ISOLAT2 Characters and Glyphs

Chapter 6: Entities, Characters and Fonts
Appendix A (DTD)
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abreve00103U00103=small a, breve 
Abreve00102U00102=capital A, breve 
amacr00101U00101=small a, macron 
Amacr00100U00100=capital A, macron 
aogon00105U00105=small a, ogonek 
Aogon00104U00104=capital A, ogonek 
cacute00107U00107=small c, acute accent 
Cacute00106U00106=capital C, acute accent 
ccaron0010DU0010D=small c, caron 
Ccaron0010CU0010C=capital C, caron 
ccirc00109U00109=small c, circumflex accent 
Ccirc00108U00108=capital C, circumflex accent 
cdot0010BU0010B=small c, dot above 
Cdot0010AU0010A=capital C, dot above 
dcaron0010FU0010F=small d, caron 
Dcaron0010EU0010E=capital D, caron 
dstrok00111U00111=small d, stroke 
Dstrok00110U00110=capital D, stroke 
ecaron0011BU0011B=small e, caron 
Ecaron0011AU0011A=capital E, caron 
edot00117U00117=small e, dot above 
Edot00116U00116=capital E, dot above 
emacr00113U00113=small e, macron 
Emacr00112U00112=capital E, macron 
eng0014BU0014B=small eng, Lapp 
ENG0014AU0014A=capital ENG, Lapp 
eogon00119U00119=small e, ogonek 
Eogon00118U00118=capital E, ogonek 
gacute001F5U001F5=small g, acute accent 
gbreve0011FU0011F=small g, breve 
Gbreve0011EU0011E=capital G, breve 
Gcedil00122U00122=capital G, cedilla 
gcirc0011DU0011D=small g, circumflex accent 
Gcirc0011CU0011C=capital G, circumflex accent 
gdot00121U00121=small g, dot above 
Gdot00120U00120=capital G, dot above 
hcirc00125U00125=small h, circumflex accent 
Hcirc00124U00124=capital H, circumflex accent 
hstrok00127U00127=small h, stroke 
Hstrok00126U00126=capital H, stroke 
Idot00130U00130=capital I, dot above 
ijlig00133U00133=small ij ligature 
IJlig00132U00132=capital IJ ligature 
imacr0012BU0012B=small i, macron 
Imacr0012AU0012A=capital I, macron 
inodot00131U00131=small i without dot 
iogon0012FU0012F=small i, ogonek 
Iogon0012EU0012E=capital I, ogonek 
itilde00129U00129=small i, tilde 
Itilde00128U00128=capital I, tilde 
jcirc00135U00135=small j, circumflex accent 
Jcirc00134U00134=capital J, circumflex accent 
kcedil00137U00137=small k, cedilla 
Kcedil00136U00136=capital K, cedilla 
kgreen00138U00138=small k, Greenlandic 
lacute0013AU0013A=small l, acute accent 
Lacute00139U00139=capital L, acute accent 
lcaron0013EU0013E=small l, caron 
Lcaron0013DU0013D=capital L, caron 
lcedil0013CU0013C=small l, cedilla 
Lcedil0013BU0013B=capital L, cedilla 
lmidot00140U00140=small l, middle dot 
Lmidot0013FU0013F=capital L, middle dot 
lstrok00142U00142=small l, stroke 
Lstrok00141U00141=capital L, stroke 
nacute00144U00144=small n, acute accent 
Nacute00143U00143=capital N, acute accent 
napos00149U00149=small n, apostrophe 
ncaron00148U00148=small n, caron 
Ncaron00147U00147=capital N, caron 
ncedil00146U00146=small n, cedilla 
Ncedil00145U00145=capital N, cedilla 
odblac00151U00151=small o, double acute accent 
Odblac00150U00150=capital O, double acute accent 
oelig00153U00153=small oe ligature 
OElig00152U00152=capital OE ligature 
omacr0014DU0014D=small o, macron 
Omacr0014CU0014C=capital O, macron 
racute00155U00155=small r, acute accent 
Racute00154U00154=capital R, acute accent 
rcaron00159U00159=small r, caron 
Rcaron00158U00158=capital R, caron 
rcedil00157U00157=small r, cedilla 
Rcedil00156U00156=capital R, cedilla 
sacute0015BU0015B=small s, acute accent 
Sacute0015AU0015A=capital S, acute accent 
scaron00161U00161=small s, caron 
Scaron00160U00160=capital S, caron 
scedil0015FU0015F=small s, cedilla 
Scedil0015EU0015E=capital S, cedilla 
scirc0015DU0015D=small s, circumflex accent 
Scirc0015CU0015C=capital S, circumflex accent 
tcaron00165U00165=small t, caron 
Tcaron00164U00164=capital T, caron 
tcedil00163U00163=small t, cedilla 
Tcedil00162U00162=capital T, cedilla 
tstrok00167U00167=small t, stroke 
Tstrok00166U00166=capital T, stroke 
ubreve0016DU0016D=small u, breve 
Ubreve0016CU0016C=capital U, breve 
udblac00171U00171=small u, double acute accent 
Udblac00170U00170=capital U, double acute accent 
umacr0016BU0016B=small u, macron 
Umacr0016AU0016A=capital U, macron 
uogon00173U00173=small u, ogonek 
Uogon00172U00172=capital U, ogonek 
uring0016FU0016F=small u, ring 
Uring0016EU0016E=capital U, ring 
utilde00169U00169=small u, tilde 
Utilde00168U00168=capital U, tilde 
wcirc00175U00175=small w, circumflex accent 
Wcirc00174U00174=capital W, circumflex accent 
ycirc00177U00177=small y, circumflex accent 
Ycirc00176U00176=capital Y, circumflex accent 
Yuml00178U00178=capital Y, dieresis or umlaut mark 
zacute0017AU0017A=small z, acute accent 
Zacute00179U00179=capital Z, acute accent 
zcaron0017EU0017E=small z, caron 
Zcaron0017DU0017D=capital Z, caron 
zdot0017CU0017C=small z, dot above 
Zdot0017BU0017B=capital Z, dot above