Appendix F: Changes

Changes from the 19 December 2000 revision

Document chapters have been rearranged for greater logical progression. The headings below are given in terms of the new chapter numbers.

Editorial notes throughout the document have been reformatted and clarified as numbered "Editor's Feedback Requests" or "Editor's Notes".

Various paragraphs throughout the document have been revised for spelling, grammar, and flow.

The convention of xform: is used to represent the XForms namespace.

Chapter 1 - About the XForms 1.0 Specification

In section 1.4, Document Conventions have been updated for greater consistency. The rest of the document has been made to match the new document conventions.

Chapter 3 - Terminology

Removed terms "Data Structures Component" and "XForms Extensions Component" as these were used only in the non-normative concepts chapter.

Chapter 4 - Datatypes

Overall - changed facet scheme to uriScheme.

The min and max facets no longer serve as shortcuts to the minLength and maxLength facets (but do still refer to minExclusive and maxExclusive).

4.1 - For clarity, removed term "built-in" datatypes.

4.1 - Added "XForms Validation Rule:" to sentence describing potentially conflicting facet values.

Chapter 5 - XForms Model

The term "XForms Specific Property" has been changed to "model item property".

Though the syntax and usage are the same, id attributes are no longer classified as model item properties.

5.2.5 The "calc" property is now "calculate".

3.2.6 New model item property - "priority".

5.3.6 New example for "switch"

Chapter 6 - Dynamic Constraint Language

Renamed Chapter to be consistent with Table of Contents.

Renamed 6.3 to "Binding Expressions".

Added new subsection 6.3.1 "Root and Context Nodes".

Added new subsection 6.3.2 "Canonical Binding Expressions".

Chapter 8 - Binding

Removed references to multiple instances with a single Model.

Section 8.3 has been reorganized to cover all aspects of direct binding.

Section 8.4 has been reorganized to cover all aspects of indirect binding.

Section 8.5 The model:: and instance:: axis specifiers have been unified into a single separate xform attribute.

Chapter 9 - Including XForms in Other Documents

This chapter has been moved towards the end of the specification, as well as internally reorganized.

The syntax for the elements declared has been simplified (in particular, the <instance> element no longer needs a model attribute.

9.2.1 - Typo, changed element href to attribute.

9.2.3 - Renamed extra <submit> element to <submitInfo>.

Chapter 10 - Processing Model and Conformance

This chapter has been rewritten, based on the latest discussions within the Working Group.

Appendix A - Schema for XForms Model

Updated with new version of the XForms Model Schema.

Appendix B - XSLT

This appendix has not been significantly updated, an therefore is not synchronized with the rest of the document.

Appendix C - Sample Forms

The example has been updated in accord with the rest of XForms.

Appendix E - References

New normative reference to DOM Level 2 Events.