ISOAMSB Characters and Glyphs

Chapter 6: Entities, Characters and Fonts
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NameUnicodeGlyphUnicode NameDescriptionAliases
ac0290FU0290FRIGHTWARDS TRIPLE DASH ARROWmost positivedbkarow
acE029DBU029DBMOST POSITIVE, TWO LINES BELOWmost positive, two lines below 
amalg02A3FU02A3FAMALGAMATION OR COPRODUCT/amalg B: amalgamation or coproduct 
barvee022BDU022BDNORbar, vee 
barwed022BCU022BCNAND/barwedge B: logical and, bar abovebarwedge
Barwed02306U02306PERSPECTIVE/doublebarwedge B: log and, dbl bar abovedoublebarwedge
bsolb029C5U029C5SQUARED FALLING DIAGONAL SLASHreverse solidus in square 
Cap022D2U022D2DOUBLE INTERSECTION/Cap /doublecap B: dbl intersection 
capand02A44U02A44INTERSECTION WITH LOGICAL ANDintersection, and 
capbrcup02A49U02A49INTERSECTION ABOVE BAR ABOVE UNIONintersection, bar, union 
capcap02A4BU02A4BINTERSECTION BESIDE AND JOINED WITH INTERSECTIONintersection, intersection, joined 
capcup02A47U02A47INTERSECTION ABOVE UNIONintersection above union 
capdot02A40U02A40INTERSECTION WITH DOTintersection, with dot 
caps02229-0FE00U02229-0FE00INTERSECTION, SERIFSintersection, serifs 
ccaps02A4DU02A4DCLOSED INTERSECTION WITH SERIFSclosed intersection, serifs 
ccups02A4CU02A4CCLOSED UNION WITH SERIFSclosed union, serifs 
ccupssm02A50U02A50CLOSED UNION WITH SERIFS AND SMASH PRODUCTclosed union, serifs, smash product 
coprod02210U02210N-ARY COPRODUCT/coprod L: coproduct operatorCoproduct
Cup022D3U022D3DOUBLE UNION/Cup /doublecup B: dbl union 
cupbrcap02A48U02A48UNION ABOVE BAR ABOVE INTERSECTIONunion, bar, intersection 
cupcap02A46U02A46UNION ABOVE INTERSECTIONunion above intersection 
cupcup02A4AU02A4AUNION BESIDE AND JOINED WITH UNIONunion, union, joined 
cupdot0228DU0228DMULTISET MULTIPLICATIONunion, with dot 
cupor02A45U02A45UNION WITH LOGICAL ORunion, or 
cups0222A-0FE00U0222A-0FE00UNION, SERIFSunion, serifs 
cuvee022CEU022CECURLY LOGICAL OR/curlyvee B: curly logical orcurlyvee
cuwed022CFU022CFCURLY LOGICAL AND/curlywedge B: curly logical andcurlywedge
dagger02020U02020DAGGER/dagger B: dagger relation 
Dagger02021U02021DOUBLE DAGGER/ddagger B: double dagger relationddagger
diam022C4U022C4DIAMOND OPERATOR/diamond B: open diamonddiamond, Diamond
divonx022C7U022C7DIVISION TIMES/divideontimes B: division on timesdivideontimes
eplus02A71U02A71EQUALS SIGN ABOVE PLUS SIGNequal, plus 
hercon022B9U022B9HERMITIAN CONJUGATE MATRIXhermitian conjugate matrix 
intcal022BAU022BAINTERCALATE/intercal B: intercalintercal
iprod02A3CU02A3CINTERIOR PRODUCT/intprodintprod
loplus02A2DU02A2DPLUS SIGN IN LEFT HALF CIRCLEplus sign in left half circle 
lotimes02A34U02A34MULTIPLICATION SIGN IN LEFT HALF CIRCLEmultiply sign in left half circle  
lthree022CBU022CBLEFT SEMIDIRECT PRODUCT/leftthreetimes B:leftthreetimes
ltimes022C9U022C9LEFT NORMAL FACTOR SEMIDIRECT PRODUCT/ltimes B: times sign, left closed 
midast0002AU0002AASTERISK/ast B: asterisk 
minusb0229FU0229FSQUARED MINUS/boxminus B: minus sign in boxboxminus
minusd02238U02238DOT MINUS/dotminus B: minus sign, dot abovedotminus
minusdu02A2AU02A2AMINUS SIGN WITH DOT BELOWminus sign, dot below 
ncap02A43U02A43INTERSECTION WITH OVERBARbar, intersection 
ncup02A42U02A42UNION WITH OVERBARbar, union 
oast0229BU0229BCIRCLED ASTERISK OPERATOR/circledast B: asterisk in circlecircledast
ocir0229AU0229ACIRCLED RING OPERATOR/circledcirc B: small circle in circlecircledcirc
odash0229DU0229DCIRCLED DASH/circleddash B: hyphen in circlecircleddash
odiv02A38U02A38CIRCLED DIVISION SIGNdivide in circle 
odot02299U02299CIRCLED DOT OPERATOR/odot B: middle dot in circleCircleDot, bigodot
odsold029BCU029BCCIRCLED ANTICLOCKWISE-ROTATED DIVISION SIGNdot, solidus, dot in circle 
ofcir029BFU029BFCIRCLED BULLETfilled circle in circle 
ogt029C1U029C1CIRCLED GREATER-THANgreater-than in circle 
ohbar029B5U029B5CIRCLE WITH HORIZONTAL BARcircle with horizontal bar 
olcir029BEU029BECIRCLED WHITE BULLETlarge circle in circle 
olt029C0U029C0CIRCLED LESS-THANless-than in circle 
omid029B6U029B6CIRCLED VERTICAL BARvertical bar in circle 
ominus02296U02296CIRCLED MINUS/ominus B: minus sign in circleCircleMinus
opar029B7U029B7CIRCLED PARALLELparallel in circle 
operp029B9U029B9CIRCLED PERPENDICULARperpendicular in circle 
oplus02295U02295CIRCLED PLUS/oplus B: plus sign in circleCirclePlus, bigoplus
osol02298U02298CIRCLED DIVISION SLASH/oslash B: solidus in circle 
otimes02297U02297CIRCLED TIMES/otimes B: multiply sign in circleCircleTimes, bigotimes
Otimes02A37U02A37MULTIPLICATION SIGN IN DOUBLE CIRCLEmultiply sign in double circle 
otimesas02A36U02A36CIRCLED MULTIPLICATION SIGN WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENTmultiply sign in circle, circumflex accent 
ovbar0233DU0233DAPL FUNCTIONAL SYMBOL CIRCLE STILEcircle with vertical bar 
plusacir02A23U02A23PLUS SIGN WITH CIRCUMFLEX ACCENT ABOVEplus, circumflex accent above 
plusb0229EU0229ESQUARED PLUS/boxplus B: plus sign in boxboxplus
pluscir02A22U02A22PLUS SIGN WITH SMALL CIRCLE ABOVEplus, small circle above 
plusdo02214U02214DOT PLUS/dotplus B: plus sign, dot abovedotplus
plusdu02A25U02A25PLUS SIGN WITH DOT BELOWplus sign, dot below 
pluse02A72U02A72PLUS SIGN ABOVE EQUALS SIGNplus, equals 
plussim02A26U02A26PLUS SIGN WITH TILDE BELOWplus, similar below 
plustwo02A27U02A27PLUS SIGN WITH SUBSCRIPT TWOplus, two; Nim-addition 
prod0220FU0220FN-ARY PRODUCT/prod L: product operator 
race029DAU029DAREVERSE MOST POSITIVE, LINE BELOWreverse most positive, line below 
roplus02A2EU02A2EPLUS SIGN IN RIGHT HALF CIRCLEplus sign in right half circle 
rotimes02A35U02A35MULTIPLICATION SIGN IN RIGHT HALF CIRCLEmultiply sign in right half circle 
rthree022CCU022CCRIGHT SEMIDIRECT PRODUCT/rightthreetimes B:rightthreetimes
rtimes022CAU022CARIGHT NORMAL FACTOR SEMIDIRECT PRODUCT/rtimes B: times sign, right closed 
sdot022C5U022C5DOT OPERATOR/cdot B: small middle dot 
sdotb022A1U022A1SQUARED DOT OPERATOR/dotsquare /boxdot B: small dot in boxdotsquare
setmn02216U02216SET MINUS/setminus B: reverse solidussetminus, Backslash
simplus02A24U02A24PLUS SIGN WITH TILDE ABOVEplus, similar above 
smashp02A33U02A33SMASH PRODUCTsmash product 
solb029C4U029C4SQUARED RISING DIAGONAL SLASHsolidus in square 
sqcap02293U02293SQUARE CAP/sqcap B: square intersectionSquareIntersection
sqcaps02293-0FE00U02293-0FE00SQUARE INTERSECTION, SERIFSsquare intersection, serifs 
sqcup02294U02294SQUARE CUP/sqcup B: square unionSquareUnion, bigsqcup
sqcups02294-0FE00U02294-0FE00SQUARE UNION, SERIFSsquare union, serifs 
ssetmn02216xU02216xSMALL SET MINUS (REVERSE SOLIDUS)/smallsetminus B: sm reverse solidussmallsetminus
sstarf022C6U022C6STAR OPERATOR/star B: small star, filledStar
subdot02ABDU02ABDSUBSET WITH DOTsubset, with dot 
sum02211U02211N-ARY SUMMATION/sum L: summation operatorSum
supdot02ABEU02ABESUPERSET WITH DOTsuperset, with dot 
timesb022A0U022A0SQUARED TIMES/boxtimes B: multiply sign in boxboxtimes
timesbar02A31U02A31MULTIPLICATION SIGN WITH UNDERBARmultiply sign, bar below 
triminus02A3AU02A3AMINUS SIGN IN TRIANGLEminus in triangle 
triplus02A39U02A39PLUS SIGN IN TRIANGLEplus in triangle 
trisb029CDU029CDTRIANGLE WITH SERIFS AT BOTTOMtriangle, serifs at bottom 
tritime02A3BU02A3BMULTIPLICATION SIGN IN TRIANGLEmultiply in triangle 
uplus0228EU0228EMULTISET UNION/uplus B: plus sign in unionUnionPlus, biguplus
veebar022BBU022BBXOR/veebar B: logical or, bar below 
wedbar02A5FU02A5FLOGICAL AND WITH UNDERBARwedge, bar below 
wreath02240U02240WREATH PRODUCT/wr B: wreath productVerticalTilde, wr
xcap022C2U022C2N-ARY INTERSECTION/bigcap L: intersection operatorIntersection, bigcap
xcirc025EFU025EFLARGE CIRCLE/bigcirc B: large circlebigcirc
xcup022C3U022C3N-ARY UNION/bigcup L: union operatorUnion, bigcup
xdtri025BDU025BDWHITE DOWN-POINTING TRIANGLE/bigtriangledown B: big dn tri, openbigtriangledown
xodot02299U02299CIRCLED DOT OPERATOR/bigodot L: circle dot operatorCircleDot, bigodot
xoplus02295U02295CIRCLED PLUS/bigoplus L: circle plus operatorCirclePlus, bigoplus
xotime02297U02297CIRCLED TIMES/bigotimes L: circle times operatorCircleTimes, bigotimes
xsqcup02294U02294SQUARE CUP/bigsqcup L: square union operatorSquareUnion, bigsqcup
xuplus0228EU0228EMULTISET UNION/biguplus L:UnionPlus, biguplus
xutri025B3U025B3WHITE UP-POINTING TRIANGLE/bigtriangleup B: big up tri, openbigtriangleup
xvee022C1U022C1N-ARY LOGICAL OR/bigvee L: logical and operatorVee, bigvee
xwedge022C0U022C0N-ARY LOGICAL AND/bigwedge L: logical or operatorWedge, bigwedge