29 September, 2000

Appendix E: Acknowledgements

The authors of this specification, members of the DOM Working Group, deserve much credit for their hard work: Lauren Wood (SoftQuad, Inc., chair), Arnaud Le Hors (W3C, W3C staff contact), Andrew Watson (Object Management Group), Bill Smith (Sun), Chris Lovett (Microsoft), Chris Wilson (Microsoft), David Brownell (Sun), David Singer (IBM), Don Park (invited), Eric Vasilik (Microsoft), Gavin Nicol (INSO), Ian Jacobs (W3C), James Clark (invited), Jared Sorensen (Novell), Jonathan Robie (Texcel Research and Software AG), Mike Champion (ArborText and Software AG), Paul Grosso (ArborText), Peter Sharpe (SoftQuad, Inc.), Phil Karlton (Netscape), Ray Whitmer (iMall), Rich Rollman (Microsoft), Rick Gessner (Netscape), Robert Sutor (IBM), Scott Isaacs (Microsoft), Sharon Adler (INSO), Steve Byrne (JavaSoft), Tim Bray (invited), Tom Pixley (Netscape), Vidur Apparao (Netscape).

Thanks to all those who have helped to improve this specification by sending suggestions and corrections.

Thanks to Joe English, author of cost, which was used as the basis for producing DOM Level 1. Thanks also to Gavin Nicol, who wrote the scripts which run on top of cost. Arnaud Le Hors and Philippe Le Hégaret maintained the scripts.

For DOM Level 1 Second edition, we used Xerces as the basis DOM implementation and wish to thank the authors. Philippe Le Hégaret and Arnaud Le Hors wrote the Java programs which are the DOM application.

Thanks to Jan Kärrman, author of html2ps for helping so much in creating the Postscript version of the specification.