Document Object Model (XML)
Level 1

W3C Working Draft 9-October-1997

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WG Chair:
Lauren Wood, SoftQuad, Inc.

Steve Byrne, JavaSoft (Sun Microsystems, Inc).

Principal contributors:
Vidur Apparao, Netscape; Steve Byrne, JavaSoft (Sun Microsystems, Inc.); Mike Champion, ArborText, Inc.; Scott Isaacs, MicroSoft; Arnaud Le Hors, W3C; Gavin Nicol, INSO; Peter Sharpe, SoftQuad, Inc.; Jared Sorensen, Novell; Bob Sutor, IBM


The Document Object Model (DOM) level one provides a mechanism for software developers and web script authors to access and manipulate parsed HTML and XML content. This document describes the XML component of the Document Object Model, and provides access to XML specific content, as well as any associated document type definition. The level of support provided by this level one specification is sufficient to represent all XML content, and to allow XML validity checkers to be written using the APIs contained herein.

Status of this document

This document is part of the Document Object Model Specification

[Ed note: This document is a placeholder for the "real" XML DOM API document. ]

What's not in this draft yet, but will be in the final version


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XML support overview

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Document type definition support overview

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XML type descriptions

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Document type definition type descriptions

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Appendix A: XML and document type definition IDL Interface definitions

Shown below are the IDL definitions for the XML and document type definition related types in the Document Object Model.

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Appendix B: Java XML API definitions

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Appendix C: ECMAScript XML API definitions

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