ISOGRK3 Characters and Glyphs

Chapter 6: Entities, Characters and Fonts
Appendix A (DTD)
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alpha003B1U003B1/alpha small alpha, Greek 
beta003B2U003B2/beta small beta, Greek 
chi003C7U003C7/chi small chi, Greek 
delta003B4U003B4/delta small delta, Greek 
Delta00394U00394/Delta capital Delta, Greek 
epsi003B5U003B5/straightepsilon, small epsilon, Greekstraightepsilon
eta003B7U003B7/eta small eta, Greek 
gamma003B3U003B3/gamma small gamma, Greek 
Gamma00393U00393/Gamma capital Gamma, Greek 
gammad003DCU003DCcapital digammadigamma
Gammad003DCU003DCcapital digammadigamma
iota003B9U003B9/iota small iota, Greek 
kappa003BAU003BA/kappa small kappa, Greek 
lambda003BBU003BB/lambda small lambda, Greek 
Lambda0039BU0039B/Lambda capital Lambda, Greek 
mu003BCU003BC/mu small mu, Greek 
nu003BDU003BD/nu small nu, Greek 
omega003C9U003C9/omega small omega, Greek 
Omega003A9U003A9/Omega capital Omega, Greek 
phi003C6U003C6/straightphi - small phi, Greekstraightphi
Phi003A6U003A6/Phi capital Phi, Greek 
phiv003D5U003D5/varphi - curly or open phivarphi
pi003C0U003C0/pi small pi, Greek 
Pi003A0U003A0/Pi capital Pi, Greek 
psi003C8U003C8/psi small psi, Greek 
Psi003A8U003A8/Psi capital Psi, Greek 
rho003C1U003C1/rho small rho, Greek 
sigma003C3U003C3/sigma small sigma, Greek 
Sigma003A3U003A3/Sigma capital Sigma, Greek 
tau003C4U003C4/tau small tau, Greek 
theta003B8U003B8/theta straight theta, small theta, Greek 
Theta00398U00398/Theta capital Theta, Greek 
thetav003D1U003D1/vartheta - curly or open thetavartheta
upsi003C5U003C5/upsilon small upsilon, Greekupsilon
Upsi003D2U003D2/Upsilon capital Upsilon, GreekUpsilon
xi003BEU003BE/xi small xi, Greek 
Xi0039EU0039E/Xi capital Xi, Greek 
zeta003B6U003B6/zeta small zeta, Greek