ISOMFRK Characters and Glyphs

Chapter 6: Entities, Characters and Fonts
Appendix A (DTD)
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All, by name
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afr1D51EU1D51E/frak a, lower case a 
Afr1D504U1D504/frak A, upper case a 
bfr1D51FU1D51F/frak b, lower case b 
Bfr1D505U1D505/frak B, upper case b 
cfr1D520U1D520/frak c, lower case c 
Cfr1D506U1D506/frak C, upper case c 
dfr1D521U1D521/frak d, lower case d 
Dfr1D507U1D507/frak D, upper case d 
efr1D522U1D522/frak e, lower case e 
Efr1D508U1D508/frak E, upper case e 
ffr1D523U1D523/frak f, lower case f 
Ffr1D509U1D509/frak F, upper case f 
gfr1D524U1D524/frak g, lower case g 
Gfr1D50AU1D50A/frak G, upper case g 
hfr1D525U1D525/frak h, lower case h 
Hfr1D50BU1D50B/frak H, upper case h 
ifr1D526U1D526/frak i, lower case i 
Ifr1D50CU1D50C/frak I, upper case i 
jfr1D527U1D527/frak j, lower case j 
Jfr1D50DU1D50D/frak J, upper case j 
kfr1D528U1D528/frak k, lower case k 
Kfr1D50EU1D50E/frak K, upper case k 
lfr1D529U1D529/frak l, lower case l 
Lfr1D50FU1D50F/frak L, upper case l 
mfr1D52AU1D52A/frak m, lower case m 
Mfr1D510U1D510/frak M, upper case m 
nfr1D52BU1D52B/frak n, lower case n 
Nfr1D511U1D511/frak N, upper case n 
ofr1D52CU1D52C/frak o, lower case o 
Ofr1D512U1D512/frak O, upper case o 
pfr1D52DU1D52D/frak p, lower case p 
Pfr1D513U1D513/frak P, upper case p 
qfr1D52EU1D52E/frak q, lower case q 
Qfr1D514U1D514/frak Q, upper case q 
rfr1D52FU1D52F/frak r, lower case r 
Rfr1D515U1D515/frak R, upper case r 
sfr1D530U1D530/frak s, lower case s 
Sfr1D516U1D516/frak S, upper case s 
tfr1D531U1D531/frak t, lower case t 
Tfr1D517U1D517/frak T, upper case t 
ufr1D532U1D532/frak u, lower case u 
Ufr1D518U1D518/frak U, upper case u 
vfr1D533U1D533/frak v, lower case v 
Vfr1D519U1D519/frak V, upper case v 
wfr1D534U1D534/frak w, lower case w 
Wfr1D51AU1D51A/frak W, upper case w 
xfr1D535U1D535/frak x, lower case x 
Xfr1D51BU1D51B/frak X, upper case x 
yfr1D536U1D536/frak y, lower case y 
Yfr1D51CU1D51C/frak Y, upper case y 
zfr1D537U1D537/frak z, lower case z 
Zfr1D51DU1D51D/frak Z, upper case z