ISOAMSA Characters and Glyphs

Appendix A (DTD)
All, by codes
All, by name

angzarrE248   angle with down zig-zag arrow 
cirmidE250   circle, mid below 
cudarrlE23E   left, curved, down arrow 
cudarrrE400   right, curved, down arrow 
cularr21B6   /curvearrowleft A: left curved arrowcurvearrowleft
cularrpE24A   curved left arrow with plus 
curarr21B7   /curvearrowright A: rt curved arrowcurvearrowright
curarrmE249   curved right arrow with minus 
dArr21D3   /Downarrow A: down dbl arrowDownarrow, DoubleDownArrow
Darr21A1   down two-headed arrow 
ddarr21CA   /downdownarrows A: two down arrowsdowndownarrows
DDotrahdE238   right arrow with dotted stem 
dfishtE24C   down fish tail 
dHarE227   down harpoon-left, down harpoon-right 
dharl21C3   /downharpoonleft A: dn harpoon-leftLeftDownVector, downharpoonleft
dharr21C2   /downharpoonright A: down harpoon-rtRightDownVector, downharpoonright
duarrE216   down arrow, up arrowDownArrowUpArrow
duharE217   down harp, up harpReverseUpEquilibrium
dzigrarr21DD   /rightsquigarrow A: rt arrow-wavyrightsquigarrow
erarrE236   equal, right arrow below 
harr2194   /leftrightarrow A: l&r arrowleftrightarrow, LeftRightArrow
hArr21D4   /Leftrightarrow A: l&r dbl arrowLeftrightarrow, DoubleLeftRightArrow
harrcirE240   left and right arrow with a circle 
harrw21AD   /leftrightsquigarrow A: l&r arr-wavyleftrightsquigarrow
hoarrE243   horizontal open arrow 
imof22B7   image of 
lAarr21DA   /Lleftarrow A: left triple arrowLleftarrow
Larr219E   /twoheadleftarrow A:twoheadleftarrow
larrbfsE220   left arrow-bar, filled square 
larrfsE222   left arrow, filled square 
larrhk21A9   /hookleftarrow A: left arrow-hookedhookleftarrow
larrlp21AB   /looparrowleft A: left arrow-loopedlooparrowleft
larrplE23F   left arrow, plus 
larrsimE24E   left arrow, similar 
larrtl21A2   /leftarrowtail A: left arrow-tailedleftarrowtail
latailE23C   left arrow-tail 
lAtailE23D   left double arrow-tail 
lbarrE402   left broken arrow 
lBarrE206   left doubly broken arrow 
ldcaE21A   left down curved arrow 
ldrdharE22C   left harpoon-down over right harpoon-down 
ldrusharE228   left-down-right-up harpoon 
ldsh21B2   left down angled arrow 
lfishtE214   left fish tail 
lHarE225   left harpoon-up over left harpoon-down 
lhard21BD   /leftharpoondown A: l harpoon-downleftharpoondown, DownLeftVector
lharu21BC   /leftharpoonup A: left harpoon-upLeftVector, leftharpoonup
lharulE22E   left harpoon-up over long dash 
llarr21C7   /leftleftarrows A: two left arrowsleftleftarrows
llhardE231   left harpoon-down below long dash 
loarrE242   left open arrow 
lrarr21C6   /leftrightarrows A: l arr over r arrleftrightarrows, LeftArrowRightArrow
lrhar21CB   /leftrightharpoons A: l harp over rReverseEquilibrium, leftrightharpoons
lrhardE22F   right harpoon-down below long dash 
lsh21B0   /Lsh A:Lsh
lurdsharE229   left-up-right-down harpoon 
luruharE22B   left harpoon-up over right harpoon-up 
map21A6   /mapsto A:RightTeeArrow, mapsto
MapE212   twoheaded mapsto 
midcirE24F   mid, circle below  
mumap22B8   /multimap A:multimap
nearhkE20D   NE arrow-hooked 
nearr2197   /nearrow A: NE pointing arrowUpperRightArrow, nearrow
neArr21D7   NE pointing dbl arrow 
nesearE20E   /toea A: NE & SE arrowstoea
nharr21AE   /nleftrightarrow A: not l&r arrownleftrightarrow
nhArr21CE   /nLeftrightarrow A: not l&r dbl arrnLeftrightarrow
nlarr219A   /nleftarrow A: not left arrownleftarrow
nlArr21CD   /nLeftarrow A: not implied bynLeftarrow
nrarr219B   /nrightarrow A: not right arrownrightarrow
nrArr21CF   /nRightarrow A: not impliesnRightarrow
nrarrcE21D   not right arrow-curved 
nrarrwE21B   not right arrow-wavy 
nvHarr21CE   /nLeftrightarrow A: not l&r dbl arrnLeftrightarrow
nvlArr21CD   /nLeftarrow A: not implied bynLeftarrow
nvrArr21CF   /nRightarrow A: not impliesnRightarrow
nwarhkE20C   NW arrow-hooked 
nwarr2196   /nwarrow A: NW pointing arrowUpperLeftArrow, nwarrow
nwArr21D6   NW pointing dbl arrow 
nwnearE211   NW & NE arrows 
olarr21BA   /circlearrowleft A: l arr in circlecirclearrowleft
orarr21BB   /circlearrowright A: r arr in circlecirclearrowright
origof22B6   original of 
rAarr21DB   /Rrightarrow A: right triple arrowRrightarrow
Rarr21A0   /twoheadrightarrow A:twoheadrightarrow
rarrapE235   approximate, right arrow above 
rarrbfsE221   right arrow-bar, filled square 
rarrcE21C   right arrow-curved 
rarrfsE223   right arrow, filled square 
rarrhk21AA   /hookrightarrow A: rt arrow-hookedhookrightarrow
rarrlp21AC   /looparrowright A: rt arrow-loopedlooparrowright
rarrplE21E   right arrow, plus 
rarrsimE24D   right arrow, similar 
rarrtl21A3   /rightarrowtail A: rt arrow-tailedrightarrowtail
RarrtlE239   right two-headed arrow with tail 
rarrw21DD   /rightsquigarrow A: rt arrow-wavyrightsquigarrow
ratail21A3   /rightarrowtail A: rt arrow-tailedrightarrowtail
rAtailE23B   right double arrow-tail 
rbarrE405   /bkarow A: right broken arrowbkarow
rBarrE207   /dbkarow A: right doubly broken arrowdbkarow
RBarrE209   /drbkarow A: twoheaded right broken arrowdrbkarow
rdcaE219   right down curved arrow 
rdldharE22D   right harpoon-down over left harpoon-down 
rdsh21B3   right down angled arrow 
rfishtE215   right fish tail 
rHarE224   right harpoon-up over right harpoon-down 
rhard21C1   /rightharpoondown A: rt harpoon-downrightharpoondown, DownRightVector
rharu21C0   /rightharpoonup A: rt harpoon-upRightVector, rightharpoonup
rharulE230   right harpoon-up over long dash 
rlarr21C4   /rightleftarrows A: r arr over l arrrightleftarrows, RightArrowLeftArrow
rlhar21CC   /rightleftharpoons A: r harp over lrightleftharpoons, Equilibrium
roarrE241   right open arrow 
rrarr21C9   /rightrightarrows A: two rt arrowsrightrightarrows
rsh21B1   /Rsh A:Rsh
ruluharE22A   right harpoon-up over left harpoon-up 
searhkE20B   /hksearow A: SE arrow-hookenhksearow
searr2198   /searrow A: SE pointing arrowsearrow, LowerRightArrow
seArr21D8   SE pointing dbl arrow 
seswarE20F   /tosa A: SE & SW arrowstosa
simrarrE234   similar, right arrow below 
slarrE233   short left arrowShortLeftArrow
srarrE232   short right arrowShortRightArrow
swarhkE20A   /hkswarow A: SW arrow-hookedhkswarow
swarr2199   /swarrow A: SW pointing arrowswarrow, LowerLeftArrow
swArr21D9   SW pointing dbl arrow 
swnwarE210   SW & NW arrows 
uArr21D1   /Uparrow A: up dbl arrowUparrow, DoubleUpArrow
Uarr219F   up two-headed arrow 
UarrocirE237   up two-headed arrow above circle 
udarr21C5   up arrow, down arrowUpArrowDownArrow
udharE218   up harp, down harpUpEquilibrium
ufishtE24B   up fish tail 
uHarE226   up harpoon-left, up harpoon-right 
uharl21BF   /upharpoonleft A: up harpoon-leftupharpoonleft, LeftUpVector
uharr21BE   /upharpoonright /restriction A: up harp-rupharpoonright, RightUpVector
uuarr21C8   /upuparrows A: two up arrowsupuparrows
varr2195   /updownarrow A: up&down arrowupdownarrow, UpDownArrow
vArr21D5   /Updownarrow A: up&down dbl arrowUpdownarrow, DoubleUpDownArrow
xharrE203   /longleftrightarrow A: long l&r arrlongleftrightarrow, LongLeftRightArrow
xhArrE202   /Longleftrightarrow A: long l&r dbl arrLongleftrightarrow, DoubleLongLeftRightArrow
xlarrE201   /longleftarrow A: long left arrowlongleftarrow, LongLeftArrow
xlArrE200   /Longleftarrow A: long l dbl arrowLongleftarrow, DoubleLongLeftArrow
xmapE208   /longmapsto A:longmapsto
xrarrE205   /longrightarrow A: long right arrowlongrightarrow, LongRightArrow
xrArrE204   /Longrightarrow A: long rt dbl arrLongrightarrow, DoubleLongRightArrow
zigrarrE244   right zig-zag arrow