W3C WD-DOM/level-one-xml-19980318

Document Object Model (XML) Level 1

W3C Working Draft

18 March, 1998

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Lauren Wood, SoftQuad, Inc.


Mike Champion, ArborText
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Vidur Apparao, Netscape
Steve Byrne, JavaSoft (until November 19, 1997)
Bill Smith, Sun (after November 20, 1997)
Mike Champion, ArborText, Inc.
Scott Isaacs, Microsoft
Arnaud Le Hors, W3C
Gavin Nicol, INSO
Peter Sharpe, SoftQuad, Inc
Jared Sorensen, Novell
Bob Sutor, IBM


This document is part of the Document Object Model Specification


The DOM Level One (Core) specification defines a set of object definitions that are sufficient to represent a document instance (the objects that occur withing the document itself). This specification is extends the DOM Level One (Core) specification such that document type definitions, entities, CDATA marked sections can also be represented.

The objects and interfaces defined within this document are sufficient to allow validators and other applications that make use of a DTD (Document Type Definition) to be written. For editors, the interfaces defined here will probably be insufficient for fine-grained editing, where information about the document type declaration may be necessary, though structural isomorphism should be easily accomplished.

Languages used

English, OMG IDL, Java, ECMAScript

Table of contents

3 Document Object Model (XML) Level 1
    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Descriptions of the basic XML objects
    3.3 Document Type Definition support overview
    3.4 Descriptions of objects related to the Document Type Definition
    3.5 Descriptions of objects related to Entities
    3.6 Descriptions of additional objects in instances
    3.7 IDL Interface Definitions
    3.8 Java XML API definitions
    3.9 ECMAScript XML API definitions