This graph has ten nodes and thirteen arcs. The first five nodes repeat figure 8. That is, they represent the reification of the s:Creator property. An additional arc labeled s:Creator connects the node labeled /Home/Lassila to the node with the string value "Ora Lassila". This represents the actual property statement.

A second unnamed node represents the reification of the s:Title property. This node is the source of four similar arcs labeled rdf:propObj, rdf:value, rdf:instanceOF, and rdf:propName pointing to /Home/Lassila, "Ora's Home Page", rdf:Property, and s:Title respectively.

A third node labelled D_001 is the source of three final arcs. The first arc is labeled rdf:InstanceOf and points to the node rdf:Bag. The second and third arcs are labeled rdf:1 and rdf:2 and point respectively to the first two unnamed nodes above.