ISOTECH Characters and Glyphs

Appendix A (DTD)
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acdE3A6   ac current 
aleph2135   /aleph aleph, Hebrew 
and2227   /wedge /land B: logical andwedge
AndE374   dbl logical and 
andandE36E   two logical and 
anddE394   and, horizontal dash 
andslopeE50A   sloping large and 
andvE391   and with middle stem 
angrt221F   right (90 degree) angle 
angsph2222   /sphericalangle angle-spherical 
angst212B   Angstrom capital A, ring 
ap2248   /approx R: approximateTildeTilde, approx
apacirE38C   approximate, circumflex accent 
awconint2233   contour integral, anti-clockwiseCounterClockwiseContourIntegral
awintE39B   anti clock-wise integration 
becaus2235   /because R: becausebecause, Because
bernou212C   Bernoulli function (script capital B) Bernoullis
bneE388   reverse not equal 
bnequivE387   reverse not equivalent 
bnot2310   reverse not 
bNotE3AD   reverse not with two horizontal strokes 
bottom22A5   /bot bottombot, UpTee
cap2229   /cap B: intersection 
Cconint2230   triple contour integral operator 
cirfnintE395   circulation function 
compfn2218   /circ B: composite function (small circle)SmallCircle
cong2245   /cong R: congruent withTildeFullEqual
conint222E   /oint L: contour integral operatoroint, ContourIntegral
Conint222F   double contour integral operatorDoubleContourIntegral
ctdot22EF   /cdots, three dots, centered 
cup222A   /cup B: union or logical sum 
cwconint2232   contour integral, clockwiseClockwiseContourIntegral
cwint2231   clockwise integral 
cylcty232D   cylindricity 
disinE3A0   set membership, long horizontal stroke 
Dot00A8   dieresis or umlaut markDoubleDot
DotDot20DC   four dots above 
dsolE3A9   solidus, bar above 
dtdot22F1   /ddots, three dots, descending 
dwangleE3AA   large downward pointing angle 
elintersE3A7   electrical intersection 
epar22D5   parallel, equal; equal or parallel 
eparslE384   parallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to 
equiv2261   /equiv R: identical withCongruent
eqvparslE386   equivalent, equal; congruent and parallel 
exist2203   /exists at least one existsExists
fltnsE381   flatness 
fnof0192   function of (italic small f) 
forall2200   /forall for allForAll
fpartintE396   finite part integral 
ge2265   /geq /ge R: greater-than-or-equalGreaterEqual, geq
hamilt210B   Hamiltonian (script capital H)  
iffE365   /iff if and only if  
iinfinE372   infinity sign, incomplete 
impedE50B   impedance 
infin221E   /infty infinity 
int222B   /int L: integral operatorIntegral
Int222C   double integral operator 
intlarhkE39A   integral, left arrow with hook 
isin2208   /in R: set membership Element, in
isindotE39C   set membership, dot above 
isinEE39E   set membership, two horizontal strokes 
isinsE3A4   set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
isinsvE3A2   large set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
isinv2208   /in R: set membership Element, in
lagran2112   Lagrangian (script capital L)  
lang3008   /langle O: left angle bracketLeftAngleBracket, langle
Lang300A   left angle bracket, double 
lArr21D0   /Leftarrow A: is implied byLeftarrow, DoubleLeftArrow
lbbrk3014   left broken bracket 
le2264   /leq /le R: less-than-or-equalleq
loang3018   left open angular bracket 
lobrk301A   left open bracketLeftDoubleBracket
loparE379   left open parenthesis 
lowast2217   low asterisk 
minus2212   B: minus sign 
mnplus2213   /mp B: minus-or-plus signmp, MinusPlus
nabla2207   /nabla del, Hamilton operatorDel
ne2260   /ne /neq R: not equalNotEqual
nedotE38A   not equal, dot 
nhparE38D   not, horizontal, parallel 
ni220B   contains, variantReverseElement, SuchThat
nisE3A5   contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke 
nisdE3A1   contains, long horizontal stroke 
niv220B   contains, variantReverseElement, SuchThat
NotE3AC   not with two horizontal strokes 
notin2209   /notin N: negated set membershipNotElement
notindotE39D   negated set membership, dot above 
notinvaE370   negated set membership, variant 
notinvbE37B   negated set membership, variant 
notinvcE37C   negated set membership, variant 
notni220C   negated containsNotReverseElement
notniva220C   negated containsNotReverseElement
notnivbE37D   contains, variant 
notnivcE37E   contains, variant 
nparslE389   not parallel, slanted 
npartE390   not partial differential 
npolintE399   line integration, not including the pole 
nvinfinE38E   not, vert, infinity 
olcrossE3A8   circle, cross 
or2228   /vee /lor B: logical orvee
OrE375   dbl logical or 
ordE393   or, horizontal dash 
order2134   order of (script small o) orderof
ororE36F   two logical or 
orslopeE3AE   sloping large or 
orvE392   or with middle stem 
par2225   /parallel R: parallelparallel, DoubleVerticalBar
parslE382   parallel, slanted 
part2202   /partial partial differentialPartialD
permil2030   per thousand 
perp22A5   /bot bottombot, UpTee
pertenk2031   per 10 thousand 
phmmat2133   physics M-matrix (script capital M)  
pointintE376   integral around a point operator 
prime2032   /prime prime or minute 
Prime2033   double prime or second 
profalar232E   all-around profile 
profline2312   profile of a line 
profsurf2313   profile of a surface 
prop221D   /propto R: is proportional topropto, Proportional, varpropto
qintE378   /iiiint quadruple integral operatoriiiint
qprimeE371   quadruple prime 
quatintE377   quaternion integral operator 
radic221A   /surd radicalSqrt
rang3009   /rangle C: right angle bracketRightAngleBracket, rangle
Rang300B   right angle bracket, double 
rArr21D2   /Rightarrow A: impliesRightarrow, Implies, DoubleRightArrow
rbbrk3015   right broken bracket 
roang3019   right open angular bracket 
robrk301B   right open bracketRightDoubleBracket
roparE37A   right open parenthesis 
rppolintE397   line integration, rectangular path around pole 
scpolintE398   line integration, semi-circular path around pole 
sim223C   /sim R: similarTilde
simdotE38B   similar, dot 
sime2243   /simeq R: similar, equalsTildeEqual, simeq
smeparslE385   similar, parallel, slanted, equal 
square25A1   /square, squareSquare
squarf25AA   /blacksquare, square, filled blacksquare
strnsE380   straightness 
sub2282   /subset R: subset or is implied bysubset
sube2286   /subseteq R: subset, equalssubseteqq, SubsetEqual, subseteq
sup2283   /supset R: superset or impliessupset, Superset
supe2287   /supseteq R: superset, equalssupseteqq, supseteq, SupersetEqual
tdot20DB   three dots aboveTripleDot
there42234   /therefore R: thereforetherefore, Therefore
tint222D   /iiint triple integral operatoriiint
top22A4   /top topDownTee
topbot2336   top and bottom 
topcirE383   top, circle below 
tprime2034   triple prime 
utdot22F0   three dots, ascending 
uwangleE3AB   large upward pointing angle 
vangrt22BE   right angle, variant 
veeeq225A   logical or, equals 
Verbar2016   /Vert dbl vertical barVert
wedgeq2259   /wedgeq R: corresponds to (wedge, equals) 
xnisE3A3   large contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke