOAMSR  equal with four dots
E30A mlcp                 ISOAMSR  transversal intersection
E30B siml                 ISOAMSR  similar, less
E30C simg                 ISOAMSR  similar, greater
E30D Vbar                 ISOAMSR  double vert, bar (under)
E30E Colone               ISOAMSR  double colon, equals
E310 vBar                 ISOAMSR  vert, double bar (under)

E311 Barv                 ISOAMSR  vert, double bar (over)
E312 vBarv                ISOAMSR  double bar, vert over and under
E313 Vdashl               ISOAMSR  vertical, dash (long)
E314 congdot              ISOAMSR  congruent, dot
E315 apE                  ISOAMSR  approximately equal or equal to
E317 Esim                 ISOAMSR  equal, similar
E318 equivDD              ISOAMSR  equivalent, four dots above
E319 sdote                ISOAMSR  equal, dot below
E31A mcomma               ISOAMSR  minus, comma above
E31B forkv                ISOAMSR  fork, variant

E31C topfork              ISOAMSR  fork with top
E31D lesdot               ISOAMSR  less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
E31E gesdot               ISOAMSR  greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
E320 gesdoto              ISOAMSR  greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
E321 lesdotor             ISOAMSR  less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above right
E322 gesdotol             ISOAMSR  greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above left
E323 elsdot               ISOAMSR  equal-or-less, slanted, dot inside
E324 egsdot               ISOAMSR  equal-or-greater, slanted, dot inside
E325 ltcir                ISOAMSR  less than, circle inside
E326 gtcir                ISOAMSR  greater than, circle inside

E327 el                   ISOAMSR  equal-or-less
E328 eg                   ISOAMSR  equal-or-greater
E329 ltquest              ISOAMSR  less than, questionmark above
E32A gtquest              ISOAMSR  greater than, questionmark above
E32B lesg                 ISOAMSR  less, equal, slanted, greater
E32C gesl                 ISOAMSR  greater, equal, slanted, less
E32D lgE                  ISOAMSR  less, greater, equal
E32E glE                  ISOAMSR  greater, less, equal
E330 gla                  ISOAMSR  greater, less, apart
E331 lesges               ISOAMSR  less, equal, slanted, greater, equal, slanted

E332 gesles               ISOAMSR  greater, equal, slanted, less, equal, slanted
E333 lsime                ISOAMSR  less, similar, equal
E334 gsime                ISOAMSR  greater, similar, equal
E335 lsimg                ISOAMSR  less, similar, greater
E336 gsiml                ISOAMSR  greater, similar, less
E337 simlE                ISOAMSR  similar, less, equal
E338 simgE                ISOAMSR  similar, greater, equal
E339 smt                  ISOAMSR  smaller than
E33A lat                  ISOAMSR  larger than
E33B smte                 ISOAMSR  smaller than or equal

E33C late                 ISOAMSR  larger than or equal
E33D smtes                ISOAMSR  smaller than or equal, slanted
E33E lates                ISOAMSR  larger than or equal, slanted
E340 suplarr              ISOAMSR  superset, left arrow
E341 subplus              ISOAMSR  subset, plus
E342 supplus              ISOAMSR  superset, plus
E343 submult              ISOAMSR  subset, multiply
E344 supmult              ISOAMSR  superset, multiply
E345 subsim               ISOAMSR  subset, similar
E346 supsim               ISOAMSR  superset, similar

E347 subsup               ISOAMSR  subset above superset
E348 supsub               ISOAMSR  superset above subset
E349 subsub               ISOAMSR  subset above subset
E34A supsup               ISOAMSR  superset above superset
E34B suphsub              ISOAMSR  superset, subset
E34C supdsub              ISOAMSR  superset, subset, dash joining them
E34D bsolhsub             ISOAMSR  reverse solidus, subset
E34E suphsol              ISOAMSR  superset, solidus
E350 supedot              ISOAMSR  superset, equals, dot
E351 csub                 ISOAMSR  subset, closed

E352 csup                 ISOAMSR  superset, closed
E353 csube                ISOAMSR  subset, closed, equals
E354 csupe                ISOAMSR  superset, closed, equals
E355 ltcc                 ISOAMSR  less than, closed by curve
E356 gtcc                 ISOAMSR  greater than, closed by curve
E357 lescc                ISOAMSR  less than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
E358 gescc                ISOAMSR  greater than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
E359 rtriltri             ISOAMSR  right triangle above left triangle
E35C Pr                   ISOAMSR  double precedes
E35D Sc                   ISOAMSR  double succeeds

E35E ltlarr               ISOAMSR  less than, left arrow
E364 fnof                 ISOTECH  function of (italic small f)
E365 iff                  ISOTECH  /iff if and only if
E36A lowast               ISOTECH  low asterisk
E36E andand               ISOTECH  two logical and
E370 notinva              ISOTECH  negated set membership, variant
E371 qprime               ISOTECH  quadruple prime
E372 iinfin               ISOTECH  infinity sign, incomplete
E374 And                  ISOTECH  double logical and
E375 Or                   ISOTECH  double logical or

E376 pointint             ISOTECH  integral around a point operator
E377 quatint              ISOTECH  quaternion integral operator
E378 qint                 ISOTECH  quadruple integral operator
E379 lopar                ISOTECH  left open parenthesis
E37A ropar                ISOTECH  right open parenthesis
E37B notinvb              ISOTECH  negated set membership, variant
E37C notinvc              ISOTECH  negated set membership, variant
E37D notnivb              ISOTECH  contains, variant
E37E notnivc              ISOTECH  contains, variant
E380 strns                ISOTECH  straightness

E381 fltns                ISOTECH  flatness
E382 parsl                ISOTECH  parallel, slanted
E383 topcir               ISOTECH  top, circle below
E384 eparsl               ISOTECH  parallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to
E385 smeparsl             ISOTECH  similar, parallel, slanted, equal
E386 eqvparsl             ISOTECH  equivalent, equal; congruent and parallel
E387 bnequiv              ISOTECH  reverse not equivalent
E388 bne                  ISOTECH  reverse not equal
E389 nparsl               ISOTECH  not parallel, slanted
E38A nedot                ISOTECH  not equal, dot

E38B simdot               ISOTECH  similar, dot
E38C apacir               ISOTECH  approximate, circumflex accent
E38D nhpar                ISOTECH  not, horizontal, parallel
E38E nvinfin              ISOTECH  not, vert, infinity
E390 npart                ISOTECH  not partial differential
E391 andv                 ISOTECH  and with middle stem
E392 orv                  ISOTECH  or with middle stem
E393 ord                  ISOTECH  or, horizontal dash
E394 andd                 ISOTECH  and, horizontal dash
E395 cirfnint             ISOTECH  circulation function

E396 fpartint             ISOTECH  finite part integral
E397 rppolint             ISOTECH  line integration, rectangular path around pole
E398 scpolint             ISOTECH  line integration, semi-circular path around pole
E399 npolint              ISOTECH  line integration, not including the pole
E39A intlarhk             ISOTECH  integral, left arrow with hook
E39B awint                ISOTECH  anti clock-wise integration
E39C isindot              ISOTECH  set membership, dot above
E39D notindot             ISOTECH  negated set membership, dot above
E39E isinE                ISOTECH  set membership, two horizontal strokes
E3A0 disin                ISOTECH  set membership, long horizontal stroke

E3A1 nisd                 ISOTECH  contains, long horizontal stroke
E3A2 isinsv               ISOTECH  large set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A3 xnis                 ISOTECH  large contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A4 isins                ISOTECH  set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A5 nis                  ISOTECH  contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
E3A6 acd                  ISOTECH  ac current
E3A7 elinters             ISOTECH  electrical intersection
E3A8 olcross              ISOTECH  circle, cross
E3A9 dsol                 ISOTECH  solidus, bar above
E3AA dwangle              ISOTECH  large downward pointing angle

E3AB uwangle              ISOTECH  large upward pointing angle
E3AC Not                  ISOTECH  not with two horizontal strokes
E3AD bNot                 ISOTECH  reverse not with two horizontal strokes
E3AE orslope              ISOTECH  sloping large or
E400 cudarrr              ISOAMSA  right, curved, down arrow
E401 larrpl               ISOAMSA  left arrow, plus
E402 lbarr                ISOAMSA  left broken arrow
E403 lrhard               ISOAMSA  right harpoon-down below long dash
E404 midcir               ISOAMSA  mid, circle below
E405 rbarr                ISOAMSA  right broken arrow

E406 seswar               ISOAMSA  SE & SW arrows
E407 ac                   ISOAMSB  most positive
E408 capcup               ISOAMSB  intersection above union
E409 olcir                ISOAMSB  large circle in circle
E40A omid                 ISOAMSB  vertical bar in circle
E40B ovbar                ISOAMSB  circle with vertical bar
E40C race                 ISOAMSB  reverse most positive, line below
E40D rotimes              ISOAMSB  multiply sign in right half circle
E40E solb                 ISOAMSB  solidus in square
E40F ssetmn               ISOAMSB  sm reverse solidus

E410 tridot               ISOAMSB  dot in triangle
E411 gnap                 ISOAMSN  greater, not approximate
E412 npre                 ISOAMSN  not precedes, equals
E413 nsce                 ISOAMSN  not succeeds, equals
E414 nvrtrie              ISOAMSN  not, vert, right triangle, equals
E415 nvsim                ISOAMSN  not, vert, similar
E416 solbar               ISOAMSN  solidus, bar through
E417 angmsdag             ISOAMSO  angle-measured, arrow, right, down
E418 angrtvb              ISOAMSO  right angle-measured
E419 bbrktbrk             ISOAMSO  bottom above top square bracket

E41A bemptyv              ISOAMSO  reversed circle, slash
E41B cirE                 ISOAMSO  circle, two horizontal stroked to the right
E41C cirscir              ISOAMSO  circle, small circle to the right
E41D oS                   ISOAMSO  capital S in circle
E41E tbrk                 ISOAMSO  top square bracket
E41F Dashv                ISOAMSR  double dash, vertical
E420 bepsi                ISOAMSR  such that
E421 ges                  ISOAMSR  gt-or-equal, slanted
E422 glj                  ISOAMSR  greater, less, overlapping
E423 gtrarr               ISOAMSR  greater than, right arrow

E424 lesdoto              ISOAMSR  less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
E425 les                  ISOAMSR  less-than-or-equals, slant
E426 sfrown               ISOAMSR  small down curve
E427 subedot              ISOAMSR  subset, equals, dot
E428 subrarr              ISOAMSR  subset, right arrow
E429 thksim               ISOAMSR  thick similar
E42A benzena              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, one double binding
E42B benzenb              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, one double binding
E42C benzenc              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, one double binding
E42D benzend              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, one double binding

E42E benzene              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, one double binding
E42F benzenf              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, one double binding
E430 benzeng              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E431 benzenh              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E432 benzeni              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E433 benzenj              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E434 benzenk              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E435 benzenl              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E436 benzenm              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E437 benzenn              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings

E438 benzeno              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, two double bindings
E439 benzenp              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, three double bindings
E43A benzenq              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, three double bindings
E43B benzenr              ISOCHEM  benzene ring, circle
E43C benzen               ISOCHEM  benzene ring
E43D hbenzena             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, one double binding
E43E hbenzenb             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, one double binding
E43F hbenzenc             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, one double binding
E440 hbenzend             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, one double binding
E441 hbenzene             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, one double binding

E442 hbenzenf             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, one double binding
E443 hbenzeng             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E444 hbenzenh             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E445 hbenzeni             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E446 hbenzenj             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E447 hbenzenk             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E448 hbenzenl             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E449 hbenzenm             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E44A hbenzenn             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings
E44B hbenzeno             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, two double bindings

E44C hbenzenp             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, three double bindings
E44D hbenzenq             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, three double bindings
E44E hbenzenr             ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring, circle
E44F hbenzen              ISOCHEM  horizontal benzene ring
E450 uml                  ISODIA   umlaut mark
E47C Afr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter A
E47D Bfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter B
E47E Cfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter C
E47F Dfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter D
E480 Efr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter E

E481 Ffr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter F
E482 Gfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter G
E483 Hfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter H
E484 Ifr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter I
E485 Jfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter J
E486 Kfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter K
E487 Lfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter L
E488 Mfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter M
E489 Nfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter N
E48A Ofr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter O

E48B Pfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter P
E48C Qfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter Q
E48D Rfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter R
E48E Sfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter S
E48F Tfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter T
E490 Ufr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter U
E491 Vfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter V
E492 Wfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter W
E493 Xfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter X
E494 Yfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter Y

E495 afr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter a
E496 bfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter b
E497 cfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter c
E498 dfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter d
E499 efr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter e
E49A ffr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter f
E49B gfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter g
E49C hfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter h
E49D ifr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter i
E49E jfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter j

E49F kfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter k
E4A0 lfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter l
E4A1 mfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter m
E4A2 nfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter n
E4A3 ofr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter o
E4A4 pfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter p
E4A5 qfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter q
E4A6 rfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter r
E4A7 sfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter s
E4A8 tfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter t

E4A9 ufr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter u
E4AA vfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter v
E4AB wfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter w
E4AC xfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter x
E4AD yfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter y
E4AE zfr                  ISOMFRK  fraktur letter z
E4AF Aopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter A
E4B0 Bopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter B
E4B1 Dopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter D
E4B2 Eopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter E

E4B3 Fopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter F
E4B4 Gopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter G
E4B5 Hopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter H
E4B6 Iopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter I
E4B7 Jopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter J
E4B8 Kopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter K
E4B9 Lopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter L
E4BA Mopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter M
E4BB Nopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter N
E4BC Oopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter O

E4BD Sopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter S
E4BE Topf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter T
E4BF Uopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter U
E4C0 Vopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter V
E4C1 Wopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter W
E4C2 Xopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter X
E4C3 Yopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter Y
E4C4 Zopf                 ISOMOPF  open face letter Z
E4C5 Ascr                 ISOMSCR  script letter A
E4C6 Bscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter B

E4C7 Cscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter C
E4C8 Dscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter D
E4C9 Escr                 ISOMSCR  script letter E
E4CA Fscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter F
E4CB Gscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter G
E4CC Hscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter H
E4CD Iscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter I
E4CE Jscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter J
E4CF Kscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter K
E4D0 Lscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter L

E4D1 Mscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter M
E4D2 Nscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter N
E4D3 Oscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter O
E4D4 Pscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter P
E4D5 Qscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter Q
E4D6 Rscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter R
E4D7 Sscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter S
E4D8 Tscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter T
E4D9 Uscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter U
E4DA Vscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter V

E4DB Wscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter W
E4DC Xscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter X
E4DD Yscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter Y
E4DE Zscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter Z
E4DF ascr                 ISOMSCR  script letter a
E4E0 bscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter b
E4E1 cscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter c
E4E2 dscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter d
E4E3 escr                 ISOMSCR  script letter e
E4E4 fscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter f

E4E5 gscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter g
E4E6 hscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter h
E4E7 iscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter i
E4E8 jscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter j
E4E9 kscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter k
E4EA lscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter l
E4EB mscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter m
E4EC nscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter n
E4ED oscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter o
E4EE pscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter p

E4EF qscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter q
E4F0 sscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter s
E4F1 tscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter t
E4F2 uscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter u
E4F3 vscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter v
E4F4 wscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter w
E4F5 xscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter x
E4F6 yscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter y
E4F7 zscr                 ISOMSCR  script letter z
E4F8 hyphen               ISONUM   hyphen

E4F9 blank                ISOPUB   significant blank symbol
E4FA circle               ISOPUB   circle, open
E4FB diamondf             ISOPUB   diamond, filled
E4FC diamonfb             ISOPUB   diamond, filled bottom half
E4FD diamonfl             ISOPUB   diamond, filled left half
E4FE diamonfr             ISOPUB   diamond, filled right half
E4FF diamonft             ISOPUB   diamond, filled top half
E500 fjlig                ISOPUB   small fj ligature
E501 lozf                 ISOPUB   lozenge, filled
E502 marker               ISOPUB   histogram marker

E503 mldr                 ISOPUB   em leader
E504 rect                 ISOPUB   rectangle, open
E505 sext                 ISOPUB   sextile (6-pointed star)
E506 squarfbl             ISOPUB   square, filled bottom left corner
E507 squarfb              ISOPUB   square, filled bottom half
E508 squarftr             ISOPUB   square, filled top right corner
E509 squarft              ISOPUB   square, filled top half
E50A andslope             ISOTECH  sloping large and
E50B imped                ISOTECH  impedance
E50C infintie             ISOTECH  tie, infinity

E50D notinE               ISOTECH  negated set membership, two horizontal strokes
E50E oror                 ISOTECH  two logical or
FB00 fflig                ISOPUB   small ff ligature
FB01 filig                ISOPUB   small fi ligature
FB02 fllig                ISOPUB   small fl ligature
FB03 ffilig               ISOPUB   small ffi ligature
FB04 ffllig               ISOPUB   small ffl ligature