UnicodeAFIIgridISO 8879 entityISO 8879 descriptionISO TR9573 entityISO TR9573 descriptionElsevier entityElsevier descriptionHTMLTeX textTeX mathElsevier glyphMathematica nameMathematica glyph
25BD2226bg2▽bigtriangledown B: big dn tri, open▽big dn tri, open▽\bigtriangledownEmptyDownTriangle
25CB,25EF,25E6227Ebgn○circ B: circle, open◯large circle○bigcirc\bigcircEmptyCircle,eci
2605,272D★bigstar - star, filledstarFivePointedStar,*5
2606☆star, open
260E,260F☎telephone symbol
2640♀female symbol
2642♂male symbol
2660♠spadesuit spades suit symbolspadesuitSpadeSuit
2661♥heartsuit heart suit symbolheartsuitHeartSuit
2662♦diamondsuit diamond suit symboldiamondsuitDiamondSuit
2663♣clubsuit club suit symbolclubsuitClubSuit
266A♪music note (sung text sign)
266D♭flat musical flatflatFlat
266E♮natural - music naturalnaturalNatural
266F♯sharp musical sharpsharpSharp
2713✓checkmark tick, check mark
2717,2613✗ballot cross
2720✠maltese maltese cross
2726,25C6⧫blacklozenge - lozenge, filled
2727,25CA◊lozenge - lozenge or total mark
2736✶sextile (6-pointed star)
EBC6∾most positive
DB3B∿ac current
DBBC∾̳most positive, two lines below
𝔄Fraktur upper case a
𝔞Fraktur lower case a
DB3Cbip⩓dbl logical and&z.And;
DB3Dbir⩕two logical and⩓
DB3E⩜and, horizontal dash
DB3F⩘sloping large and
DB40⩚and with middle stem
DBA1⦤angle, equal
DBA2⦨angle-measured, arrow, up, right
DBA3⦩angle-measured, arrow, up, left
DBA4⦪angle-measured, arrow, down, right
DBA5⦫angle-measured, arrow, down, left
DBA6⦬angle-measured, arrow, right, up
DBA7⦭angle-measured, arrow, left, up
DBA8⦮angle-measured, arrow, right, down
DBA9⦯angle-measured, arrow, left, down
DBAA⊾right angle-measured
DBAB⦝right angle-measured, dot
D97C⍼angle with down zig-zag arrow
𝔸open face A
DB41⩯approximate, circumflex accent
DBF2⩰approximately equal or equal to
EB24bq6≋approximately identical to≋
EBC2bj1∳contour integral, anti-clockwise&acoint;
DB42⨑anti clock-wise integration
DBF3⫧vert, dbl bar (over)
EBB9⊽bar, vee
2F32⎵bottom square bracket
DBAC⎶bottom above top square bracket
EEC4⦰reversed circle, slash
𝔅Fraktur upper case b
𝔟Fraktur lower case b
DB44=⃥reverse not equal
DB45≡⃥reverse not equivalent
EE6A⌐reverse not
DB46⫭reverse not with two horizontal strokes
𝔹open face B
DBAD⧉two joined squares
DBAE⁏reverse semi-colon
DBBD⧅reverse solidus in square
DBF4⟈reverse solidus, subset
DBF5⪮bump, equals
DBBE⩄intersection, and
DBBF⩉intersection, bar, union
DBC0⩋intersection, intersection, joined
DBC1⩇intersection above union
DB30⩀intersection, with dot
DBC2∩︀intersection, serifs
DBC3⩍closed intersection, serifs
EB37bjx∰triple contour integral operator&z.vint;
DBC4⩌closed union, serifs
DBC5⩐closed union, serifs, smash product
DBAF⦲circle, slash, small circle above
ℭFraktur upper case c
𝔠Fraktur lower case c
DBB0⧃circle, two horizontal stroked to the right
DB47bjz⨐circulation function&z.eint;
D97D⫯circle, mid below