Presentation of HTML documents 


  1. Style Sheets
    1. Adding style to HTML
      1. Setting the default style sheet language
      2. Inline style information
      3. Header style information: the STYLE element
      4. External style sheets
      5. Setting the default named style
    2. Inheritance and cascading
    3. Hiding the Content of Style Elements from non-conforming User Agents
    4. Specifying style through HTTP headers
  2. Alignment, font styles, and horizontal rules
    1. Formatting
      1. Background color
      2. Alignment
      3. Floating objects
    2. Fonts
      1. Font style elements: the TT, I, B, BIG, SMALL, STRIKE, S, and U elements
      2. Font modifier elements: FONT and BASEFONT
    3. Rules: the HR element
  3. Frames
    1. Layout of frames
      1. The FRAMESET element
      2. The FRAME element
    2. Specifying target frame information
      1. Setting the default target for links
      2. Target semantics
      3. Target names
    3. Alternate content
      1. The NOFRAMES element
    4. Inline frames: the IFRAME element