ISOAMSC Characters and Glyphs

Chapter 6: Entities, Characters and Fonts
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Named MathML Characters, ordered by Name
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NameUnicodeGlyphUnicode NameDescriptionAliases
dlcorn0231EU0231EBOTTOM LEFT CORNER/llcorner O: lower left cornerllcorner
drcorn0231FU0231FBOTTOM RIGHT CORNER/lrcorner C: lower right cornerlrcorner
gtlPar02995U02995DOUBLE LEFT ARC GREATER-THAN BRACKETdbl left parenthesis, greater 
langd02991U02991LEFT ANGLE BRACKET WITH DOTleft angle, dot 
lbrke0298BU0298BLEFT SQUARE BRACKET WITH UNDERBARleft bracket, equal 
lbrksld0298FU0298FLEFT SQUARE BRACKET WITH TICK IN BOTTOM CORNERleft bracket, solidus bottom corner 
lbrkslu0298DU0298DLEFT SQUARE BRACKET WITH TICK IN TOP CORNERleft bracket, solidus top corner 
lceil02308U02308LEFT CEILING/lceil O: left ceilingLeftCeiling
lfloor0230AU0230ALEFT FLOOR/lfloor O: left floorLeftFloor
lmoust02998U02998LEFT MOUSTACHE/lmoustachelmoustache
lparlt02993U02993LEFT ARC LESS-THAN BRACKETO: left parenthesis, lt 
ltrPar02996U02996DOUBLE RIGHT ARC LESS-THAN BRACKETdbl right parenthesis, less 
rangd02992U02992RIGHT ANGLE BRACKET WITH DOTright angle, dot 
rbrke0298CU0298CRIGHT SQUARE BRACKET WITH UNDERBARright bracket, equal 
rbrksld0298EU0298ERIGHT SQUARE BRACKET WITH TICK IN BOTTOM CORNERright bracket, solidus bottom corner 
rbrkslu02990U02990RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET WITH TICK IN TOP CORNERright bracket, solidus top corner 
rceil02309U02309RIGHT CEILING/rceil C: right ceilingRightCeiling
rfloor0230BU0230BRIGHT FLOOR/rfloor C: right floorRightFloor
rmoust02997U02997RIGHT MOUSTACHE/rmoustachermoustache
rpargt02994U02994RIGHT ARC GREATER-THAN BRACKETC: right paren, gt 
ulcorn0231CU0231CTOP LEFT CORNER/ulcorner O: upper left cornerulcorner
urcorn0231DU0231DTOP RIGHT CORNER/urcorner C: upper right cornerurcorner