ISOBOX Characters and Glyphs

Chapter 6: Entities, Characters and Fonts
Appendix A (DTD)
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boxdl02510U02510lower left quadrant 
boxdL02555U02555lower left quadrant 
boxDl02556U02556lower left quadrant 
boxDL02557U02557lower left quadrant 
boxdr0250CU0250Clower right quadrant 
boxdR02552U02552lower right quadrant 
boxDr02553U02553lower right quadrant 
boxDR02554U02554lower right quadrant 
boxh02500U02500horizontal line  
boxH02550U02550horizontal line 
boxhd0252CU0252Clower left and right quadrants 
boxhD02565U02565lower left and right quadrants 
boxHd02564U02564lower left and right quadrants 
boxHD02566U02566lower left and right quadrants 
boxhu02534U02534upper left and right quadrants 
boxhU02568U02568upper left and right quadrants 
boxHu02567U02567upper left and right quadrants 
boxHU02569U02569upper left and right quadrants 
boxul02518U02518upper left quadrant 
boxuL0255BU0255Bupper left quadrant 
boxUl0255CU0255Cupper left quadrant 
boxUL0255DU0255Dupper left quadrant 
boxur02514U02514upper right quadrant 
boxuR02558U02558upper right quadrant 
boxUr02559U02559upper right quadrant 
boxUR0255AU0255Aupper right quadrant 
boxv02502U02502vertical line 
boxV02551U02551vertical line 
boxvh0253CU0253Call four quadrants 
boxvH0256AU0256Aall four quadrants 
boxVh0256BU0256Ball four quadrants 
boxVH0256CU0256Call four quadrants 
boxvl02524U02524upper and lower left quadrants 
boxvL02561U02561upper and lower left quadrants 
boxVl02562U02562upper and lower left quadrants 
boxVL02563U02563upper and lower left quadrants 
boxvr0251CU0251Cupper and lower right quadrants 
boxvR0255EU0255Eupper and lower right quadrants 
boxVr0255FU0255Fupper and lower right quadrants 
boxVR02560U02560upper and lower right quadrants