UnicodeAFIIgridISO 8879 entityISO 8879 descriptionISO TR9573 entityISO TR9573 descriptionElsevier entityElsevier descriptionHTMLTeX textTeX mathElsevier glyphMathematica nameMathematica glyph
DBB1⧂circle, small circle to the right
EF6Ebtt∷Colon, two colons∷::
DBF6⩴double colon, equals
DBF7⩭congruent, dot
EB36bjw∯double contour integral operator&z.sint;
ℂopen face C
DBF8⫏subset, closed
DBF9⫑subset, closed, equals
DBFA⫐superset, closed
DBFB⫒superset, closed, equals
DB48bn9⋯cdots, three dots, centered⋯···
EBCF⤸left, curved, down arrow
EBCE⤵right, curved, down arrow
D97E⤽curved left arrow with plus
DBC6⩈union, bar, intersection
EBDA⩆union above intersection
DBC7⩊union, union, joined
EB32⊍union, with dot
DBC8⩅union, or
DBC9∪︀union, serifs
D9A1⤼curved right arrow with minus
EBC1bj2∲contour integral, clockwise&ccoint;
DB49bj3∱clockwise integral∱
D9A2↡down two-headed arrow
EF39⫤dbl dash, vertical
D9A3⤑right arrow with dotted stem
DBB2⦱circle, slash, bar above
D9A4⥿down fish tail
𝔇Fraktur upper case d
𝔡Fraktur lower case d
D9A5⥥down harpoon-left, down harpoon-right
DB4A⋲set membership, long horizontal stroke
𝔻open face D
DB4B⧶solidus, bar above
DB4Cbp9⋱ddots, three dots, descending⋱
EB2Fbcn⇵down arrow, up arrow&z.duarr;
D9A6bc1⥯down harp, up harp&z.duhar2;
DB4D⦦large downward pointing angle
EBCB⟿right long zig-zag arrow
DBFC⩮equal, asterisk above
DBFDbqv⩷ddotseq R: equal with four dots⩷
𝔈Fraktur upper case e
𝔢Fraktur lower case e
D921⪘equal-or-greater, slanted, dot inside
DB4E⏧electrical intersection
D923⪗equal-or-less, slanted, dot inside
EF61bs1∅varnothing - circle, slash∅
𝔼open face E
DB4F⋕parallel, equal; equal or parallel
DB50⧣parallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to
DBCA⩱equal, plus
EF74bqm≟questeq R: equal with questionmark≟
D924⩸equivalent, four dots above
DB51⧥equivalent, equal; congruent and parallel
D9A7⥱equal, right arrow below
EE68bkp≂esim R: equals, similar≂
D925⩳equal, similar
𝔉Fraktur upper case f
𝔣Fraktur lower case f
𝔽open face F
DB2E⫙fork, variant
DB52⨍finite part integral
2648Ϝcapital digamma
2164bmg⪆greater, approximate⪆
2175bmk⪌gtreqqless R: gt, dbl equals, less⪌gt, dbl equals, less⪌
D926⪩greater than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
D927⪀greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
D928⪂greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
D929⪄greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above left
D92A⋛︀greater, equal, slanted, less
D92B⪔greater, equal, slanted, less, equal, slanted
𝔊Fraktur upper case g
𝔤Fraktur lower case g
D92C⪥greater, less, apart
D92D⪒greater, less, equal
D92E⪤greater, less, overlapping
21F7bng⪊gnapprox N: greater, not approximate⪊greater, not approximate⪊
21E3bnd⪈gneq N: greater, not equals⪈greater, not equals⪈
𝔾open face G