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ISOAMSO Characters alphabetically, with glyphs

Added Math Symbols: Ordinary

Name Unicode Glyph Description
ang 2220 angle
ange E2D6 angle, equal
angmsd 2221 angle-measured
angmsdaa E2D9 angle-measured, arrow, up, right
angmsdab E2DA angle-measured, arrow, up, left
angmsdac E2DB angle-measured, arrow, down, right
angmsdad E2DC angle-measured, arrow, down, left
angmsdae E2DD angle-measured, arrow, right, up
angmsdaf E2DE angle-measured, arrow, left, up
angmsdag E2DF angle-measured, arrow, right, down
angmsdah E2E0 angle-measured, arrow, left, down
angrtvb E418 right angle-measured
angrtvbd E2E1 right angle-measured, dot
bbrk E2EE bottom square bracket
bbrktbrk E419 bottom above top square bracket
bemptyv E41A reversed circle, slash
beth 2136 beth, Hebrew
boxbox E2E6 two joined squares
bprime 2035 reverse prime
bsemi E2ED reverse semi-colon
cemptyv E2E8 circle, slash, small circle above
cirE E41B circle, two horizontal stroked to the right
cirscir E41C circle, small circle to the right
comp 2201 complement sign
daleth 2138 daleth, Hebrew
demptyv E2E7 circle, slash, bar above
ell 2113 cursive small l
empty E2D3 letter O slashed
emptyv 2205 circle, slash
gimel 2137 gimel, Hebrew
iiota 2129 inverted iota
image 2111 imaginary
imath 0131 small i, no dot
jmath E2D4 small j, no dot
laemptyv E2EA circle, slash, left arrow above
lltri E2E5 lower left triangle
lrtri E2E3 lower right triangle
mho 2127 conductance
nang E2D8 not, vert, angle
nexist 2204 negated exists
oS E41D capital S in circle
plank E2D5 Planck's over 2pi
plankv 210F variant Planck's over 2pi
raemptyv E2E9 circle, slash, right arrow above
range E2D7 reverse angle, equal
real 211C real
tbrk E2EF top square bracket
trpezium E2EC trapezium
ultri E2E4 upper left triangle
urtri E2E2 upper right triangle
vzigzag E2EB vertical zig-zag line
weierp 2118 Weierstrass p