ISOAMSO Characters and Glyphs

Appendix A (DTD)
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ang2220   /angle - angleangle
angeE2D6   angle, equal 
angmsd2221   /measuredangle - angle-measuredmeasuredangle
angmsdaaE2D9   angle-measured, arrow, up, right 
angmsdabE2DA   angle-measured, arrow, up, left 
angmsdacE2DB   angle-measured, arrow, down, right 
angmsdadE2DC   angle-measured, arrow, down, left 
angmsdaeE2DD   angle-measured, arrow, right, up 
angmsdafE2DE   angle-measured, arrow, left, up 
angmsdagE2DF   angle-measured, arrow, right, down 
angmsdahE2E0   angle-measured, arrow, left, down 
angrtvbE418   right angle-measured 
angrtvbdE2E1   right angle-measured, dot 
bbrkE2EE   bottom square bracket 
bbrktbrkE419   bottom above top square bracket 
bemptyvE41A   reversed circle, slash 
beth2136   /beth - beth, Hebrew 
boxboxE2E6   two joined squares 
bprime2035   /backprime - reverse primebackprime
bsemiE2ED   reverse semi-colon 
cemptyvE2E8   circle, slash, small circle above 
cirEE41B   circle, two horizontal stroked to the right 
cirscirE41C   circle, small circle to the right 
comp2201   /complement - complement signcomplement
daleth2138   /daleth - daleth, Hebrew 
demptyvE2E7   circle, slash, bar above 
ell2113   /ell - cursive small l 
emptyE2D3   /emptyset - zero, slashemptyset
emptyv2205   /varnothing - circle, slashvarnothing
gimel2137   /gimel - gimel, Hebrew 
iiota2129   inverted iota 
image2111   /Im - imaginary Im, imagpart
imath0131   /imath - small i, no dot 
jmathE2D4   /jmath - small j, no dot 
laemptyvE2EA   circle, slash, left arrow above 
lltriE2E5   lower left triangle 
lrtriE2E3   lower right triangle 
mho2127   /mho - conductance 
nangE2D8   not, vert, angle 
nexist2204   /nexists - negated existsNotExists, nexists
oS24C8   /circledS - capital S in circlecircledS
plankE2D5   /hbar - Planck's over 2pihbar
plankv210F   /hslash - variant Planck's over 2pihslash
raemptyvE2E9   circle, slash, right arrow above 
rangeE2D7   reverse angle, equal 
real211C   /Re - realRe, realpart
tbrkE2EF   top square bracket 
trpeziumE2EC   trapezium 
ultriE2E4   upper left triangle 
urtriE2E2   upper right triangle 
vzigzagE2EB   vertical zig-zag line 
weierp2118   /wp - Weierstrass pwp