Document Object Model (HTML)
Level 1

W3C Working Draft 9-October-1997

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WG Chair:
Lauren Wood, SoftQuad, Inc.

Steve Byrne, JavaSoft (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

Principal contributors:
Vidur Apparao, Netscape; Steve Byrne, JavaSoft (Sun Microsystems, Inc.); Mike Champion, ArborText, Inc.; Scott Isaacs, MicroSoft; Arnaud Le Hors, W3C; Gavin Nicol, INSO; Peter Sharpe, SoftQuad, Inc.; Jared Sorensen, Novell; Bob Sutor, IBM


The Document Object Model (DOM) level one provides a mechanism for software developers and web script authors to access and manipulate parsed HTML and XML content. This document describes the HTML component of the Document Object Model.

Status of this document

This document is part of the Document Object Model Specification

The HTML Document Object Model

The definition of a Document Object Model for HTML is work in progress for the W3C DOM Working Group. This section of the specification will build upon the core DOM, providing specializations and convenience methods that relate specifically to HTML. The W3C DOM Working Group will also attempt, wherever possible, to maintain compatibility with the DOM Level 0, which is defined as being the functionality exposed in Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.

This section will probably include HTMLDocument and HTMLElement classes that derive respectively from the core Document and Element classes. These classes will provide mechanisms to access and modify attributes of the individual elements of an HTML document, as well as traverse and modify the tree made up of these elements. These classes will also have properties and methods that allow for compatibility with Level 0. An example is the forms property of an HTMLDocument that allows developers to directly address elements created using the HTML <FORM> tag.

The Level 1 document will not include mechanisms to access and modify style specified through CSS-1. Furthermore, it will not define an event model for HTML documents.

Appendix A: HTML IDL Interface definitions

Shown below are the IDL definitions for the HTML support provided by the Document Object Model. [Ed note: TBD]

Appendix B: Java Interface definitions

[Ed note: TBD]

Appendix C: ECMAScript Interface definitions

[Ed note: TBD]