This implementation report is intended to demonstrate fulfillment of the Candidate Recommendation Exit Criteria for Canonical XML 1.1:

-- Canonical XML 1.1, W3C Candidate Recommendation 21 June 2007

Canonical XML 1.1 differs from Canonical XML 1.0 in the handling of attributes in the xml namespace when document subsets are canonicalized. All tests were performed within the context of implementations of the XML Signature specification (see detailed description of test case setup), using an XPath transform to identify the signed document subset, and Canonical XML 1.1 to canonicalize it.

Testing was organized and performed by the members of the XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working Group. Five implementations participated in the testing. All five implementations submitted identical canonicalization results for all test cases. One implementation did not submit results for two of test cases.

Test Cases

The test cases covered the following xml namespace attributes:

Participating Implementations

IBM XML Digital Signature Package

The XML Digital Signature package is bundled into IBM JREs that ship with IBM products or are downloaded for IBM systems. The XML Digital Signature package bundled into all IBM JREs at the Java 6.0 level or higher, and by special arrangement at earlier levels. It is a separate security provider, so would either need to be in the provider list in jre/lib/security/ or added programmatically at runtime. The C14N11 capability is currently (11 January, 2008) a technology preview that is not yet generally available.